Ami's house

~Detective Triop~

I stood outside of the old door, a gun in my hand, several others by my side and around the sides and backs of the house. The outside of the house had mould trailing up the walls and smelt of old rotten feet. The windows had brown or very very dark red marks on them. I knew what that was.

"Ami, your under arrest for attempted murder, please come out with your hands up!" I shouted loudly, banging on the door. Silence. "Ami I'll give you one last shot to come out of the house, it is surrounded, we all have weapons, one last chance!" I shouted again. Silence.

"She isn't in!Come on!" Detective inspector Markus whispered to me. I kicked down the door fierce-fully and began to search around the house, others doing the same obediantley. I walked into the kitchen, food was splattered on the walls and floor and dark red marks were smeared in the sink and windows. It smelt of dead bodies. 

I silently walked towards the bathroom, the door was closed and under the fog of the door I saw someone sitting down on the toilet, I placed my ear to the door and heard someone, a girl, sobbing quietly. I knocked to see if someone was in there, alive, others gathered.

"Hello? This is Detective Triop, is anyone in there?" I called and heard a muffled screaming. I banged open the door to find a girl, she was taped to the toilet, the back of her head bright  red, blood smeared around her face. She was crying in pain but silently because tape was over her mouth. Her bones looked broken and her body was bruised. Alice the train-e detective took out her walky-talky.

"We're going to need an ambulance at North street, number 8 house please. Thank-you." She said into it, walking outside and letting me deal with it. 

"Right, I'm Detective Triop, I'm 'gonna get you out and we'll have to ask you some questions is that ok?" She nodded, tears and pain pearcing her face.

We gently pulled off her mouth tape and started to get rid of the rest while doctors and nurses held her head and nursed her cuts. When she was in her bed in the ambulance a porter walked over to me. "What's going on then i've never seen so much commotion in 3 years!" He whispered to me.

"I'm sorry, we arn't allowed to give any personal information to the public unless they were involved, I suggest you get back in the ambulance sir." I  said firmly, walking over and sitting in the ambuance, alice beside me with a notepad and Detective Makus oppisite me. 

"Could you tell me your name please miss?" Alice asked.

"My name is Izzy, Isabella Jones," She croaked.

"Right could you tell me why you were in Ami's house please?" 

"She was my best friend, she wanted me to come over to her house so we could watch a movie, she drove me home and she got n and took out a knife, I didn't know why she was doing this, she said she was angry at her boyfriend or something..." She whispered crying.

"Don't cry love, it's crucial that you tell us the truth, what did she say about her boyfriend?" Alice asked, soothing her.

"She said that her boyfriend cheated on her, and that she would get back at Libby, who's the girl, she said she loved him so much. She said she was really angry and she wanted to kill him, then she took out a gun and knocked me out. The next thing I new I was in the bathroom, injuries, bruises, everything. That's all I can remember, oh, and she said she isn't going to stop until she kills Libby."


The End

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