If I was brave, I'd tell the truth, but I'm not brave, I'm too weak and spineless to do anything about this

That night I lay in the bath, shoving my head under the water for as long as I could. I opened my eyes. The water was dark and murky. I saw his face, he was smiling at me, I reached out before my mother yanked my hair up to the surface.

"Libby what are you doing! Are you crazy! Are you trying to drown yourself!" She shouted, angry and confused.

"No mum." I replied, releasing a long, heavy breath. "I'm just tired that's all." I wasn't tired atol, I didn't actually know what I was doing. I was confused and could contemplate anything right now.

"Well come on, you've spent enough time in there, your fingers have gone all wrinkly. You can go to bed in a minute. And no more of your head under the water!" She walked out, wiping her wet hand from my hair on the back of her jeans and closing the door. I looked into the empty space and dust she left behind that was floating in the air.

I got out and dried myself, shaking my hair and wrapping my hair up in a towel, then dressing into my pajama top and bottoms. I couldn't help getting caught up with the impecable truth.  The lies spread around and the secrets I have to keep. I wanted to look fate in the face and laugh.

I went to bed early, at atleast 8 o'clock. That irritated me. He would eb here tommorow, that was the only thing I was focusing on, he would eb there, but so would she.

My nightmare began slowly, creeping up towards me. I was runnin through a dark forset. It was dark and lonesome. I hated it. I heard screams, getting louder and louder until one reached my ear and I ran even harder. I felt breath tickle my face and wind seep through my hair. I was searching for something, anything, life, just someone or something to be with. Then I saw him. Jack. He was standing 15 metres away, his eyes a full shad of black.  He twisted his head to the side and looked at me, smiling a terrifying grin. He slowly walked towards me. I stepped back immediatley and fell over a twig on the ground. Then he charged up to my face.

I jolted upright, sweat broken out across my forehead and my hands on a damp pillow from my hair in the bath lastnight. I banged my alarm clock, throwing it at my wardrobe. I looked down at my phone, it was flipped open and on the floor. I probably was texting last night and fell asleep.

I picked it up and sat down in my bed. I was halfway through a text. it said:

Why are you doing this to me? I haven't done anything wrong yet u go galavanting around with ur new gf and I-

That was it. I imediatley deleted it. I didn't remember writing that. I must have been half alseep or something. I went to my inbox.

You have 1 new message.

Whoever u fink u r, I'm goin to get ya, Jack luvs me, not you! I'm goin to kil ya at skl today! U beta stay away from him, go get urself a new bf, AND STAY AWAY FROM MINE U B****.

I looked at the mispelt words in horror. It was from Jack. She obviously looked at his phone, the nosy parker.

I wouldn't be able to go to school today, I couldn't face her, she would kill me and Jack would be too scared to do anything about it. I wouldn't make it to school today, maybe ever.

I got out of bed and turned to the mirror hanging on my wall. My face was twisted and pale and frightened. It was excruciating to look at.

The End

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