For weeks the Belowbeast ravaged Saffron's vision. The elders could not determine whether it was true or not. Surely, the sight would have affected them too? Especially as Jay Young was one to look out for...Saffron was a tender being, they told themselves. Over-protective. She could just fabric these creatures for her own subconscious. But they failed to remember that Saffron was an angel. These things didn't happen to those from Above. They happened to humans. But then again, they could not determine a fixed date for the Belowebeast's coming. Perhaps it was just a blip. These things happened time and again and nothing came of it.

Relax, Saffron. The Belowbeast will go once your visions cease to control it.

But that's the thing! Saffron sat in the lunchhall with Jay, and at this point turned her head sharply away. If she were a human- if she could be seen-, somebody might ask whether she had a headache. I am not controlling it. It controls me. She saw it again, just the eyes. Peering from behind the blinds. Under the table. She could not see clearly. And yet...Jay was no different. She could tell no anomaly. Only..he was happier. It was spring and she and Jay both eased. She knew that for her it was because in the spring there was no fear of the frozen lake. Guardians could never save their person twice by the same method. It was fate's way of saying that it must go ahead. Jay eased in spring, however, because it was warm. Saffron reached her hand out to tap his shoulder. She sighed, wishing she could feel the Earth's atmosphere. The usual blessing of the Above, the permanent control of heat, meant that she had never felt cold. But she never felt him either.

The End

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