The message that changed everything

I stared blankly at my phone. She wasn't done. She was going to do something else. She had a gun and a knife before, what more could she do?!

"Jack!Get up!JACK!" I shouted as he fell off of my sofa.

"Huh?" He croaked, dazed.

"Look at this!" I quickly showed him my phone, he glared at it before shutting it and shoving it in his back pocket.

"I won't let her hurt you. She isn't going to do anything to you. I swear. I love you too much and I have put you through too much, I can't simply ask anything else from you." He wrapped his arms around me.

"But she hurt Lulu-" He interupted me.

"I know, Koji will keep her safe to, it's just you and me now, think happy thoughts, come on we'll put on a movie." He smiled at me and went over to put on the movie Push before coming back and sitting next to me.

"Jack I-" He quickly leaned in for a passionate kiss. This was a forceful kiss, eager, not like a normal kiss from him. I put my hot hands on his cold cheeks and he put both of his hand on my neck. He started to undo the buttons on my t-shirt before wripping it off as I took off his jeans. We fought our way upstairs as we fell down them and carried on kissing. I pushed him on my bed and locked the door, running over to him as he undid the back of my bra and felt his hand up my legs.

It was hot but romatinc as we kissed until the sun rose in the morning.

I stared at my cieling, listening to Jack snoozing. We had sex. While my parents were gone. While Push was still on downstairs. While Ami could come at any moment. I got out of bed and kissed Jacks head before getting a pen and paper and beginning to write.

Hi Jack,

No words could describe how I feel about you, we had sex last night. I know we shouldn't have but we did. I'm going for a drive, it'll only be for half hour, it'll give me time to think. If you wake up I'll still be here, in your mind. I love you.

Libby x

I placed the note on my bedside table and got into my car, starting it up and backing out. It was early, atleast half 5 in the morning and the sun was just rising, in my mind I was thinking of the quote 'Pink night sheperds delight' I didn't even know what it meant.

Then it all happened to quickly. The car sped at a red light and hit the side of my car. I jogged about in my seat and the airbag hit me in the face. I screamed as a word ran about in my head ontop of an irritating beeping noise.


The End

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