Plotline one.

Saffron watched as he laughed with his friends at lunch. He was seventeen: she could not believe that it had been less than seven years since that day at the frozen lake. He had been so vulnerable young...

Being an angel, Saffron stayed a permanent age: young yet with elder eyes. There was always that confusing mix of youth and old age. She was relatively young when it came to the angels: she only owned novice wings. I suppose that if she could be seen on our Earth, Saffron would just look like a normal teenage girl, only there seemed to be a lack of those imperfections: she never had blemishes, her hair was always in place, she seemed the perfect shape and her skin shone with an unearthly and ethereal glow. She was your average angel. Only Saffron had failed to take heed of the most important rule. When she had saved Jay, she had signed herself over to be a guardian to this boy forever. However, with Jay Young there was a catch. That one winter day, Jay had been saved from death.

He wasn't meant to be. Jay Young was meant to die that cold winter day when he was ten years old. And because Saffron had saved him, she had broken the golden rule.

Don't interfere.

Because of what Saffron had done, the rules- unspoken but overruling- stated that Jay had to die. But this date was not fixed. He could die at any time, which scared Saffron more than anything. Because unbeknownst to her authorities, Saffron had broken another essential rule of the guardians. She had to watch over Jay every day, knowing him. Liking him. Loving him.

And knowing she could do nothing about it.

The End

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