Students of the Order of Light

It was time for the ritual of lighting the Holy Candles. The students of the Order of Light were beginning to gather in the hall to start lighting their allocated candles. These young students were the trainee Guardians of Light. Kunral and Sehural, two of the students, were also making their way. Sehural noticed a look on Kunral's face and said to him, “You look anxious”.

“Oh, I just didn't sleep well, last night”, replied Kunral, as they reached the candles. They began lighting them.

“You can tell me about it, Kunral. If it helps you.”

“Well, just my dreams... I don't know what I'm going to tell the High Priest tomorrow.”

“Just tell him what you saw – he'll interpret them for you. No need to worry”.

“But, these dreams... I don't feel...”

“I'm sure the High Priest will show you what they mean. And that the dreams will show how strong your faith is”.

“It's not so simple”.

Suddenly one of the Priests named Hetral, called out and said, “Students! There will be an Assembly starting early. As soon as you are finished. Quickly finish up and gather round, students.”

After a moment of students gathering round and mumbling to themselves about what this could be about, Priest Hetral began by saying, “Shhh... Quieten down students. You'll find out if you listen. Well, basically, you know that the time of The Dark Lord is near, right? Well, it's VERY near. The Legions of Darkness are preparing!”

There were a few gasps.

“But look on the light side”, said Priest Hetral, “It means The Chosen One, will be ready soon, to face them!”

“But where...” , “But who...”, “How come he hasn't come yet?” These were a few mumbled words among some of the assembled students.

“Let the brighter students tell you the finer details. But, I'll say this, as most of you who pay attention in studies know already. The Chosen One will be one of the Guardians. That is one of you students (the brighter one's at least). And he, OR she, will lead the Guardians of Light to Salvation against the Evil Tyrant of Darkness. The world will be saved from the Dark Reign. Light will spread.”

“I wonder who'll be The Chosen One”, said one of the students.

“Well, I'll say this, some of you are clearly bright, while others are quite obviously... can I say the word... dimmer... than the rest, therefore unlikey canditates for being The Chosen One. Asuralea is quite bright. Telekral has a strong character. Sehural is very committed...  Anyway, now, I need to talk with the other Priests. Good luck with your preparations against facing the darkness.”  

The End

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