The land of magic and mysteryMature

No boring humans for you! You decide to go to the mysterious realm of magic and fantastical creatures. You're a bit apprehensive though, because who knows what the first thing you'll meet there will be. 

You are nothing physical, more an idea than a presence in the air, swooping down from the heavens. You can't see, for you have no eyes, but you can sense the pulsing spots of heat, signifying conscious life. 

It's up to you to choose which one, but you have no way of making certain it's a good choice. The rules are different here, no 16th birthday restrictions. It could be a new-born baby or an ancient being. A male or a female, or an androgynous creature with no gender. A magical, elite being, or a disgruntled, forgotten nobody.

You could be over the sea right now, or in a volcano, or above a gloomy forest filled with monsters. You go with the only thing you've got, the only clue you have: the ferocity of the consciousness. Sinking lower, you settle on your choice. Someone whose mind is active and individual, more aware than most others. 

Into the body you plunge, with high hopes and big dreams. You spread your senses, trying to understand the body you are in. Infiltrating the whole being, you discover with relief that it's young, with healthy body and mind. You flick through their thoughts, and there... You settle on its name for itself. You are in the body and are to be the Guide of...

The End

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