A bully? You can handle that. It's something to be improved on, and it gives you a clear goal. He doesn't seem very complicated, so it shouldn't be too challenging.

But when you arrive, it's completely different from what you expected. You had thought he'd be asleep at 3am in the morning, but he is wide awake. He is in bed, certainly, but he's nowhere near sleep. His mind is buzzing, and it's not because he was born at this time 16 years ago. It's because he has a test on Monday, and he really needs to study for it, but his dad is making him go to a football game, and he's really not interested. On top of that, he thinks the guy who works in the shop saw him stealing a chocolate bar and he's worried about getting in trouble for that. And there was the girl who he whistled at walking home, she had looked so disgusted that it was really worrying him. Did nobody find him attractive? Or maybe it was his fault, he knows that it's meant to be demeaning, whatever that means, but she was hot. He can't get a girlfriend, and he doesn't know why,  he tries to be friendly. He must just not be good looking enough. Even some of the really weird loser guys had girlfriends, like that faggot Lukas, little whiny bitch, he had a girlfriend. She was alright looking, although a bit on the heavy side.

Gerard is stressing about school and stealing and girls, his mind flicking from one thought to another. You were expecting a quiet night of dreaming, giving you time to familiarize yourself with his mind and manners. Doesn't look that way though.

You start extending your senses, so that you are spread throughout his whole body. You realize it is hot, he has nothing but a thin sheet covering him, and even that is tossed to the side. He is sprawled on the mattress, topless, with an arm thrown out on either side of his body, one folded up beneath his shaven head. He runs his hand over his scalp and then leans over to switch on the bedside lamp, sitting up in one smooth movement. He rubs the sole of his right foot against his calf, wincing in the light.

Padding softly to the kitchen, the carpeted hallway illuminated by the bathroom light, he gets a glass of water. Drinking it in one go right there at the sink, he notices the time on the oven. With a twinge of guilt he reminds himself he needs to sleep. 

Back in his room, he is settled into his bed, when he gets a text. The violent vibration of his mobile makes him, jump, and he angrily swipes it up and squints at the screen. But seeing who it's from makes him freeze. It's Caroline, his best friend Danny's ex-girlfriend. Only, she's not really his ex, it's more like a temporary thing, they're just having a break. Except he's heard she's been getting around, and after all, she was the one who had instigated the separation. Danny's pretty upset about it, so Gerard is planning on sending an angry reply or ignoring her, he's not sure yet. 

When he reads the text, he is puzzled. Caroline is asking if he will come and meet her.

He quickly fires off a reply "Wtf? You know dannys my mate, id never fuck him round, and not with you most of all."

She replies instantly "I knew you'd be up. It's nothing like that, I swear, I just hav no one to talk to and I need help. Please."

He's confused, she always seemed pretty decent till she started messing Danny 'round. But why would she need his help? They aren't exactly friends, but to text some one after 3 in the morning must mean something pretty big is wrong. What if he stays home and then finds out the next morning that she killed herself? On the other hand, what would Danny do if he found out they'd met up in the middle of the night? 

It's up to you to help him choose now...

The End

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