We win! For now...

I had heard that before you die your life flashes before your eyes, all I saw was Libby. Her gorgeous eyes, soft hair that always smelt good... That smile she got when we were both thinking something really filthy...

I took a cautious breath, wondering if I was dead yet. I realized that I was very much alive, my blood was pounding in my ears! What happened next only took a second, but it felt like we were in slow motion. I felt the cold metal pushing into my temple and shut my eyes.


It was Libby! I tried to respond but my mouth was dry with fear. She needed to get out of here! Ami had a gun, she didn't know! I looked on helplessly as they all came pouring in through the side door.

~Hi! It's me, Libby again!~

Koji burst through the door and me and Lulu follwed suit, I prayed to god that he was ok...


He turned his head to look at me, eyes wide, and seemed to be trying to speak. But that wasn't the issue here. The issue was the ginger skank sat on him. This was the final straw! Ami was about to get it!

"No Libby!" Lulu and Koji stood in front of me, holding me back. They seemed to be staring at Ami, I followed their gaze until my eyes also clapped onto the gun...

"No..." I hated the way my voice sounded, so child-like and defnceless. But I was too scared to sound any other way.

"Put the gun down Ami. We can settle this like adults."

She hopped inelegantly off of Jack and waved her gun at Koji.

"Why should we do that Koji? Why should I listen to a word you retards have to say?! You're just losers!"

She slinked towards him, a wild look in her eyes and held the gun close against his neck. I didn't dare to breath as he just stood there, looking back into her dull eyes and not looking even remotely tense as she held the weapon to his face.

"Well then you aren't a particuarly nice person are you?"

Her finger tensed on the trigger...


All of a sudden Koji thrust his fist into her stomach just below her rib-cage, she doubled over and dropped the gun, completly winded. I took the opportunity and untied Jack.


He wrapped me in his arms and turned so that he was between me and the gun.

"I'm so sorry-"

"Now is far from the time!" I cried, trying to watch the ongoing struggle between Ami and my friends.

Lulu had picked up the gun and was holding it away from Ami, who was desperatly trying to fight of Koji, but he was really going for it! She went to punch him, he caught her arm. She went to kick him, he grabbed her leg and threw her to the floor. She lay there, winded and in pain, clutching her kneecap. It looked as though we had won!

Me and Jack moved over to where Lulu and Koji stood. They smiled at us looking triumphant.

"She must have forgotten to load the gun! That's why it didn't fire!"

"No." Koji took the weapon from her. "She just forgot to remove the safety." He flicked something on the back of the gun and fired three shots into the wall, narrowly missing my head. He did it effortlessly, as though using a fire-arm was second nature to him.

We stood in silent awe for a moment before I saw Ami begin to move out of the corner of my eye, she was crawling across the ground towards Lulu and holding a knife in her hand...


But it was too late, my best friend shrieked in agony as the blade was driven into the back of her calf, hot blood flowing from her wound. Me and Jack both went to stop Ami but Koji was already there, he kicked her in the face with such force she was thrown across the ground and she laid there, unmoving.

"Lulu are you ok?"

"Do you think I'm ok Libby?!" She was sobbing so hard that I could barely make out the words, she held her shaking fingers to the gash. I knelt down and took a quick look, trying not to hurt her as I gently removed the knife, it was worse than it looked, just a flesh wound really. Ami, however, still wasn't moving.

Whilst I dressed her leg with a strip of fabric from my top the two men stood around Ami. Jack lent in to see if she was breathing, when she sat bolt upright and scratched at his face!

"No! No. No. No. NO. I hate you!!!"

"We worked that out when you attempted to murder us." Koji gently peeled her away from Jack, who, other than a minor cut on his cheek from her fingernails, seemed unharmed.

"Grr..." After that final, profound statement, she stormed out of the room, leaving us for the moment.

"I'm sorry." Jack looked so guilty as he said it it was actually rather cute...

"You should be!" Lulu didn't mean to snap, she just had a very low pain threshold.

"Well I am!"

"It's ok Jack, we forgive you. If we didn't we would have just let you sit here while your insane girlfriend worked out how to use a gun." Koji smiled, I was glad that this terrible day was finally coming to an end...

"Also, there's something you two should know about me and Libby..."

"We know. Everyone in a ten mile radius knows."

"Great. Can I please go to hospital now?"

"I'll take her."

"Thank you Koji! It's good to see that at least one person here isn't willing to let me bleed to death on the floor of some random shed!"

Koji bent down and lifted her up effortlessly, it seemed we had underestimated him... I gave Lulu and him both a quick hug before saying goodnight and walking home with Jack.

We walked home in silence, the rain was still pouring so he gave me his jacket. I snuggled into it breathing in his scent and trying to work out how I could ever live without him. We came so close today! I thanked god that everyone was alright...

Eventually we reached my front door.

"So... Am I staying over?"

"Don't be ridiculous! I'm mad at you!"

"Since when?!"

"Since you went out with a murdering ginger just to prove that we weren't going out, even though we were!"

"Well I just didn't like them saying it!"


"I don't know!"

"That's a terrible excuse!"

"I know! Well at least I dumped her..."

"I hate you!"

"No you don't!"

"Yes I do!"

"Kiss me."

Jack had stepped into my house and we were bickering in the hallway rain throwing itself onto the glass front door. He looked me in the eyes with that  smile on his face he knew I couldn't resist. And I did kiss him, because, no matter how much I hated him, I knew for a fact that I loved him more than I could ever love anyone else.

That night at about 4a.m While I was sleeping in jacks arms, a message beeped onto my phone...

*Don't think I'm done with you yet!*

The End

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