The game plan

"So you think it'll work?" I asked them, fiddeling with my hands on the sofa.

"We hope so," Koji replied. I smiled.

"Well if it works or not, atleast we tryed." I replied happily getting up and shooing them out of the house. "We'll work on it some more tommorow, now out!" I shouted openeing the door and pushing them both out. Lulu turned to me.

"I'll speak to you tomorrow morning!" She shouted walking away and giggling with Koji, I think they would make a good couple, I never said anything though, I knew it would annoy her alot. I'd as her tommorow anyway.

That night I sat in the bath, the house was quiet so I pulled my Ipod docking system into the hall and played music loudly while having a relaxing bubble bath which smelt of lemons and tresime. I sprinkled rose pettles on the surface of the water, waiting until they disolved and the smell of roses blew up my nose.

It would be Saturday tommorow and I had no troubles, no expectations, that was until my phone rang. I lent over the bath and saw who the caller was. Unknown. Hmm, weird, maybe they've got the wrong number.

I answered it with a polite, "Hello?"

"Libby?" An ugly voice called.

"Who is this?!" I asked.

"It dosen't matter, you'll figure out soon. Guess what? I'm going to get you, maybe today, maybe tommorow but I am coming and you will regret stealing my boyfriend!" The voice harshly shouted at me, hanging up the phone. I froze, listening to the long beep before hanging up and dropping my phone on the floor.

"A, a, a, a , Ami. She's coming." I stuttered in fear.  I wrapped myself in a towel quickly and twirled my hair in another one before grabbing my phone and calling Lulu.

"Hello?" Whispered a tired Lulu.

"She's coming and I don't know when! It's Ami! She's coming!" .I screamed.

"I'm on my way, I'll bring Koji." She replied urgentley, imediatley awake.

"Bring? He's with you?" I asked.

"I'll talk about it later, in the meen time, you need to call Jack, tell him everything. I'll see you soon." She hung up while my hand shaked and I called Jack.

"Jack she's coming, Ami is on her way to my house and I need your help!" I screamed at him.

"Look, I'm a little busy right now, I'll come, uhh, as soon as I can." I heard giggling in the backround and he hung up.

It was her. could he? The doorbell rang, it was Lulu and Koji, I had to tell them. A loud ringing sound buzzed in my ears, I wanted to run and hug Lulu, like she was the sad one. I wanted help. Many words covered the ringing buzz.






The End

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