Detective Toriop

~It's me, Jack again!~

I don't know why but I woke up at about 5 o'clock that morning. I looked around trying to work out where I was. Then I remembered last night, Lulu getting hurt, Ami with the gun... It all seemed very depressing before I remembered how I came to be naked in Libby's bed! I smiled to myself, why had we not done this before?!

I pulled the blanket back over myself before I sat bolt upright, Libby was gone! And then I remebered Ami's text... I leapt from the bed as my blood ran cold and dragged myself into my clothes. As I dashed out of the room I caught sight of the message Libby had left.

After reading it I smiled gently, I recognised her handwriting, at least she hadn't been dragged out of her house while I slept. But I wanted to find her anyhow, I had a bad feeling twisting through my stomach. I grabbed her phone and saw she had a text from her dad...

*Hi Libby! We will be away for another week, hope you don't mind, your mother is frantic but whats the worst that can happen lol!*

My heart pounded in my chest as I ran out into the cold night air my brain buzzing with fear. I ran down the pavement at full speed trying to make out her green Jaguar... I saw it, thank heavens! But then I saw something else, something that chilled my blood and sent fear ripping through me. A red car, Ami's red car, was speeding around a corner heading towards her.

I panicked as I watched the collision, still running down the side of the road. Not that there was anything I could do, I was helpless as Ami crunched her way into the drivers side of Libby's beloved car. After I saw the airbag go off and Ami drove off I fought my way into what remained of Libby's car, I struggled through the broken passenger window, not caring that I was being scratched to ribbons, until I was in the passenger seat and undid Libby's seat belt and attempted to free her from the bent steering wheel.


~Back to Libby!~

Help me.... Please...



He was there, trying to get me out of my seat, I was too weak to move and there seemed to be something pinning me down... I tried to open my eyes but the smoke meant I couldn't see, after what felt like an age of trying to remain awake Jack got me out of the car. I coughed and splutered as the cold air rushed into my lungs. I was aware that my leg was bent the wrong way, and that there was something warm trickling down my skull, but it was as though I wasn't really there, I was high on adrenaline and dreaded to think how much pain I was going to be in when I got control of my body back.

"Libby... Ahh.... Umm.... Libby? Urm... Ambulance! Umm, Could I put you... No.... Ahh..."

Jack seemed to be talking nonsense as he jiggled around holding me in his arms, He eventually just sat down the side of the pavement with me sat between his legs leaning back on his chest. I heard him pull out my mobile and dial 999. Was I really that bad?

"Jack?" I croaked, my throat was burning from the smoke I had inhaled, and I saw that my leg was bleeding terribly, I could see all the way down to the muscle from where I had opened it on the sidewell of the car door when it snapped. Jack shushed me gently, pressing his finger to my lips and kissing the top of my head. I saw Ami's car drive away from the wreckage as though nothing had happened to it before I lapsed into unconsiousness.

When I woke up I was in a warm, clean, funny smelling room. In my infinate wisdom I decided that I must have died and began to cry.

"Libby!" Jack's voice was prehaps the greatest sound on earth at that moment, he hugged me and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Where am I?"

"Oh no! Brain damage! Ok, this is a h-o-s-p-i-t-a-l."

I hit him playfully, I was obviously hooked up to more drugs than most people consume in their whole lives as I wasn't feeling any pain, despite the fact I could see that my leg was wrapped up in plaster and I was bandaged around my head.

Suddenly the curtain was pulled back and a stranger strode confidently into the cubicle.


"Hello!" Came Jack's response, he didn't seem put out by the odd man that faced us. He had yellow-blonde hair that was shaped into a lopsided quiff with more hairspray than I though possible, and his teeth flashed unnaturally white in his orange, fake tan face.

"My name is....." He paused as if waiting for a drumroll. "Detective Inspector Toriop!" He held his arms in the air and looked at us as if waiting for applause. He was dissapointed.

"Anyhoo!" Toriop shoed Jack out of his seat and sat himself down.

"I am here. Why? To catch this woman! Why? Because I do not believe that crazy women should be allowed to stalk their old boyfriends! Why? Personal expirience... Do you accept this offer? (And all it's terms and conditions...) Of course!"

I sat there trying not to snicker... Was he serious? Jack's face said the same and the detective seemed to take offence.

"Fine then..." He stood up and walked away dejectedly...


"(Libby? What the hell?)"

"(What would you like it better if she got away with it and she came back to finish me off?)" He was then quiet as I spoke to detective Toriop.

"Can you do it?"

"Of course young lady!"

"Then do it."

"Good because I have already taken the liberaty of organizing my whole plan!"

I started to think that maybe Jack had been right.

"You, he, young blonde lady with knife wound and young nerdy ninja shall be kept in my care! Parents have been called! Schools have been informed! Unnorthodox methods have been applied! Detective Toriop is on the case in the very manner that got him kicked out of the police force! Now, I must away! Farewell!"

He seemed to glow with happiness as he swept out of the ward, knocking flying nurses as he went.

"Did he just say we were going to be put in his care?"

"I think so!"

"Oh dear..."

"I think he seems nice!"

"Did you miss the 'kicked out of the police force' part of that speech?"

I smiled and kissed him. I was a very clever person, and I knew that if she was going to be caught, this was how. Even if it meant being left in the care of this strange detective Toriop...


The End

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