A mermaidMature

No legs. That's the first thing you notice. The mind you are in is quite human, and yet your host has no legs. It's strange, one of the basic features of most conscious beings is a set of legs, rudimentary perhaps, but they are normally there.You expand your senses, exploring the body you are in. Female, young, angry.It hits you then, as soon as you start looking through her mind... A mermaid! You are to be the Guide of a mermaid. You are happy with that, it shouldn't be too hard should it? It's basically a fish, how complicated could the life of a teenage mermaid be?Except, you realize why her consciousness was burning so brightly... She's lost.

She's panicking, in a maze of dark caves, not sure how to get out, blood pounding in her ears. You send some calming emotions to... Azelia. She slows down then, and stops swimming so frantically.

"There must be a way out, after all, you came in somehow" you send the thought to her. "Calm down, get your bearings. Go slowly."

As she swims slowly along you hear something, and she realizes what it is at the same time as you. Water lapping against a wall. The tunnel isn't fully filled with water. She's come up to the surface somehow, except she's trapped in a complicated knot of tunnels and caves. You look through her mind, trying to backtrack, but when she realized she was lost she wildly took any number of turns, not noticing where she as going. The way out isn't in her head anyway... 

Slowly swimming along, it gradually gets a bit lighter. It's a blue glow, filtering down through the water, yet it's somehow unnatural. It still seems like a good sign, because at least it means you're getting somewhere.On the other hand, the tunnel seems to be getting narrower. Azelia notices too, and spreads her arms out. They touch the walls on both sides. You calculate the amount of space she'll need to turn, there's still a bit more than needed. "Better take a look above the surface" you think, and she follows your advice, poking her head out. 

There light doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere. You're mildly surprised at this, but Azelia isn't. After all, this isn't any ordinary world. The normal rules don't apply here, and she's used to that. 

Looking ahead, you view the world through her eyes. The tunnel seems to be getting smaller, and narrower, but admittedly it does seem like it's heading towards a destination. Are you going to risk that, though? You could end up advising your host into a dead end. 

But turning around is risky, she knows her habitat better than you, and she was lost. But there might be another way out, or she might recognise something.

It's a risk either way, what do you advise her to do?

The End

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