Fate is an elusive thing

I let Lulu hug me and fuss about my house for a while, I found that I was crying yet more. I didn't know if it was because of Ami beating me up, or Lulu being mad, or Koji, or Jack not...

Eventually I stopped crying and Lulu went home, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I needed to get some facts straight. I loved Jack. And no matter what he did, or didn't do I would always love him, that simple fact was set in stone. And Jack loved me. I knew he did, I knew Jack better than anyone else, I had known him when he was ugly, I had still loved him then. And we could read each others minds like pages in a book, so I knew he loved me and that Ami repulsed him. I went to clarify the rest in my mind but I found I didn't need to. That was all there was to it.

I went to the fridge to get some Pepsi, now was a time for comfort food. I was greeted by a note on the door.


I smiled a little as I read my mum's note to me, how did such a stupid woman give birth to a prodigy? I mean 'vactaion'? what was that meant to mean?! I closed the fridge door and looked out of my ground-floor kitchen window. There he was standing at the end of my front garden with flowers in his hand and wearing the suit he had worn to the after-party when we first graduated. I shuddered.

I opened the door in response to his knock. We stood silently for about 5 minutes, just talking through our eyes.

"Are you coming or not?" He broke the silence. I scurried upstairs to get myself looking presentable, which meant lots of make-up, and a rather little dress. I came downstairs looking as good as before.

"You're so hot..." He drooled openly. (Ami obviously was the last thing on his mind.)

"Do you mind?! You have a girlfriend!"

He just held out his hand, and I took it, and we went for a walk together.

We started by heading out to a restaurant, as always we flashed our MENSA membership cards and got it free. We spent the whole time in the restaurant talking about the past, all the good times we had had.

"Do you remember Paris?"

"Oh yes the school trip? The one where you burnt the butler?"

"It wasn't my fault!"

"Yes Jack, and neither was the fake hand in the duck I assume?"

"The goldfish made me do it...."

After that he took me to a fair on the edge of town, it was a fair run by gypsies and we spent the whole time doing safety analysis of the rides. We decided it was not best to go on one and spent some time in the amusments instead.

"Hey Jaaaaaaack?"


"Buy me a teddy."

"You're so demanding you know that?!"

He still did it though, he was cute like that. After we had finished there the sun had gone down, so we just walked. I smiled as he held my hand. We stood on a bridge in the moonlight silently. But as much as I hated to ruin the evening I knew I would regret it later if I didn't speak now.

"Jack I-"


I looked at him, I had to ask.

"Why did you cry earlier? It's not like you."

"You were hurt."

"Is that it? If that was the issue why didn't you try and stop Ami! You just sat there and let it happen!"

Tears began to well in his eyes again but I didn't care.

"You obviously love her more! Why else would you let her beat me and Lulu and Koji like that?!"

I turned to leave when he grabbed my wrist and span me back round to face him. He seemed angry, not something that happened often, the tears were gone now.

"How dare you?! How dare you think there's anything I care about as much as you?!"

I sighed deeply and looked up at him, it was my turn to cry again now. He wrapped my up in his arms as it started to rain.

"I'm sorry Libs."

"H-how do you d-do i-it?" I snivelled, mascara tears were going to stain his shirt but I didn't care.

"Do what darling?" But by this stage I was crying too much to answer him. So we just went home no more questions asked. The matter was forgotten.

"Good night Libby, I love you. I know you don't belive me, but it's true."

"Night. I love you too." He kissed me good night before leaving me alone in the house, or so I thought. As I entered my lounge I saw Koji and Lulu on my sofa.

"I know that you're never going to give him up. That's because you two were made for each other, that's just how it is, so Koji and I have come up with a plan to get you together."


"Because I am your friend and as my personnal soap-opera it's your duty to have a happy ending! Now we have spent the whole night thinking-"

"Did it hurt?"

"Ha ha. Now I want you to follow my instructions carefully..."

The End

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