Plotline two.

His laugh was infectious, and Saffron always found herself giggling along with Jay when he was near. She even felt his laughter when she was Above, and suddenly burst out laughing because Jay had heard a joke. It happened entirely too often. The elders said that the bond was too strong. They said that it was...well.

It was as if they were connected from the start. After all, Saffron had not been sent to save Jay from the lake. It had been a lapse in judgement: the elders saw Jay as a good boy, who wouldn't rise to such a dangerous risk. They hadn't planned any death that day. On the contrary: Jay was destined for big things. Nothing revolutionary, but beneficial. In the grand scale of things, Jay would speed up the process to peace. But nobody except the elders knew this. So how could Saffron had felt his importance, enough to save him? Saffron wasn't an elder...she had novice's wings. She hadn't been destined for big things...but this suggested otherwise. Perhaps Jay Young needed a guardian. Perhaps Saffron needed a distraction. All the same, they knew that she would not bring him to any harm. The way Saffron glowed around was more than protective. She knew what she had done- it wasn't wise. But it did keep Jay safe.

Saffron sighed as she felt this through their ethereal telepathic link. You know you cannot become involved in his life.

She closed her eyes. I know... she was watching him with his friends. You could always see Jay in an instant. It was as if Saffron did not need the tracking device: she could find Jay by his laughter alone. She knew where his heart was. She knew that her heart was there with him.

The End

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