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The Guardians have always been around, but so have the Corrupted. Guardians are our only defense against the beasts. Who are the Guardians? What are the Corrupted? Well, read for yourself. While you're at it, read about the four heroes I speak of, the Guardians, and how they took down the Corrupted Queen. T for language, violence, and adult themes.

For centuries, weapons of legendary power have been passed on by a type of reincarnation. This 'reincarnation' has allowed the tools, known as Guardian Weapons, to take on a human personification. They are born normally, and appearance-wise there's no difference between them and humans. However, they are stronger, faster, smarter, and have a higher pain tolerance, they are not invincible though. They also have powers that are special to each weapon wielder.

In all, there are four weapons. The shield, which enables the wielder to create force fields around themselves and others, known as Herlinde. The Sword, known as Pyro, predictably allows the wielder to produce flames from their hands and super speed. The power Gloves, known as Deterra, grant them ultimate strength, and when in contact with the ground, they can create small earthquakes. Finally, the bow, known as Arrion, grants incredible accuracy and the ability to read minds.

Only catch is, all memories of their past lives are wiped. Every Guardian's personality is changed, and no Guardian is the same as their predecessor. But, in the end, they all have one goal. To kill the Corrupted. The Corrupted are monster-like shadow parasites that take on a human appearance, and can even clone others to confuse friends and family. They attack villages and turn humans into more of them. They, along with their queen, have been around for as long as the Guardians. It's the Guardians' job to seal them away, and it has been for all their existence.

So, who are our current heroes? Who are the lucky, or rather unlucky, bearers of this legendary magic? Well, you'll learn soon enough. But, I warn you. Once you read the second page, you'll know too much. You know too much now.

The Corrupted will come after you. It's too late to turn back now. But, keep reading. Don't try to hide, don't stay indoors. Just continue your life like normal, and the Corrupted won't know that you know about them. If they do come after you... Prey that there's a Guardian around. Just keep reading. You'll need to know all you can to stay Uncorrupted.

The End

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