Why can't I have my happily ever after for once!


That night I didn't sleep, I stared at the scars on Izzy's face. She looked so peacful and happy, how could she stay this way when a girl like that was coming! It's horrifying!

I fought against myself and turned away from Izzy, looking out of the large window towards the stars. Every star was unique in its own way. It was 3:00am when I fell asleep, the light of the moon shining on my face.

I jolted upright, sweat matted all over my face. It was still dark out, I peared at my clock. 4:00am, damn it. I tried to pull my hand to wipe the sweat off but someone was holding it down. I shifted my eyes towards the bottom of my arm to find Jack, snoring sweetly with his hand twined in mine tightly. I lied back down and cuddled into his chest, kissing his hand.

"I love you," I whispered to him before falling into a deep, relaxing sleep.

"Good-morning! What are you doing in her bed!" The detective said loudly, I turned over to see his face dangerously close to mine.

"WAH!"I screamed falling out of bed.

"Sorry!Did I scare you! I was just waking you up! Why you ask? Because you need food? What food you ask! Breakfast! Now get your lazy asses out of bed!" She smiled and skipped out of my door, I laughed.

"What a charming man," Jack said, getting out of bed. He walked towards the door when I looked at him. He was only wearing a pair of boxers and socks!

"Jack!We don't live here! Don't go down there with only that on!" I shouted giggling.

"Why?" He turned to me, the sun burning his hot, muscely chest.

"Because...because...because..." I lost myself in his beauty and fell back onto the pillow. He laughed and picked me up, twirling me around in his arms.

"Come on, I'm going to my room to get dressed anyway," He whispered kissing my cheek and walking out to give me privacy. I looked towards Izzy's freshly made bed, her p.j's folded neatly and placed on her pillow. I looked at my bed, pillows all over the bed, the cover messy, one of Jack's socks on my pillow. I laughed then got changed.

I walked down the long stairways and got a text.

*Hello!* It said sarcastically. I turned to see Ami leaning against the door atleast ten metres away.

"Hi."I whispered, my voice shaky.

"Listen short ass, I'm gonna go now, I just wanted to see the look on your voice!" She cackled. "But I'll always be two steps ahead of you, always, now go, breaky awaits!" She turned the corner or the corridor, her beastly laugh travelling through the whole house.

"Libby, come on!" Lulu called down to me. I was frozen.

"Coming!" I choked uneasily. I didn't eat anything, everyone asked me what was wrong but I just said I was tired, I didn't look it, I looked scared stiff, but they believed me.

That day Detective Toriop gave Jack a letter that he found when he searched the house. It was crumpled with blood stains on it. Jack read it aloud. "Hey babe, guess what? I'm not 'gonna kill 'ya, i 'luv 'ya too much!But 'ya little friends, and 'ya girly, and 'ya little detective idiot, are all 'gonna die soon, so enjoy 'ya time 'wiv 'em. Whenever you move forward, I move 3 steps ahead, 'gotta go, busy bee you know me! 'Luv 'ya, your beauty. That's it, there's just a blood stain at the bottem." He whispered.

She was right, every move we make she's ahead of us, she won't get caught. Ever. We have to run, run as fast as we can, no place will be safe, no place atol. We have to follow her to catch her to keep ourselves safe. She was coming. And there was nothing on Earth that would stop her.

The End

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