You can't resist the idea of helping out this poor girl, and trying to make her life better. That's what your purpose is, isn't it, improving the lives of the helpless ones, those who are ignored and forgotten.

You arrive on her 16th birthday, as is planned. You're not sure what to expect, but it turns out to be quite a surprise. She's alone, with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle in the other. 

And she's standing on the roof of a very tall building.

It's sunrise, the same hour as the one which she was born into so many years ago. The streetlamps are fading and the clouds in the pale sky are tinged with pink.

You settle into her body, her mind. As you accustom yourself with her senses, you realize it's cold. There's a ragged wind blowing, and Alissa is wearing nothing but a blue dress and stockings.

You examine her memories, and note that she left her shoes somewhere on the stairs, on the way to the top of the building. She wasn't planning on going back down again, at least not that way. 

At this, you realize the situation is bad, worse than you are prepared for, when you know her so little and have only been there for a few minutes. You realize she wasn't up early to admire the sunrise on her birthday, as you had originally assumed, but rather because she plans to throw herself off the roof when her cigarette is done. She sets the bottle down, and takes another drag of the cigarette. It's held between forefinger and thumb, her nails are a chipped purple and are bitten to the quick.

You flick through her head as fast as you can, panicking, while in contrast she seems very calm. Her movements are slow, unhurried, as if she has all the time in the world. And she does, in her mind: if it's going to end now, why rush things? It wont make any difference.

You search through her mind, trying to find something to halt her, and then as she inhales one last time, you act.

The End

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