I'm gonna get you.

I answered the door to Lulu and Koji, my mind still reeling.


"L-libby? You're looking rather scary at the moment..."

"I just spoke to Jack."

A look spread across their faces that was both angry and frightened at once. I wasn't sure how I looked but if it was anything like I felt I could understand them. A mysterious calm had passed through me. I didn't want to scream or cry, no, I couldn't even if I had wanted to. I silently got some pepsi out of the fridge for us. Why I will never know, but I did. At that time I wasn't Libby, it was as though I was possed by some higher being. I joined them in the lounge.


"What Koji?!" I imediatly felt bad for snapping at him, but I was in too sour a mood to care.

"Good god! I'm tempted to change my name I'm so tired of hearing you lot say it!"

"No L- I mean... It's just that..."


"Come out come out wherever you are..."

It was Ami. I should have been terrified. I should have been crying and hiding or calling the police... But I didn't, whatever strange power had taken me stepped in.

"Libby you idiot!!!"

I answered the door to the hideous ginger.

"What do you want?" I smiled as I spoke, to feel no fear as I looked into her watery eyes was new. Exhilerating.

My best friend's girlfriend backtracked for a moment, faltering beneath my gaze. But only a moment.

"I'm here to get you..."

"I worked that out already, the clue that gave it away was that earlier on the phone you said 'I'm coming to get you.' It doesn't take a genius to work out why you're here."

Her already sullen face fell as she attempted to process the information. I probably used too many multi-syllabic words.  

"Anyhow aren't you back home with my lover? You know the one that can't live without me?" I tried to make my words cut deep. It didn't seem to work however and her disgusting face twisted into an even more violent smirk.

"Oh yeah.. 'ave you seen him lately?"

"No I heard him on the phone though, with another concubine no doubt. Well, just look at his girlfriend. Can you blame the poor man?"

Her smirk grew even wider.

"Have you seen him?"

For some reason the new found demon in my soul seemed to falter.

"No. So anyhow weren't you going to 'get me'?"

"Libby. I already have! I did some reasearch. And I think I've found the perfect punishment." I looked into her delightful, cruel eyes for a moment, What had she found? What could be worse than-

"You're bluffing."

"Am I?"

"He was with you."

"How do you know?"

"I heard.. On the phone.. I-"

"It could have been any girl."

"It had to be you otherwise you wouldn't know what I heard!"

"I could have organised someone else..."

"He's your boyfried! Why on god's earth would you do that?!"

"Who said anything about sex little miss pervert?"

I hated Jack. I hated him with a deep, burning hatred I didn't think people should be capable of. But If she had done anything to hurt him...

"You hate him don't you? Technically I've done us both a favour..."

She walked down the drive way giggling to herself. Leaving me frozen on the door step.



"Libby? I heard everything! What do you think she's done?!"

I reached for my phone.

*Hey! You're through to Jack's voicemail! Please leave a message and if I like you enough I'll be sure to respond! Bye!* 

"He said he was fine... I called and he sounded alright... It sounded like he was..."


I don't know how or why I was suddenly on the floor staring at the ceiling but here I was. I saw Lulu and Koji swarm round me but I felt suddenly weak. They dragged me to my feet and I stumbled a little before being able to stand... Koji caught me in his arms but I pushed him away and proplelled myself out of the front door.

As the cold night air hit me I stagered through the streets. I had lost my rational thought. I eventually reached Jack's house. There was no-one there. I half walked half fell into the rest of the city, I had no idea where I was going and eventually I came to the bridge we had been standing on mere hours ago. Rain started to pour around me, mixing with the tears that streamed from my eyes.

"Libby!" I looked up at Lulu and Koji who had followed me out here. I couldn't respond I was crying so hard.

"H-he's p-probably fine..."

"Yeah... She's no murderer..."

We looked at Koji.

"I-I'm just saying that is completly... Well only a complete mentalist  would do that..."

Lulu tried calling Jack again.

"It's ringing!"


"Jack where the hell are you what happened?!"

*Lulu where's Libby?!*

"She's here but wh-"

*Look, Ami's a complete nut job! I tried to break up with her but it's not going well, don't believe a word she says! Get as far away from her as you can!*

 He sounded out of breath, as though he had been running, and I knew he was outside as we could hear cars and rain in the background. I was relived he was alright, but only for a moment as I heard Ami laughing in the background...

"Jack what's happening?!"

*Just r-*

The line went dead.  

The End

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