Saffron could not remember when she realised that she was linked to Jay Young by a bond stronger than a guardian angel and a human. Stronger even than old friends. Though in Saffron's eyes they had been old friends: she had saved him on the lake that winter day seven years ago, and had grown along with Jay. Of course, this was figuratively speaking: Saffron as an angel could not age. She was not an elder; she kept the permanent form of a sixteen year old human girl. But her mind, her emotions, were much stronger than that of a teenager. Had she been a human, and told people exactly how she felt at a specific time, people would have shunned her emotions as melodramatic. Needing to be controlled. People would not understand the singing of an angel's heart. Because Saffron wasn't people. Saffron came from Above and this had to be re-enforced in her mind by the elders.

You come from Above and he does not.

But my heart sings so! I... Saffron frowned as she tried to place the tune. Each angel has a heartsong. Each is unique, and tells a different story: some are full of sorrow, some curious for a world unknown, others soar high with joy, the kind that overflows and some that can even affect the minds and heartsongs of others. I cannot tell you of my heartsong, it is not full. But I know that he sings there with me. There could be found a tiny hint of a heartsong in every human, and each in turn had a different tune. Many were unaware, but the few that were still sung out into the night while they slept. Saffron liked to sit above the atmosphere and listen. She could pick out each individual heartvoice.

That night she heard Jay's heartsong. Saffron was sitting by his window, on the branches of a withered tree that Jay and his older brother once climbed. There had been a swing on this branch, for his younger sister. Saffron smiled at the memory, and at that moment she heard it. His heartsong. It was a slow tune, almost...almost a waltz. It wasn't quite whole, but Saffron found herself imagining a ballroom.

Then her visions came. The ballroom was torn apart, split in two by a fierce Belowbeast. Saffron cried out in pain, and the elders understood. The Belowbeast only came to witness a death.

The End

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