Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, The love list goes on and on...

I stared at him, baffled. A boy dosen't cry in public, does he? I sat infront of him, staring into his bloodshot yet beautiful eyes. I wanted to look infront of a mirror and smash it I was so ashamed of myself. I couldn't do this any more.

The expression on his face was...horrible to look at. I really couldn't bare it. Girls and gyes stared at the both of us. The hottest gye in school crying next to a young knowbody, who was scruffy and had makeup all over her face. That annoyed me, why couldn't people mind their own business and be less nosy. Maybe if someone just broke their arm in a fight you would have to be nosy and step in to get a teacher but I mean come on!

It was humiliating. Half of the time I looked down at the dirty lunch table, both of my hands over my eyes, my hair covering my face. Whenever I looked up he would be looking away. I eventually looked up and he was gone. I then ran into the girls toilet and looked in the mirror.

My hair was tangled and the spots had replied harshly, stabbing me in the back and spreading across my face even more. The mascara ran down my face and my lipgloss was smudged. The back of my skirt was ripped and my backpack had a huge hole in the top. I looked like a hobo. I cried in the cubicle until it was the end of school. I new that I would have to come home but I didn't. A janitor knocked on my cubicle.

"Hello? Is someone in there?"

"I'm having a wee go away." I moaned, not bothering if It was a man or not.

"Look love, you have to go, it's already half an hour after school." He said.

I got out of the cubicle and opened the door. He gasped, I obviously looked worse than normally. I glanced in the mirror, my cheeks were bright red and my eyes too. I looked like an alien.

He handed me some wetwipes and tape. "The tape should do your bag for now, and the wet wipes are handy for when my daughter puts too much make-up on." I looked at him.

"Thanks." I whispered as he went into my toilet and started to clean up all of the tissues I had left onthe floor. Once I was done I said good-bye to the cleaner and walked home. I called my mother and told her there was a school club that ran a little late.

I sang a song that represented how I felt.

"Where do you go with your broken heart in tow, What do you do with the left over you, And how to you know when to let go, Where does the good go, where does the good go."

It made me upset without even thinking of it. I walked up my pathway to find Lulu sitting on my doorstep. "Your mum is at work, I fancied seeing how you were, you ditched lessons and you didn't walk home. I think you need some comfort Libby, and to explain to me what happened, I think I deserve it I have waited an hour here and my butt has gone numb." I smiled.

"Lulu?" I asked as she got up.

"Yes?" She replied.

"What would you do if you thought fate was out to get you?" She looked at me confused before tilting her head around me, I turned to see Jack, lipstick smeared over his lips, neck and cheek, his hair messy, his clothes dirty and tears in his eyes at my gate.

I took a long glance as he did with me and turned around to open the door and let Lulu in, closing it behind me without a second glance.


The End

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