I know your hurt, but there is nothing I can do about that

I lay awake in my small bed, waiting for my alarm clock to sound. My phone was on my bedside table, next to my lamp and clock. I turned over and stared at it. I hated him, absolutely detested him but there was some part of him that drew me towards him.

He was amazing in his own distinctive way, so beautiful and intelectual it was addicting to be with him. Every single girl in my school wanted to be with him. Even the ones older than him. I had him. He was mine. Everyone warned me, and I mean everyone.

"Libby that boys a two-timing, heartbreaking, ugly, stupid idot. Your too good for him!"

"Libby, he's hot I must admit, but you don't need him, you have friends and family, that's all you need right now."

And this last one hurt the most.

"Look Libby, Elizabeth, whatever the hell your name is, he's mine, so go make-out with someone who actually likes you, like he ever would again, and deal with it."

That one was his girlfriend. I was his girlfriend once, and he did used to love me, I think he still does, I think. He still wants to be with me, but his new girlfriend just wants to kiss him every second so I can't get a word in edge ways.

I kept quiet, I didn't tell a soul about my hidden relationship with him. But it hurt just to see them together, her either kissing him or holding hands or sitting on his lap playing with his hair. And he would turn around and wink at me if he saw me or do a wolf-whistle and pretend it was for her and not me. I hated it.

Sadly keeping quiet wasn't a good idea, because my facial expressions and the way I talked ruined it all and now my friends know and my family. It's humiliating.

I had my finger right next to the clock, ready when it sounded. That irritating beep sounded my room loudly and I slammed my finger on it harshly, picking up my mobile and looking in my inbox for messages.

You have 1 new message.

Hey darlin, havin such a gd time, miss you lots, love you x

Message deleted.

Hey, I miss you too, you don't know how much, hope you have a gd time with your special little girlfriend. Love you.

Message sent.

I shut my phone violently and stamped to the bathroom, slamming the door and looking in the mirror.

"SHUTUP, IT'S SEVEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING CHILD!" My father shouted. I ignored him, erasing all of the memories of my family and friends and, him.

I had long brown hair which was tangled and knotted and a neat frindge which was covering hectic spots on my forehead. My dark green eyes were bloodshot and my lips were a little bit white. I yanked the brush through my hair and washed my face, putting Clearasil spot cream on my forehead and brushing my teeth violently.

I trudged back to my bedroom and dressed into my school uniform, then grabbing a cereal bar and my backpack walked out of the door with my keys in my hand.

I had absolutely no idea that it was still only 8 o'clock in the morning. I had to be at school at quarter to 9.

I took my phone out of my blazer pocket.

You have 1 new message.

Don't be like that babes, u no I luv u 2, got to go, goin to the beach, now wen I get bak don't be a cow to Ami cos I know you always r, luv ya x

Message deleted.

I won't be a cow, your little slutty girlfriend will. I hope you have a terrible time. Bye idiot.

Message deleted.

I won't be. Have a good time. Love you.

Message sent.

I shoved my phone back in my pocket and prayed I would lve through the day.

The End

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