The GuardsMature

Deadly cnflicts occurred between Karenni refugee students from Ban Mai Nan Soi Refugee Camp and the guards, who were hired to protect refugees from that camp, after a young student was shot by a cruel guard.

It was dark, cloudy morning. The rain was coming, turning clouds into smokes of horror, painting the sky in a murky color. The whole sky was trembling by the stormy wind all over every top of mountains. The entire valley was filled with small, old and leaned houses of Ban Nai Nai Soi refugee camp. Other called it camp#1. Ban Mai Nai Soi was a refugee camp occupied with around 20,000 poor children and adults. Most of these refugees were Kayan, Kayah, Kayaw and Pa Ku (Karen) as well as other minor ethnic groups which came from all corners of Burma. Ban Mai Nai Soi was located in the north-west of Thailand, east of Burma among other refugee camps.

As soon as the place left by wind, suddenly the whole surrounding seemed so quiet, lonely, and heartless for a while but it did not last so long. The weather did not seem to be in the right mood. People too, were quiet; the children did not go outside and played hide and seek. It was a school holiday but there were not so many people like to go out of their houses; the houses that were made of natural resources.

The month was turning into September, the end of rain-season and the beginning of winter. And yes, everyone, almost everyone, loved winter there. Whenever you asked about their favorite seasons, winter was the answer for the question because in their thought, winter was the only season that could bring people together. Winter inspired peaceful hearts and rightful desires of all people. This was what they believed or at least, that was what most people felt about that winter.

That day in camp, at a place where there were always filled with noises and sounds, it transformed into a silent place and lonely world. There were no noises at all. This made the whole camp looked like it was stopped in time, no rushing, no flowing ahead or not running backward anywhere.

Strangely, there was a strange house filled with serious, strange young people. The house was made of thatches, wood and bamboos and it seemed like it was going to collapse in a few days. Inside, the whole place smell liked a dead animal buried under the ground somewhere and released lots of bad smell. Above their head, they could even see what were the colors of the sky, what was going on in the sky, because there were lots of holes spread all over on top of them; the roof which was made of teak’s leaves and usually lasted for a year or two maximally. The house was build almost five years ago.

These people, they were sitting around two small tables that joined together. Some chairs were shaken and almost broken while sitting on top of them but nothing seemed to stop their assembling for tonight. They cared not about anything, not the storms, nor the coming rains above their heads. It seemed like they would not go anywhere unless they found out the answer to the conflicts.

At the meeting, they talked about how to end the discrimination, bullying, raping and other disturbing things that had been happening around the camp. To be clear, they were discussing about how to end the corruption of Aw Saws or the guards of Ban Mai Nan Soi refugee camp.

Aw Saws were actually not soldiers of Thai government. They were a bunch of people who were hired by UNHCR (The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) for the safety of refugee people through the agreement of Homeland and Security of Thai government. They were hired to protect the innocents and bring criminals to justices. They were hired to protect refugee from other troubles such as wars that created by Karenni soldiers and Burmese armies.

            "I do believe that we need them for our safety, I do but fuck, how come they do things that unimaginable to our people?" said a young man, named Ka Reh. Ka Reh was the friendliest of them all. He had an average body size, loved to play soccer, and went hunting whenever he was available.

            "I agreed with you, Ka Reh.  We fled from our very own country to escape from Burmese militaries that brought wars to our land, from wars that produced hunger, poverty and madness. We arrived here to get protection, to survive. That’s all. Why can’t we just be lucky at all? Our people!" responded the other whose age was around 18 years old. His name was Gary Say but people called him, Ruck. He then, continued "we should do something, anything to start a sparkling. Maybe we should assemble all students and demonstrate on streets until we get what we want"

On the outside, it was like a big war was coming again, the wars between natures. The clouds began to turn into larger pieces from many small ones, roaring and arming together to create a war against the bloody wind. The storm was coming, brought more energy with them. It seemed like the war between the dark army of clouds and the racing wind were so enormous and almost intimidated other things around them. In the inside the houses, it seemed like nothing bother these people at all. They kept moving one point to another, ignored the outside weather condition, keep arguing, talking, and shouting but with positive altitudes, no matter what.

             "Yes, we need to make them know that we are not dumb and stupid and not slaves for them. We gotta fight back to show the truth to the people", announced Rainy Sayro, the guy who has the biggest body mass and the strongest of them all. He was Karen, but was born in Karenni State. He had to leave his village because there was nothing left for him back there. His father was killed by a guy whom his father had never known before in his life and his mother was raped twice by a group of corrupted Burmese soldiers while the other soldiers were burning down the whole village. He survived because he was lucky and carried away by his uncle before the soldiers and flame consumed the whole place. From that day, he never heard about his village anymore. His village was wiped out from the face of the earth. This all had happened before he could walk properly.

             "We might not be their citizens but our brothers are not allowed to be treated like animals, our sisters should not be treated like whores! Yes, we gotta do something. Let’s do something, my dear friends." asserted Sayro. He was so excited to do something illegal that created a greater cause, the cause of most important things in life; freedom.

Most of them, agreed to the point. The point was that they were going to rebel against the security guards by creating a problem with the intention to terrify the guards. Most of them were keen to do something for their people. At that moment, ‘How’ was what they were thinking in their heads. How to begin, how to process, how to be tough during the process of resistance and how to win ….

Outside, the sun was slowly consumed by the night and the world around them, began to blur and darken. Light was gradually vanishing without saying goodbye. Some parents were resting from the whole day works, some children were shouting out the words from the books they were ordered to from their school-teachers. Some old man, women were already slept with wide eyes open in the dark corners inside their houses with blankets filled with holes. At somewhere outside, some girls and boys were meeting secretly without letting their parents know. The time around them was rushing into darkness. The day was coming to an end but in the side of that strange house, these serious young men just began to be more active than ever. They began to see lights through the darkness. They were more and more into about how to win the battle between them and Aw Saw. Most of them were agree at some points of how to get rid out of Aw Saw but not all of them were into this suddenly. Not at this point. Just like the normal discussion, a few of them, not easily persuaded, especial La Kae. He was not ignorant, it was just that he did not trust or get excited by the great words or good talkers easily.

           "I trusted that we had ...this…this "guard issue" and we need to do something about it but …" "But" was usually the word that he used when it came to disagreement between him and the other. Usually, he got a good reason to use this ‘but’. His name was La Kae. He lived in section 12 by his own.

La Kae got some relatives in the camp but he liked to stay on his own, being independent was his best freedom or that was what he believed. He was full with paradoxical personalities. La Kae was the friendliest person while being the most stubborn of them all. He loved loneliness, loved poetry, and loved the longest novels. He was a kind of person. He did every bad thing possible but never hurt a man in his life.  He was who he was, full with flaws and unhappiness, love and curiosities.

The most beautiful thing in him was that he was a free-thinker; he did not believe in the way of blindly attachment. Once before, he said this to his friend when they discussed about religion, "Religions are not poison, like those Captains from Chinese Communist Party used to say, actually, religions are there to protect our fallen souls, our broken hearts. Religions are the worlds full with dusts and diamonds. They are made of choices and sophisticated reasons. It is not us who have to decide whether religion is good or bad. Religion is like a poor man with an honest heart in the desert land, and has been there for thousands of years."

He loved to be friends but still, he never let people into his life unless there was a good reason for it. If he began to be friend, as a true friend, he would give anything to protect him or her. That was the way La Kae’s. ‘Go straight and hit hard. Be true and be kind’ was his daily life motto. 

            "…we should not strike people just because we think they are suck and ‘seem’ guilty. We gotta have some kind of proofs or anything that can protect us or the people who will be involve in what we are going to do.", he said. "I know we need to do something serious which can lead chaotic to the whole camp. So, we need something real, concretes, not just guessing, pocking around like gossip girls or are we?" he questioned. "Before we began some serious discussion, who can produce real inspirations to begin with?" said La Kae with soft words. It hit hard on his friends who sat next to him.

          "There are lots of things going around here. Are you blinded? Fuck, man! Excuse me for being rude but it is too much La Kae. How long have you been in this shithole? 10 years? 15 years? Oh yeah, how would you care, your parents left you in this shithole because you are so selfish and ignorance." said Maung Richard Garee in unsatisfied voice.

La Kae understood why Richard felt so bad about what he just said. Actually, he did not mean to hurt him or anyone with his words or mocked them at all, but he got a point and he had to stick with his point even though he would not be able to get along all of them for a while. La Kae loved all his friends, and never assaulted their personality like Garee…

Actually, Garee used to be a good friend and a good teacher. He taught History at Karenni High School after finished courses at Karenni Post-ten (Art and Science) School, section 20. His altitudes, his behaviours, his views on everything began to change after the unfortunate things happened to his family member; Maria Garee. She was his younger sister. She was raped by an anonymous Aw Saw who threated her to never talk. The raping and threating were happened in somewhere in forests, where Maria and his friends usually went for wild fruits searching. This thing distorted Garee’s life forever. It gave him heartache and insanity. His life turned upside down and felt so depressed for many months. But slowly, he tried to build himself up again.


Sometime, last year….

On Sunday, the fifth of March, 2006, at 5p.m in the afternoon, Maria ran back home abruptly, tried to forget the whole things. She tried to force out her memory but it drove her crazy.

She went to the church, listened to the preaching, talked to the Women Right Organization about raping under her false name but nothing seemed to help her. Sometimes, she wanted to tell the truth but something was bothering her, destroyed her mind, something that she could not fight against.

            "No one can help me unless I help myself but how? I can’t …I can’t…I just can’t!" thought to herself in one morning. It was almost two weeks but still, she kept remembering the whole details of the event, so shameful, so disturbing and disgusting. For her it was like fighting against two big monsters without swords, without knowing about the monsters.

If she was a normal girl, she could have saved herself but she got another kind of illness, chronic sickness which had been torturing her through her whole life; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD was another force that threatens her again and again in her mind, telling her that killing herself was the only option for her pure life. It told her that dirty bustard who raped her was so dirty; really dirty that nothing could make it clean again, not even by the help of holy water. If nothing could make it clean again, then her body was not good to have anymore. It told her to remove her womanhood again and again. She knew it was nonsense but it kept going under her skin, crawling in her heart, making million moves in her brains. Life was impossible anymore.  Slowly, her mind was darken and rotten.

After two week, she committed suicide.

At first, most people thought she was some kind of depressing because she wanted to go to Third Country but was not allowed by her parents. Some friends of Maria blamed her parents for being so cruel, so unkind to their only daughter. Maria wanted to go to USA, to go there and study, get a degree. She wanted to help her Karenni people. She really wanted to go to Third Country or USA but was underage, which made it hard for her to move against her parents’ wish. And some people did not feel sorry for Maria at all because they thought she was weak and cracked.

However, finally the truth came out from her old diary. She wrote the revolting story of hers, what had happened to her that day, every details of it before she hanged herself in her room.

Richard’s head almost exploded when he found out the truth about his sister.

With the diary of his sister, Maung Richard went to the refugee police office, to the camp committee but they could not help him find anything tangible, not improvement even after a year. All they could do was recording what he said and stored it in their offices. Their excuse was that there was no hard evidence and the dairy was fake, which was written after the death of his sister.

That was how the hate, the fierce fire growing inside his heart, his head. "Is it because people afraid of those security guards or just plainly avoid of making problems between them and the guards or are they not interested of what has happened to my family?" "Not true. I know that there will be some people who wanna tell the truth and fight against the oppression, abuse of those Aw Saws", thought himself in many grieving nights. "There must be some people who love the truth more than themselves."

But still, he hated whenever he saw the guards and most of all, he disliked the people who became betrayal and worked against Karenni people. These corrupted betrayals would do anything for money. "Some refugee went to jail because of these spoil inbreed son of bitches and some were sent back to the border, not even a hug from their brother or sister, mother or father.” alleged La Kae to his other friends. Most people who had been expelled from the camp were never to be seen in Ban Mai Nai Soi camp again. All their relatives can do was pray for them to be safe. But how could it be safe in the land of hell? Is there any place that safe in a land of hungry ghost?

He brought the pains with him wherever he went, even to the meeting with his other important friends right now.


             "They are hired to protect the refugees because these refugees need security, not to fuck our sisters and beat the crack out of our parents, relatives or our friends. They are not here to give us pains!" cried Maung Rechard. He became aggressive when he heard people talking about these guards issue. Whenever he saw lots of people, he went to them and talked about the human rights, the rights of women, and the rights of justice including other things. That was how he and other students who had the same ideas as him began to form a youth group with some of his friends from different sections. And this was how, their youth group became so active in the anti-Aw Saw movement and that was how Richard began to work hard on behalf of his group.


            "If you wanna see the evidences, I will take you to my sister’s grave. She was buried at Law Htue Soun.", said Maung Richard in a harsh, hurt voice to La Kae who was quiet and listened to what his friends gotta say. Law Htue Soun was a mountain which was homes for many soulless bodies from the camps.

The discussion was beginning to make more sense to all of them, even to La Kae.

             "Think about it, do you want your younger, older sister, cousins or whoever relatives of yours to be in the same fate as my sister’s? No, I don’t think so! They have done this to my sister and they will do behind the bushes while pointing the guns at some young, tasty, underage girls again and again for sure. I do not know who might be next but what I can be sure is that it is going to happen again and again unless we stop them. We could not rely on other anymore. We gotta act by ourselves.” said Richard in a low, shaken voice. He felt so emotional whenever he talked and knew people would listen to him. His voice was moving in the airs like the wind blew away dead leaves from the ground. His eyes became shiner than ever while his heart was full with pains, so achy.

              "This is a bad news but together we can prevent the future of our people. All we need is unity. Together we can be so strong!" continued Richard. Then he looked at La Kae and said, "Anyway, if you want some more proofs, here it is. I got it from Karenni Women Organization and Our camp committee office. They are all the files that show the records relating to the guards’ actions. One of them is the complaint letter from your brother in law. He was hit by a bottle of whisky while visiting his aunt in section 5."

La Kae looked surprised. He did not know about this. The quarrel between his brother in law and Aw Saw happened last three days ago. The report was sent to the refugee security office yesterday.

              “How did he get these files?” thought La Kae. “It doesn’t matter how, what matter is that how real these files are” said to himself, and took some files to take a look in the inside.


Time was running fast. Everything seemed to be normal but the whole universe was running with millions miles per nanoseconds, faster than the speed of light.  It was eight o’clock, night time already. On the outside, there was no more rains, no more wind. Everything seemed to be perfect. The sky was clear. There were stars spread all over the surface of the sky, above their place. The atmosphere was filled with quietness. 

Suddenly, there was a voice coming from somewhere up above the place they gathered. It was a voice of a camp committee leader through one of the speakers which were hanged on top of trees all over the camp. Every section had its own and connected from the office of refugee camp#1 committee which was located at section 14, across the road, closed to the guards’ small camp. If the leaders had something to say, they used them to spread the information all over the camp.

             "Hello…hello…hello…"said the Camp Committee Leader.  "I would like to declare a bad news to you all. Tonight, we encountered a problem. Something terrible just has happened to one of a young student named Shar Reh. It is a bad news for his parents and to us. One of the Aw Saw accidently shot him on the road from among his friends at section 14, 8.09p.m. We will publicize about this in details later on", said the Commitee leader shakily. Then, he continued with an order "But now, we would like anyone on the street, to go home immediately" The voice cut off. The place became more silent than ever. The night was filled with sadness and brought out broken hearts of thousands of people in camps. If you could hear the sound of breaking hearts, million pieces of the sound waves would travel into in your ears and broke your ears drum forever.

             "You heard that? Before they raped young girls, they have created lots of problems for many students, and now, they did not even hesitate to slaughter our people. Too much!" said Ka Reh.

              "Come on, let’s do something!" roared La kae. I got what I need now.  Also we have a plan right? Let’s do what we have discussed on. Let’s bring the entire student together and go to the guards’ places. Let them march; assemble all students and people who will participate with us. I know some people who would lead."

             "Yes, that is a good idea!" responded Gary Say with agreeing voice. "It’s against the order of our camp leaders. We gotta be smart if we want to do something now."

               "Yes, let’s do that then! But first, we should know who got a better idea. Any?" asked La Kae in a smart voice. He was wholehearted. He would be happy to help solve the problem and help Richard’ dream came true. What he always wanted was ‘Justice’, would come to his feet soon. And now, he would be part of the movement which would bring down those Aw Saws to justice. But first of all, he needed to make sure how to do it successfully by seeking better ideas.

             "There was no better idea at this point I think. Let’s do what you said, La Kae. Let’s bring the mob and shake the ground tonight" said Richard enthusiastically.

              "Yes, yes" was the words came out from everyone.

              "Ok then, let’s plan what we have to do now and do exactly, what we plan!" asserted La Kae. He told everyone what to do. He told them who to contact and what to say as well as how to cover their tracts before the camp committee leaders found out.

A few minutes later, they all moved out of their assembly place quickly, brought note books with them. They did not plan to kill the guards for revenge. Most of them did not prefer violence. All they wanted to do was to panic the guards and want to show that refugee people could not tolerate anymore. They wanted fairness and undiscriminating, they wanted to show those guards that Aw Saw were not law, none refugee people were animals.

But they needed to move fast before those security guards getting killed. They needed to say something where there would be lots of people could hear. They wanted to explain to people before the whole place became a chaotic. To do that, they needed to stick to their plan; bring people at the same place at section 14, at the guards’ small camp and persuaded people to listen to what they were going to do, do it with unity, without fears, without hesitation.

Ka Reh, Richard Gare, Rainy Sayro, La Kae and Gary Say; they all had their own responsibilities. Each person went to three or four sections and talked to all the students in each section to wake up and gathered and marching to the guards’ place, at section 14, up above the hill. This was La Kae’s main plan. Students were the people who hated Aw Saw the most. They were young, full with energy and impatience about how the guards treated their people like trashes, ashes.

La Kae was responsible for section 20, 18 and 17. He took a note about what he was going to say in the loudspeaker. He thought about what he was going to answer if people asked questions. Also he was preparing for the arguments or disagreements. Just like La Kae, the other members went to other sections, to do their novelty duties.

Rainy Sayro had some kind of problems during his talk at the hall of section 16, about persuading people to be united and struck Aw Saw in a non-violent way at the same time. It was in a small hall. Some people had to stay outside to listen to what he got to say. He tried to tell them how to win this war without bloodshed, without guns. This was his point, being non-violent while marching together and showed to the world that they needed justice and that, they were human too.

            "Alright, let’s say that we do that. We march to show how much we angry at those Aw Saw.", said someone from the audience with short hairs, rounded face, wearing black jacket and jean and in his age around 40. "…but where are we going to live if this problem become uncontrollable? We have been living here, eating and shitting on their land for many years, our sons, our daughters were even born here and grew up here. Don’t you forget that!" The guy continued, "This war, whether we fight or not, we are the losers from the beginning, my friend"

This did not trouble Rainy Sayro but instead, it gave him more ideas of how to prepare for the worst. It made him more serious about this problem with those guards.

In the room, the place became silent for a while. The world around them seemed so lifeless, breathless. Outside, the wind was blowing backward and forward, like water rushing down in rivers, like animals running around on green grasses. Rainy Sayro tried to answer all the questions from audiences as much as he could even thought it made him going nut. "Gotta finish the race." he thought whenever he felt depressed. "Later on, life will going on one way or another but we gotta focus on the thing happening right now. We could not just let it pass by our side because our people have been suffering too long" stated him in a loud, calm voice.

It was just not Rainy Sayro that had problem with trying to unite people. Other of his members also had to deal with such things during their meeting with people from different sections. However, they had succeeded at some points. At that night, it’s about 9p.m. on the 15th of December, 2008, thousands of students marching, while other people such as anti-guards, violent preferred group, seeking the guards at every corners in the camp.

Some students went to two of Aw Saw’s places and destroyed everything, including cars, motorbikes, lots of huts and a shop that belonged to the wife of one of the guards. Almost everything were destroyed in the fire or broken, nothing left in its good conditions. The whole place became so messy. The street was full with rubbish; people were shouting and talking to each other.

Some were looking for Aw Saw. They walked around the camp, searching for guards all over the place. The whole place became disordered, ruthless. Some students were serious more than other, and really serious about killing those guards.  But some did take only actions that need to be done for the better future of the camp. Some wanted justice while other wanted revenges. But most of all, they all agreed that they wanted to get rid of those Aw Saws from their camp. This was their goal even thought they had different meaning of this issue.

Regarding to La Kae’s plan and his group, they wanted to take over the place; showed Aw Saw something that they would never forget, showed those security guards that refugee people would not tolerate of their actions anymore. For that, La Kae and his group had planned for the students to march to the guard’s camp and stayed there until morning. They wanted to charge the guard who killed that boy, who still was 15 years old. To show UNHCR that they had hired the wrong people and to show the world that they wanted to move out from this place, moved away from Burma and Thailand.    

However, another group of refugee youth wanted other things. It was contradicted to what La Kae’s group wanted. They preferred ‘death’. They wanted revenges, to give the guards back what they deserved. Their leader was Ba Rie who aged was around 40. He was not a young person anymore. He got a wife and a kid already. He used to be a soldier for 8 years; served in Karenni Army. He had lots of experiences about wars, about low-life and about hatred.  People could see these things inside his eyes and on his whole body; the eyes filled with pains and the body that full with scars.

There were lots of students follow his ideas, listened to him, and made him a hero. Many young people looked up to him because he had proved many times that he was not afraid at those guards with guns. He had done many courageous things against the guards before tonight’s event. Maybe the student who was gunned down by Aw Saw was one of his followers.

               "We need to give them some lessons. Give them some hard things." said Ba Rie, a few months back, before this deadly war started to his followers. He always met them at his house, closed to the dirty river that flowing down across section 10. "We are just refugees. Why they need those guns? We do not have any kind of dangers inside this camp. It was their fault if they used guns against us." alleged him. "You all, know what? When they become boring of their duty, they will begin to use those guns on our people illegally." said him in a calm voice. "…unless we wake up and fight back in the right time at the right moment!" Then he continued, "Now, it is our time to decide whether we put our history in our hands or we become the victims of our own history? 

That was how the fire burned, the problem became bigger and uglier everyday in camps; this was how Ba Rie’s youth organized group begin to exist. Some people called them ‘real-fighters’ while other called them ‘ignorant-Geeks’, the Geeks who would destroy the relationship between Karenni and Thai government one day. 

Everything became more serious than ever when one of Ba Rie’s students named Shar Reh was shot down while walking home from visiting his friend that night. That was how a story was described in Katarawaddy Times Newspaper on the coming next Monday issue. The story was written emotionally at the front page with large black letters in Burmese. But later that day, one of the murdered boy’s friend said, they planned to invade Aw Saw’s camp and told them not to be treated our people like shit. While arrived to the outside of the Aw Saw’s camp, just outside the camp, he was shot by an Aw Saw. Two stories but the same direction for the boy; death. Death was what he got. Nothing more, nothing less. The space and time around him would keep moving on without him.

These young people, who planned to take over Aw Saw’s camp, thought they could do something. They thought what their teacher; Ba Rie taught them were enough for them to fight against those guards. He taught them many kind of martial arts lessons including Karate, Shaolin and other techniques to defend themselves. "Use it for good, for your own safety and for other who is helpless and bullied by other people", he always said this to them. "You all have to understand, why we do this? Our people need shields. They need help from us. Those people with uniforms, who always carry around guns all over the camp, are not really courageous! They scare of us, that’s why they always carrying those guns with them all the time but us? We are not afraid of them. We cannot be afraid of them. We have to face against them, face to face. One day, we will have a chance for that. Right now, all we have to build is our faith not to be afraid. It is an order, the order of our faith and our ambition. Don’t be afraid of them. Do not do what they want you to do if it is not legal."

This was how Ba Rie organized his group, the group who would compete against La Kae and his friends. Time would not wait for any of them but wisdom was what would make them different in the end. Which group would lead the people to a better place was the question.

                                                      ………… ......................

On the night of 15th of December, thousands of students including some parents who disliked Aw Saws came to the same place, at section 14, up above the hill, around the small camp of Aw Saw. But before that, some started from section 18, 17, and 20 and slowly move to the section while other student from the other side of the camp moved down to the place where there would be Aw Saw’s small camp filled with small huts.

People forgot to chat, not thinking about what would happen next. All they wanna do now was to capture Aw Saws. Some came to destroy all the stuffs while other came to just collect what were not broken during the routes of marching and destroying things belonged to Aw Saw.

             "Too bad, they all have escaped before we arrived", said someone among the restless crowd. "Is there anybody see where they were going?" asked Maung Richard. Nobody answered. "Maybe because they did not know" thought Richard. "May be they have fled a few hours ago. If so, somebody must have told them, those betrayal bastards"

               "They must have known we were going to come to them", said Richard, looking at La Kae. La Kae looked at him as a hearing sign, showing that he too, did not know where those guards run to. 

La Kae was among the students shouting to some of his friends, about not to let people steal anything. "We can destroy everything but not taking anything from them. No…nothing at all ok?" said him in a hearable voice.  He wanted to show people that these students did not want things from the guards. All they wanted to do was to get rid out of those guards, getting justices. He warned people not to take anything, even money they saw; destroy them all, tear them to pieces except those guards, those human beings. 


All five of them were meeting again, Maung Richard Gare, La Kae, Ka Reh, Rainy Sayro and Gary Say. They met at the back of the crowd where there was a school office, down the hill which was located opposite the guards’ camp. They were trying to figure out what going to come next, what they going to do after this. If they did not catch these stupid Aw Saws, what they would do to make sure they won this battle, this argument and stopped this nasty chaotic.

            "So what is our next plan?" asked Gary Say. "Should we search for them? I think we should look for them. Ask some people to look all over the camp. We need to catch them."

            " cannot let people do that now! Look at these people; they are all keen for revenge not for justice because of that poor child, Shar reh whom was killed tonight." said La Kae. Yes, he was right. People looked so angry, they wanted blood and soon, there would be more bloodshed, unless they do something to stop. No excuse. "We gotta wait until they calm down and be able to listen what the best things we should do next!"

             "We have to let them go? Why?" asked Gary Say. "It is our only chance!"

             "No, it is not. We have a better option. Think about it. Let’s say that we could find those guards, what do you think these angry students will do to them? They will do anything that can hurt those guards. And some even looked for revenge to kill. If one of them was killed during our responsibility, we won’t be able to accuse them of murdering for tonight, and we could not reported to UNHCR that they should not be in our camp. They won’t believe us. But let’s think the other way, if we let them go, the other day they will come back and get punished by what they have done tonight. This means these Aw Saws will get discredited, which can give more chance for us to win when we nail them in front of the judge. Now, we need to be patient! Patient!" said La Kae patiently.

               "Yes, he is right. Before we cannot accuse them of being bad guys because we do not have that much of concrete evidence, now we do" said Ka Reh. "We would have a chance to get rid out of them now!"

               "Ok then, we needs to record all evidence as soon as possible." continued La Kae.

               "Yeah", responded the other.

               "I will let someone find a camera and other things that will need for the recording." said Richard. 

                "Alright, good", replied La Kae quietly in a low voice. And then he looked at Gary Say "Could you gather some students and take control of the shooting scenes, everything that will help us for the case we going to build? We need it fast, so that we can records all the details for our case before they are destroyed or altered"

               "Ok, I will do that", answered Gary Say. 

               "You" he looked at Ka reh. "Can you help me find a loud speaker? We need to calm down this angry mob. I need to go up there", said La kae, pointing at the higher place at the top of the hill above Aw Saws’s place. The wind was blowing at his face, playing around with his eyes, his hairs. He tried to concentrate on what had to be done and what would need to be done next. La Kae took out his note book from his left cultured woven bag, and wrote down some main points, what he was going to say in front of these people, lots of people. "Don’t lose control, La Kae", thought to himself. Gradually, the words came down on the paper through the pen he was holding. The night was filled with noisiness. The sound of crowd, the broken vocalize of the wind was added to the blooming sound waves coming from everywhere, and created lots of different racketiness coming backward, forward. 

The event was happening so fast. The wind was blowing and touched the whole crowd’s skins, looked like the wind was helping La Kae’s plan, to calm down the crowd’s minds. At the top of mountains, the whole sky was clear; the moon was shining down to the place where there were people moving around. Everything seemed to be perfect except the dead body of the child who would not be able to wake up again tomorrow.


It was dawn now…

There was a little fog covered the place of Ban Mai Nan Soi. People got up earlier than they usually do on the other mornings. In the east, the sun began to flourish and lighten up the whole valley.  Birds were singing, chicken were awaken by the orange color up above the sky and the baby, the children, the young, the old were also awaken up by the day, the fresh, the first light.

Although the terrible night had passed, La Kae and his other friends did not rest from last night until dawn. They stayed and still staying there at the section 14, the middle school office, just below - opposite the guards’ place. They discussed and worked hard on something that had to be done. Last night, they talked about what they were going to do today. For them, today would be a great day; the change. After the change, there would be freedom, the freedom from fear and oppression.

            "At 9a.m, we going to ask all the students to gather and march all the way from their schools to camp #14.", mentioned La Kae. "We will need people who will take over these duties. It is going to be rough but not like last night, it will be far more brainier.", asserted La Kae in a keen low voice and continued with his sharp words, "It will be hard but we gotta do this until the end of the line, until we’ve got no more blood in our body, no more air in our lungs. I know it will be hard to bear at some points, but we choose to. We choose to do this because we believe it is the right moment of life to decide whether we are just dusts in the wind or sons of rainbows in our history. We will keep fighting until the end of this"

On the outside, stars were slowly disappearing, covered by morning mists and the larger, shiner sun was coming out. A new day was coming. Lifeless mountains were awakening up, trees seemed to be greener, the air they inhaled seemed to be fresher than last night and  the clouds were rushing, playing around in the wind, under the grey, morning sky. The bloody night was over now. Only the light from the red sun would come out and shone all over the whole valley of Refugee camp#1, Ban Mai Nan Soi, with all its massive light, soon.


The End

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