All it takes is a little make-up... Right?

I tried to fight the tears of anger in my head, this wasn't like me. I didn't do scared! I had a three doctorates! I was better looking than her! I was a better person! And I wasn't going to take her crap anymore. I looked at my alarm clock with a tad more confidence than I had woken up with. It was only 5, but I wasn't going back to sleep. I had something to do. Picking up my phone I called Lulu.

*Libby, I love you, but this had better be a matter of life or death.*

*It is, I need you how soon can you get here?*

The phone went silent and I heard a gentle tapping on my door.

"Psst! Lib, It's me!"

I answered the door for Lulu with a determined smile on my face, I had had enough of being pathetic, and I had had enough of Ami! That had been it, she was on.

"Wow... You look kinda scary tonight Lib..."

"Lulu, can I tell you a deadly secret?"

"I know, you've been having an affair with Jack for years now."

"Yes but did you kn-"

"And that you still love him even though he's going out with Ami and it's slowly burning a hole in your soul."

"Well that's a dramatic way of putting i-"

"And you've finally snapped out of it and want me to help you get ready for school today so you knock them dead with your stunning lovelyness so he announces to the world that it's you he loves really and dumps her."

I looked at her, she was wearing blue pj's that matched her bright eyes and her pale blonde hair was piled up in plaits. I hugged her wordlessly to show her she was right.

So we worked together, I wasn't doing it because I was vain, I was doing this so that I could forge some confidence for the final showdown that loomed.

So we spent the evening brushing knotted hair, soaking in neutrogena and slapping on make-up. By eight o'clock I looked into the mirror, and truly looked as good as I felt. Lulu smiled.


So we walked together to school and, as always, we met up with Jack and Koji. It felt like a long time since I'd last seen him. He smiled at me and I felt myself melt a little inside.

"Heya Libby."

"Hi Jack..."

I forgot all about my stunning appearence for the moment. Koji and Lulu had already walked on without us but I didn't notice.

"We should head to school now..."

"Yeah." My voice was high pitched and breathy, my words practically fell from my mouth.

He reached out his arm and linked his fingers through mine. After looking around to ensure there was no-one nearby he kissed me gently on the lips. I felt the earth move beneath me as it always did, my knees felt weak and my shoulders relaxed. Being kissed by Jack was like stepping into a hot bath, everything else faded away, the entire world ceased to exist until he moved away and when he did, I was thrown harshly back to reality. As we walked to school, fingers intertwined, he turned to me.

"I love you so much."

"I love you too."

The words came easily. When I was with him I forgot that he had broken me, I forgot Ami and the message, I forgot that I was going to crush her today, I forgot how good I looked. We eventually reached school, and our first two lessons went as normal; he would talk about Ami while running his hand up the inside of my leg under the desk and deny any accusation that the two of us were dating, all the time making me laugh and smile like a fool, reminding me why I loved him so much.

But then break came and reality hit in the form of a hideous, ugly, man creature.

Me, Jack, Koji and Lulu were sitting on our usual bench, listening to Koji droan on about world of warcraft when Ami approached.

"Hiya hunny!" Even when she was trying to sound nice, the evilness in her heart shone through.

"Hey Ami." She sat on Jack's lap and kissed him, she did so with her mouth open in such a way it looked as though she was eating his face and I could tell from his furrowed brow he was disgusted.

Meanwhile her croonies had walked up behind her and were looming over me.

"This is the slag!"

Before I knew it I felt myself being pulled from my seat and was being thrown between them, already my bag was ripped to shreds and my stuff scattered to the winds! They were ike pirahnas and Ami soon got off of Jack log enough to have her share of the 'prey'.

I think I might have passed out or just blanked out for a moment because the next thing I knew Lulu and Koji were fighting with them, and had managed to send the harpees packing. After we had stopped our combined bleeding, Lulu turned to Jack.

"Why didn't you do anything?! You sat there and watched while the rest of us were beaten by your physcotic girlfriend!"

"Lulu I-"

"Shut up!" Koji spoke up for the first time in... Well... Ever.

"Are you coming Libby? Have you had enough of him yet?" Lulu sounded accusing and shot Jack a hurtful glare as the tears fell openly from his cheeks.

I sat on the ground, my hair was back to it's tangled self, my makeup streaming down my face. And I looked up at the two friends that would fight for me in my time of need. But then I turned round and looked at Jack, the only person on earth I understood, the only man I'd ever love. I knew it was wrong, that all the signs said to go with Lulu and Koji and never look back. I know. You all told me. But I loved Jack too much to leaving him crying on that bench alone. He was my best friend after all.

Lulu and Koji went off alone, they'd cool down eventually. Meanwhile I sat on the bench next to Jack.

"Why do you go out with her?"

That was what I wanted to ask, but I didn't. We just sat there in silence. We didn't need to speak, he knew what I was thinking. He choose not to act on it. I know. You all warned me. Now stop nagging for a moment.

The End

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