The GuiltyMature

Don’t think I will ever get used to the smell,  metallic and hot.  This was his third victim and he promised four more. 
This victim was just like the others, pale skinned, long dark hair,  deep ebony eyes.  All had the braided rope around their necks, all had been viciously stabbed, all were women,  all had their feet and hands tied behind their backs and a long stake running through the ropes, their lips had been painted the blood red color and last but not least, all had the crucifixion  holes in their hands and feet.  I never understood mans cruelty to man. 

I went to the autopsy but I already knew what the findings would be.. All arteries had been severed, holes in the hands and feet had been done by rusted nails.  All three had been the same weight 100lb, all three had been the same height 5’ 5”,  all three had been the same age 25.  To look at them you would have thought they were from the same family, but that lead had petered out. They hadn’t even known each other.  There had to be something, humans, highest intelligence, right!  I went over the files again, shuffling the evidence as if it would be magically transformed into something that made sense.  Pieces, a puzzle, what?

The End

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