chapter two

Jay laughed as his friend Mark made a witty comment about something in passing. It didn't matter what he was talking about: Mark had always made Jay laugh, since they were in primary school. When they were in reception, Jay had nearly snorted milk out of his nose because Mark had told him that their teacher, Miss Franks, was a man with a wig on. It hadn't taken much to amuse Jay when he has been six, but that wasn't to say that he wasn't easy to please now. He was generally the nice generic "boy next door": he got good grades in everything, had lots of friends, played guitar and liked to write his own songs. He had started the crushes of many teenage girls, but wasn't a heartbreaker.

It is a shame that such a nice boy was not meant to be alive.

'Hey Jay, are you going to the cinema on Saturday?' Stuart leaned over the table.

'What are we seeing?'

'Something the girls have picked.' Stuart pulled a face and Jay laughed. Stuart was always moaning about the girls they hung around with, but he knew that he wouldn't give up his girlfriend Daisy for anything: Daisy had been the link between the boys and girls, breaking the invisible barrier that always forms between the sexes between the ages of twelve and sixteen. It was nice that everyone was a friendly group: it was almost as a teen movie. Not quite Hollywood standard: there were no conflicts here, just the odd fallout that was quickly resolved. Jay sometimes felt surprised that there had been no scandals...they were lucky. It was as if some umbrella had been put up over Jay's head since that day in January when he had been ten years old. Keeping out the bad. Like somebody was watching over them.

But Jay was wrong: there were no guardian angels for the others. Only a certain few are picked out, and this was a mistake. Jay Young lived a perfect life, all by mistake.

The End

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