The Guiding Voice, Your ChoiceMature

'Choose your own adventure' style addventure.You are a Guide, a supernatural being without a physical body, who helps people make choices.

You are a Guide, a supernatural being without a physical body. Your purpose in life is to help others with their own. You are the conscience, the voice reminding people of their family when they're about to do something stupid. You are the stray thought that makes them choose the winning lottery number. The instinct that makes them step out of harms way. You are the voice there to advise people and help them make decisions and choices.

Now you must make your own choice, and it will determine your future.

Will you be the Guide of the Alissa, the poor girl who has problems with self esteem and who likes to self harm? She's beautiful, but lonely. Will you take on the challenge of trying to help her figure her life out? She needs a friend, but a voice in her head doesn't count, so you can't provide help that way. You'll need to do some big to help the girl who turns her anger inwards.

Or will you choose the boy who likes to hurt others? Gerard is manipulative, but sometimes he doesn't see the harm he is doing. He is big and tough, is it his fault that he scares other people? They don't like him, so why should he try to make them change their minds? Especially when  they're also scared of him, because with his shaved head and large stature he is intimidating. Will you try to stop the bully, the one who turns his anger outwards?

Or will you choose to go to the land of magic? A different universe, but one with its own challenges. Here you'll have to deal with monsters and dreams come to life, with prophesies and nightmares. With wishes and Gods, and with nameless beings. Choosing this path is risky, because you become the guide of the first conscious, autonomous being that you find, be it fairy, dwarf or dragon. Or something else all together...

Pick wisely, do not think this will be easy... Even Guides make mistakes.

And remember, there's no going back.

The End

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