chapter four.

Jay walked from the cinema, laughing with the gang. He had spent the entire film taking the mick with Mark and Georgia, mainly Georgia. Was it really obvious? Stuart kept poking him in the ribs when they were getting tickets. They didn't even know each other that well! Maybe it was worth a try...

'Hey Georgia,' she turned around and Jay took a moment to remember what he was saying. Daisy looked after them slyly and then started to walk off, dragging Stuart with her. Jay made a mental note to thank her afterwards: he could not have dealt with an audience. 'Are you free next Saturday? Only we could...'

'I'd love to.' Georgia beamed. Jay nearly put his hand to his forehead in relief but tried to look cool instead, and shoved his hands into his coat pockets nonchalantly. 'You have my MSN, right?'

As Jay waved the others off, he grinned to himself. He really must be blessed or something: he was dreading a rejection so much. He sauntered down the street: it was starting to get a little dark by now but he was in such a good mood, it didn't matter. The paving seemed to shine under the streetlamps...the town transformed into a set from Singing In The Rain. Okay, so he wasn't going to go as far as that...but he did start humming the tune absentmindedly. Humming as his guardian, the blessing, the invisible protection around him slowly turned away, too distressed to watch. Too torn to move him out of the way, but compelled to let Jay and the vehicle travel their set paths. Because you cannot mess with fate.

Luckily for Jay his invisible force eased the pain. It was quick.

The End

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