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In an unknown location stood a dark, abandoned, castle on a stormy, rocky island. The palace was isolated, all except for a grown woman with an unknown age.

She appeared tall and slender, an unusual 6"4 in height, and her voice was low and mature. Yet, something about her seemed ancient. Her skin was dark gray, but her features were full and youthful. Her hair was long enough to touch the floor, straight with a bang covering a single eye, and was a translucent white. Her eyes were completely white and glowed. Her fangs were vampire-like... Hell, they were even more deadly. Her black Victorian-styled gown touched the ground, hiding her feet. She looked like a gothic goddess. Or at least that's what her minions told her.

She walked down the corridors of her eerie mansion. Slowly taking in the dark decorations. She always did have a problem with letting go, and the Victorian Era was always her favorite.

"Your highness?" something asked.

She turned around to see a creature that was pure black, except for it's white fangs and eyes that glowed much like the woman's. It was like a panther in shape and size, but it's mouth was wide, taking up half it's face. On it's back were two bat-like wings big enough to support the shadow monster.

"What is it, Acantha? I've got enough worries on my mind." The woman replied coldly, turning her back on the creature, and continued down the long passageway.

"I-It's just... We were wondering what our next move should be?" It, apparently a 'she', hurried to catch up to her.

"There's a certain village I've had my eye on." she said simply, not slowing down. She finally stopped when she came to a large oak door with five locks on it. It looked like it was on the verge of bursting open, and behind it there were sounds of growls and howls.

"Ecnelis." she whispered, gently knocking on the door.

The sounds instantly stopped, and she unlocked the door.

There were creatures of all shapes and sizes, most looked much more dangerous than Acantha. The room was as pitch dark as their skin, fur, scales, or whatever they had. They all looked up at their ruler with unfading loyalty in their pupil-less eyes, those who had limbs kneeled, those who didn't simply bowed their heads. The sight was enough to bring a smirk to her black painted lips.

"That's right, my little Corruplings, bow to your Corrupted Queen." The Queen released her own bat wings, formerly tucked tightly to her back. They spread about thirteen feet across, beautiful and shining in the pale moonlight outside. "Tonight, we look for new members."

"Come on Antonio, try again." Jon encouraged.

The 16 year old had just found out that he was the bearer of Deterra. He had one night to take it all in, before he was already put in training. It wasn't that he was weak or not very sharp, he just still wasn't quite used to the fact.

Antonio Rodrigues, the young teen in question, was 6'0 in height and his frame consisted of lean muscles. His skin was tan, and he brought a rather large hand up to brush his short messy brown hair out of his face. His brown eyes showed that he was focusing hard to summon his weapon, although they were hidden under his blue-framed glasses. He wore a dark gray jacket, red shirt, blue jeans that are held up by a black leather belt and a pair of red sneakers.

To avoid detection, The Guardians all trained in a field far enough away from villages to where civilians couldn't come across them. With their heightened senses, they could still hear if any trouble was going on in a near town though. Making it a perfect place to watch out for Corruption attacks. Right now, Jon had Antonio in the middle of the field, and was patiently leaning against a tree trunk, allowing him to get used to summoning his weapon.

"Would you prefer we stop for now?" Jon asked him.

"No. Just let me get it. I can do this!" Antonio answered, his concentration at maximum levels.

"You're thinking too much about it." Jon laughed, walking away from the tree to stand in front of the boy. Antonio's face went from frustration to confusion.

"How am I supposed to do it?"

"It should come naturally. You can't force it. They'll appear when you're in the right state of mind." He explained. "There's no one way, but I always clear my head, focus not on summoning, but on my purpose. Protect the innocent, defend the helpless, stop the Corrupted in their tracks."

There was a white flash of light, making Antonio close his eyes tight and look away. When he looked back, Jon was holding an elegant, medieval-styled shield. It's silver base brilliantly shined, on it was a bright blue spiral that's color was the same as his eyes. He allowed Antonio to admire it, before it faded away as if nothing, being engulfed in another white light.

"With practice, you'll be able to make Deterra appear and disappear effortlessly." He smiled, stepping back to his tree.

Antonio looked down at his hands, as he thought back to the night before. When he first summoned his power gloves. His village was ambushed by the Corruption, he tried to help, but they were too fast and strong for even him to fight. They had him cornered, it was awful. But, something in his brain clicked, and he thought about his parents. They were probably somewhere hiding, defenseless, helpless. He thought about the rest of his village. Innocent people being driven out of their homes, or killed by the mutant beasts.

There was another bright white flash, but this time Antonio didn't flinch. His mind snapped back to the present, and he saw them. Two dark gray, armored gloves were over his hands. They made his hands look almost twice the size they already were, but they felt light, as if they were made of feathers whether than heavy steel. He struck the two gloves against each other, and they clanged loudly. Out of excitement, he aimed at the ground.

"Whoa, whoa!" Jon shouted. He ran forward, grabbing Antonio's arm. "Heh, we happen to like this field, we wouldn't want the ground under it to crack in half, now would we?"

"Actually, that would be totally awesome!" A voice suddenly said. Antonio looked around, but didn't see anyone.

Jon rolled his eyes. "Come on out, Emile."

A blur flashed by the two, and stopped in front of them. It was a guy who was about 5'10 in height, but seemed shorter while between the two older men. He was 23, and had short, neat, dark brown hair, with dark brown eyes that matched. His skin was fair, and his right eyebrow was split with a hairless line through the middle of it. It looked like a cut may have previously been there. He wore a blue and white striped Polo shirt, jeans, and white sneakers that didn't look even slightly ruined, despite the dirt and grass he had kicked up. his features were youthful, and his smile, although smug, seemed cheerful. he looked p

"So, who's the new kid?"

"Antonio Rodrigues, I'm Deterras bearer." Antonio said.

"Emilio Rosado, wielder of Pyro, but my friends call me Emile." Emile introduced himself, reaching his hand out to shake his hand, but quickly deciding against it. "Does he know he can get rid of those?" he whispered to Jon.

"He's still learning." Jon explained. Antonio was getting tired of them talking like he wasn't there.

"It's always hard at first! But, I prefer to think of battle. Slicing Corrupted left and right, bringing the heat to each fight." Emile let out a small chuckle. yet another white flash, and in his hand was a sword. The blade looked like it was made of blue and white hot flames, spiky and as alive as a forest fire, the handle was silver and blue. He made it vanish as easily as Jon did his.

"Typical that your state of mind is based on violence." Said another voice from nowhere.

A girl jumped down from a tall tree, seemingly without harm, to meet up with them. She was 22 and 5'9 in height. Her jet black hair went halfway down her back, her bangs long enough to hide the eyebrows over her bright green eyes. She was pretty slim, but she did have apparent muscles. Her face is round, and she had long eyelashes, her features over all were petite. She wore a yellow long-sleeved v-neck shirt under a blue jean jacket, jeans, and white sneakers.

"Bethy, babe!" Emile exclaimed happily.

"How many of us are there?" Antonio asked.

"Just us four. I'm Bethany Peirce, Bethy for short, I'm Arrions holder. Nice to meet you!" she said, politely.

"They were just showing me how to summon our weapons."

"We've all got our own ways. Jon's based on protecting others, Emile's based on fighting. I like to think about urgency. I have to be swift, I have to be accurate. Every second wasted is another life in danger, but every perfect shot is a life saved. Agility is everything." she recited like a chant. The familiar white light. Then, in her hand was a beautifully carved, wooden bow, dark brown almost black in color. It had designs painted on of dragons, sea serpents, and other mythical creatures that were harder to identify in silver. Over her back was a quiver, a holding case for her arrows. She took one out to show that it was made of iron.

"I'm still getting the hang of it to, but I'm pretty good so far." she demonstrated her talent by turning around, aiming for a sapling that was nearly 30 feet away. In a split second, she let go, and the arrow shot across the field, splitting the sapling in half. "The arrows regenerate, so I never have to worry about going to get them."

"Your aim's getting much better Bethy!" Jon praised. She chuckled gratefully, and visibly blushed. Antonio saw Emile roll his eyes and cross his arms. He would have said something, but suddenly he heard something in the distance, yet it was as clear as if right next to him. A scream.

"Corrupted again? That's the fourth time this week!" Emile pointed out. He grinned, summoning Pyro once more. "Not that I'm complaining."

The four rushed towards the noise, not noticing a strange dark figure that was spying on them, while they were in the field. It should have stuck out against the morning sky, sunlight, and bright vivid forest, but the creature was skilled in stealth and disguise, no matter where they were. They hadn't noticed it, and they wouldn't have if they had tried. Swiftly, it whooshed away as fast as the wind, if not faster.

The End

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