The plan... Is non-exsistent.

Jack linked hands with me. I realised that tears were falling from my eyes...

"I'm sorry Libby..."

"You should be!" I was so angry with him! I was going to have to spend my whole life running now! I punched him, hitting at his chest. He just put his arms round me, holding me as I attacked him before I dissolved into tears.

"I hate you!"

We just stood there, in the kitchen, me sobbing my heart out as Jack held me.

"Umm guys?..." Koji tried to hurry us along but to no avail.

"This is so saaadddd!!!!! Why? Because your lives are in my hands! Why? Because unless Ami is caught you two can never rest easily!" I felt Toriop fling his arms around me and Jack and we all stood there, sobbing our hearts out until I found myself laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the scene!

Eventually I stopped crying and let go of Jack, Toriop however was still in tears so continued to weep openly over breakfast.

"Detective would you like a tissue?" Izzy sounded so gentle, passing him a box of 4 ply, (It seemed that this happened often).

"T-t-thank y-you...I-it's just soooo t-tragiic!!!"

"The detective is very passionate about this isn't he?" Stated Lulu matter of factly, as if it was perfectly normal for a fully grown man to sob into his cornflakes.

"He's a very passionate man!" Izzy smiled, patting his head.

Suddenly Toriop sat bolt upright, tears forgotten.

"Today we go back to Ami's house! Why? To search! Why? To find!"

He threw on a nearby trenchcoat over his pajamas and rushed out of the door, leaving the rest of us dumbfounded in the kitchen.

"Well! There is no time like the present because if the present were any other time it wouldn't be the present at all!" This did nothing to aid our confusion.

"Just move!"

We hesitatingly put on jackets and coats and made our way out of the door after him.

"You are the worst team of detectives in the world..."

"Since when were we..."

"Koji stop! It's not worth it!"

We just climbed into the limo and drove. For some reason I had complete faith in this strange man, I don't know what it was but I trusted him... I even felt safe going to the house of the woman that wanted to kill me!

"Right! Me will go see if the house is empty. You will stay untill I give the signal!" He kicked the door down with ease and strided into the building, hand gun waving. Eventually he stuck his head out the door and waved, assuming that to be 'the signal', Jack led the way in after Toriop.

The house stank of rotting meat, I saw that blood was smeared up and down the walls and there were used bullets everywhere. Cautiously we split up, Jack and I, along with Lulu and Koji began to search the ground floor while Izzy followed the detective upstairs like a litlle lost spaniel.

"It stinks."

"As ever Libby your observational powers stun me."

"She's right though..." Koji was in my defence, picking up the bullets scattered everywhere. "Wow it seems you picked a lovely lady here Jack..."

"Shut up!"

"He has a point... Wait look at this!" I picked up a large briefcase that had been thrown down beneath the table in the kitchen. Inside were many large bags of what looked like flour...


"I never knew she was on drugs!" Jack seemed horrified to discover his ex, however much he hated her, had been an addict.

"Relax Jack, she was clearly a dealer of some kind..."

"Thanks Koji, you always know what to say." 

"We need to report this too Tori- Where's Lulu?" I looked around for my friend, how long had she been missing? Koji left the room and it didn't take long to work out where she was, we followed him.

They were both frozen to the spot in the doorway of the dining room, Lulu was trembling with her hand over her mouth for some reason and Koji looked like he was about to be sick! Me and Jack passed them both and soon discovered why.

Her hair was ginger, her eyes were grey and blank, I retched when I saw a fly land on the surface of one. Her body was mangled, her now useless innards were strown across the floor of the room leaving a now cold red stain in the carpet, I noticed with horror that all of her limbs were also laying around in random locations, all of the joints that were once in her toes and fingers were filled with nails that were hammered in hard and there was a garden rake still near her mangled head.

Jack held me tightly and I hid my face in his chest, he was breathing deeply (not something I would choose to do with the stench.)

"It's her little sister... Annie." I didn't respond. I couldn't.

"Hello! Have we discovered... Oh." Toriop stopped in his tracks, covering Izzy's eyes with his hand, before we made a swift exit.

Later that evening we sat silently around the coffee table in one of the lounges. None of us had been in the mood to eat that day, I seriously doubted I would be again.

"Her name was Annie. She's Ami's little sister." Jack bravely broke the silence.

"How old was she?" Ventured Lulu.


I fought back the bile rising in my throat...

"In that case, this case goes deeper than we first imagined! It seems that she (or at least her family) have done this before! It is far worse than I thought... Why? Because it is obvious that Jack isn't the main issue! Why? Will you stop asking obvious questions?! Clearly it is a naturally murderous enviroment..." The detective sighed and stroked his brow.

"I want to help you solve this case whether it concerns me or not."

Jack's strong voice calmed the turmoil in my heart a little, We all nodded, Ami couldn't get away.

"In that case, a plan! Well? Any suggestions?"


"Yes?! Nerdy ninja!"

"My name is-"

"Just hurry up with your plan!"

"W-well prehaps we should start by trying to work out why they had a large case of cocaine..."

Toriop hit him over the head with a newspaper.

"Why has this not been brought to my attention?! Because you are terrible detectives! I assume you have it yes? No. Worst. Detectives. Ever. But it is ok this can wait for another- No! I am now the worst detective ever! We shall ask nearby dealers! They shall tell us what goes on and why! But now, sleep!"

Toriop the put his head back in his chair and fell instantaniously into a deep slumber, while the rest of us went quietly back upstairs...

The End

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