The Guardians.

Well, the Guardian's are a race of beings that are there to protect four humans that have been born to rid the world of evil spirits. This is the story of Adam, one of those four and Evelyn, his Guardian.


My life is not easy.

I have a duty to perform, to my people and to the human race. There are a select number of humans who are destined for greatness. These humans must do what it is they were chosen for; they must restore peace to the world. In order to do this they must be kept from harm at all times, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

There is a world, not far from your own, where a race once lived in happiness. They were carefree once upon a time; your world was also peaceful at this time, thousands of years ago. However, war is rife in your world and has been for many, many years ago, and that causes this race intense anxiety and pain, for they are designed for one purpose. Their purpose is to maintain peace on earth. Through no fault of their own, this race is unable to fulfil their duty as peacemakers. They have chosen four humans on earth to assist them in restoring peace, for they cannot do it alone. These four humans are unaware of being chosen, and they do not know that their lives must not end before it is their time. Because of this, each of them has been assigned a protector to ensure that, however reckless they may be, they do not die. I am one of these protectors. I must keep my human safe at all costs, to allow my race to save the earth, and to protect the minds of my people. We must protect them.

We are the Guardians.

The End

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