Toriop's home


It felt good to be home after everything that had gone on, I just wanted to pour a bath and have some me-time...


Apparently that was too much to ask. My mother and father swarmed around, hugging me and telling me I should have told them. I just rolled my eyes, they were so simple...

"You should have told us sooner!"

"You could have been killed! We flew back as soon as we could!"

Although they were right, I really wanted my bath, and talking to my parents was always such a chore, but as I was apparently going to live with a strange middle-aged man they had never met in an attempt to catch the potential murderer that smashed my car, I was as polite as ever. I waved away their concerns and played down the drama excellently, and they seemed to be reassured.

"Are you sure?"

"Have you seen proof he's a detective?"

"Well if you don't believe me dad..."

"No! Me and your mother trust you immensly!"

"Then there's no reason for you to panic. Now I need a bath."

I climbed the stairs and poured the steamy water into the tub, and was able to relax for the first time in days. I then remembered my cast and wondered if it was ok to bath in it... A message bleeped onto my phone and fear gripped me for a moment, but luckily it was only Jack.

*Hi! Just to let you know that I recieved a message from the crazy detective...*

*Well what did it say?*

*That's not the issue here! I'm more concerned that he has my number! But it doesn't sound good aparently they went into Ami's house and found some chick, beaten senseless, injuries, you know the drill... oh and she says she's gonna kill you. Ami that is.*

*I worked that out thanks. But I'm trying to have a bath so go away x*

*fine then! lol love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*

I smiled to myself, I was actually starting to believe him, it had been mere days ago that I had been so upset, I had had no idea...

My bath was only half poured so I went downstairs to get pepsi, halfway down I heard detective Toriop talking with my parents.

"Ahah! The young lady is here as we speak! I was merely explaining my master plan. Who to? Your parents! Why? Because They wanted to know! Now the young lady must pack! Why? As much is about to happen just as much has already begun!"

I turned to my parents, I had no problems moving out, let alone staying else where for a week or two. They both seemed to agree and produced a bag of my clothes.

"Thank you! Now, what's the plan detective?"

We drove first to Lulu's house, Toriop drove a limosine by the way, I thought that might have been slightly over the top but when I voiced my opinion the answer I got didn't make any sense at all so I dropped it.

"You should remain in the vehicle as I collect your friend. fear not as I shall return! Greetings blonde with knife wound!"

I watched through the tinted wondow as Lulu opened the door to Toriop. She looked happy as she hopped into the limo with me.

"Hi Libs! I know we're only here to investigate a murder so is it wrong that I think this is gonna be fun?"


"Oh hail! The nerd is already here!" Me and Lulu both scrambled to a window. Koji was, in fact making his way toward Lulu's house, holding lillies...

"Lulu?" I smiled at her accusingly. She kicked me.

"Umm... Hi!" Koji threw the flowers into the limo then climbed in after them. I didn't question him, I would save that up for later!

We collected Jack and arrived at Toriop's 'humble abode' (which just so happened to be an extremly large building with 6 bedrooms, three lounges, a swimming pool, 7 bathrooms and a home cinema.)

"Greetings! Everybody, this is Izzy!" The door was answered by a small girl with a rosy complextion and multiple scars, She looked very frail, her dark blonde hair seemed too big for her, but I could tell instantly that there was something very wrong...

"Heya Izzy! Thats a beautiful name!" Lulu strode forward and shook hands with her.

"Izzy! These young ladys are Lulu and Libby! This strapping young lad is... um... Nerdy-Ninja... and the other one is the idiot that went out with a crazy woman!"

I smirked, poor Jack!

"I shall now be leaving you in the care of young Izzy as I attend to matters of a very important and intellectual nature, select your rooms and unpack!" He then swept away, pulling out a telephone.

"Hello... I'm Izzy..."


I showed the kids around as instructed, I made tea for Toriop. I did everything exactly as planned.

"Good night Izzy! I have just recieved word from Alice! What word? The news that we no longer will recieve police support! Why? Yet another mystery... It seems we are on our own from now on Izzy... Yet I will catch this woman!" He then imediatly fell asleep in his chair.

I stood in the kitchen and texted Ami.

*They're all here, I could deal with them now...*

*No. She's mine!*

I snapped my phone shut before going to bed. A wicked smile on my lips...

The End

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