Part 3: Torment, Ulquiorra, Truth, and Satan

“Don’t listen to them Sara!”Tayloryelled across the land strong and fighting the chains to get to me. “You choose …truth or questionable lies.” Ulquiorra said taking his face back from mine. I didn’t know what to choose. I have always wanted to know what happened and that reason had dulled while I had been gone four months away and a friend has died because I wanted to know but that was half of why I had came. But still I wanted to know. Then again the truth will hurt from what Ulquiorra has warned. I whispered, “Truth.” Then took one more sob before Satan came to me and the assailant—or Member of the Clan of Satan had released me from his deathly grip and I fell to my knees where Satan was on his knees as well with his arm around me like he was friend.

“There is no point beating around the bush, but how your father died was by one of our former members who you have madly fallen in love with.” He said his voice sinister and tingled my ears just by the sound. Shocked, betrayed, I didn’t want to listen anymore. “Is it true?” I ask before I could believe the devil. “Yes my dear, it is all true. You can askTayloryourself my dearest.” I shuddered in fear and hurtful pain that was swelling my heart. I covered my face with my pale hands and let my face fall to the ground. I cried. The hurt of betray ripped through me like blades slicing through my heart and lungs and just all the way down until I had drowned with a new hatred of someone I believed would never lie to me. I jumped to my feet and stomped over toTaylor. “Did you kill him?”Tayloronly stared at me. “Did you kill my father?!” I screamed cracking my lungs. His gaze went to the ground. “I take it that is your answer.” I sobbed. I fell to my knees and my arms hugged me but there was no comfort at all in the entire presence of evil. I felt deep inside everything was destroyed, and gone. Everything I have is gone. Father, Mother, Jessie, Jessica, Pepe`, Jason, I left it all behind and now more things will be lost, Taylor, Seth, Adam, Rosalie, Anna, and even Trouble couldn’t get away. I gave up everything to have more but I realize I had given up everything just to be crushed by the heart again.


She hates me. She wants me dead. I know she does. For over three months she has been happy, with everyone, and she thinks I have been protecting her, saving her and also hiding. Since I left to go for Willolonia her father had assigned me the job for me to protect his daughter. He had saw me take out an entire army of the Chez at the border, and he knew I would be perfect to protect his daughter. I took it because I was on my journey back. I was hungry and I lost my control for a split second and I had attacked her father. I had ripped out his throat completely thankfully no one had been around or they would’ve thought to kill me then they would die. But then as I finished there was a bomb that went off. A solider told us the procedure to get to the palace and I received a scroll and smoke shielded my demonic speed as I dashed forward up north to see the girl I had longed for for ten years.

Now she hates me and wishes me dead but I still vow to protect her even if she hates me. As she sobbed at my knees I looked up my head to see the cinerary. It was still black night and I have a definite feeling Satan will make sure none of us escape anytime soon. He was going to torment, humiliate, and kill us all. He knows how to make innocent people suffer from nothing and into something. Something in these chains kept Seth, Adam and I to the ground. The chains dripped burning water; the chains were soaked in Holy Water. They must’ve stolen it from the church where every person in theVillageofSatanprayed. The chained felt hot as the sun and wet as the ocean, it hurts, but what hurts more is Sara not loving me anymore.


Why? Why? Why did he do it?

A pain was yanking at my scalp from tugging on my hair. I let out a scream and I saw the black sky. As I let loose my legs and thrashed around I could see where I had been, just forward, nothing but space, empty air that was in-between Taylor and I. He was bleeding from his wrists struggling to break free from the chains. He pushed forward but he wasn’t succeeding. Everyone was fighting from something but all were failing including me. Still screaming and lashing my legs senseless I was being dragged across the field and then thrown into a brown illuminated tent and onto the ground far inside it and Felix—who was the person who dragged me here—took his place beside Satan who came forwards to me. I scooted back but he caught my arm before I could even get to my feet and brought me to face his white face. My heart stopped for a beat or two and jumped back to acceleration speed and fear crossed my face from the reflection in his yellow gaze.

“Hello Sara.” He said grinning a smirk on his black lips. “I can’t imagine the kind of pain of betrayal you must be in. I understand that you have a daughter, but not by blood, knowingTaylorhe wouldn’t knock you up in an easy four months.” He was taunting me. “But I believe you probably know her great-great-great-so-on-great grand father. Here is your quiz, answer truthfully, or someone will die.” Satan was serious he brought me closer to his face with me in the air and him holding me in the air with his tightening grip on my wrist.

“Where did you meet Adam?” he asked.

“Hallucan.” I replied.

“HasTaylorhurt you physically and emotionally?”

Disturbing memories came and haunted my thinking. “Yes.”

“Do you love him?”


“Does he love you?”


“Do you want him dead?”


Satan’s eyes searched into mine and his face was stern. “Kill the little one.” He commanded. My face was nothing but regret. Ulquiorra went outside and there were screaming and yelling and rooting all at once. Satan grabbed my right arm and twisted it behind my back paralyzing me. Ulquiorra threw Rosalie to the ground where she was crying in a sadness not even I have seen. Most of her life is nothing but abuse then she only lives perfectly for three months. She didn’t need to die.

Felix had yelled to Ulquiorra to bind Rosalie to a tree…he followed the order. Felix had an ax held in his right hand and aimed steadily. Satan pushed me on my knees, gripped my hair, and forced me to watch my daughter die. Felix tossed the ax and it flipped in Rosalie’s direction, it cut her easily like scissors to paper and blood blossomed like a vertical honeysuckle. The ax tainted and rotted red. Every-thing, every sound descended into silence; even the cracking of the burning wood, the chirping of birds, the cricket songs, and every breath was silent as death.

She’s gone. My daughter: gone. Forever. I ached so much for this loss of three months, I can’t imagine the pain and suffering of anyone else dying. Satan jerked my head to the side and put his mouth to my ear and whispered harshly, “You hold an important role of who will die. Don’t think of trying to pull some kind of scheme or even dare think to escape because I will catch you and you will regret any rational thought going through your weak mind. When I say your soul is mine…that is exactly what I mean.”

My face was wet and felt like fire that burned my cheekbones. Looking and imagining of what happened and what will happen next is a disaster for any future event. I slowly shifted my blue eyes to Satan’s locking gaze and asked in little sober and tears in my throat, “Do you only believe in murder and killing us?” Satan smiled sinisterly and smiled a smirk then replied, “I can think of much better things than death of you or anyone else. If it makes you feel a little better I won’t kill anyone yet. Just torment. For the killings I’ll have you as a key point afterwards. But all you and the rest should worry about is the misery and humiliation I will cause in your pathetic lives.” He took his face away from mine and announced to everyone, members, former members, everyone.

“Each one of you will be assigned to someone. You will either follow their orders or you make them follow your orders. Felix! You getTaylor. Stefan, you handle Seth, I’ll handle Adam, Steven you get Anna. Ulquiorra take especially good care of Sara.” Satan ordered and threw me into Ulquiorra’s grip where he twisted my arms back but kept me facing him and my back towards the others. His arms surrounding me and his hands tightening their grip on my intertwined wrists and he pressed me against him, useless to struggle for physical and future consequences it would lead to.

“What the hell do you plan to do to her, Ulquiorra?!”Tayloryelled still chained to the ground. Taylor’s eyes on the edge of going red and turning into that real being I wish he was never transformed to be. “I tend to break her.” Ulquiorra answered his face blank and serious. His face had always been hard and serious but something in those emerald eyes of his that hid a hiding softness.Taylor’s eyes widened then grew an immense and intense red and he bared his teeth like that wild animal I had seen him in Willolonia a few months back. “You damned bastard!”Taylorscreamed for the world to hear. He leached forwards actually breaking the chains and blood spotted every thing as he passed in demonic speed but then he was taken down. Felix grippedTaylorby his neck and slammed him down into the ground. “I’ll get you Ulquiorra! You’ll regret what you’ll do to Sara!” he threatened and barked at the stars.

Ulquiorra was pushing me back while he moved forward and all I saw wasTaylorin misery pain. It felt like a string that held us together was scissor cut and my core went numb and the rest went limb and Ulquiorra was basically hauling me into the illuminated brown golden tent. Satan had come in and cuffed my wrists with red glowing chains that was stained brown-red spots and roped down my ankles and were nailed deep in the earth. I yanked and struggled uselessly but I still had a sliver of black hope left. I didn’t know what was going to happen next but it jolted ice cold fear to my spine.

Satan put his face close to my face and said to me in a threatening voice, “I will makeTaylorregret for what he has done to you. I will also make you an important role of doing so. When the new moon comes in three nights I’ll have everyone dead.” He then grabbed my upper throat, suffocating me little by little getting tighter. “Don’t think I won’t keep my promise.” He whispered next to my ear then kissed the corner of my eye. He got to his feet and turned to Ulquiorra. “Take good care of this one.” He tells Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra nodded in response and Satan went exited the tent. I laid my head on the bunched up hay and laid in silence, a long bitter silence. With my eyes closed I was afraid if I was even alive at every moment. Then I heard a faint whisper, “Don’ worry. I won’t touch you.” Immediately opening my eyes I realized it came from Ulquiorra.

“You lie.” I say. “You lie like Satan. I cannot be certain with everything you say. How will I defiantly know you won’t even think about laying a hand on me?”

“I’ll ask for your permission.” He replied. He noticed the left side of my head while at my face level. “Would you allow me to clean your head wound?” he asked. I felt the blood run down my scalp and I nodded in response and my forehead hurt like there were tornados under my skin. Ulquiorra went across the tent to a copper, wide, hand-made bowl filled with water, dipped a cotton rag in the water then came back to me and gently patted my head. Dabbing my wound and so tenderly rubbing my head I felt like I could trust him. The simple and slightest touch of his warm fingers and hand on my face and head was like being a child and a father was tucking me into bed.

“You must be tired, Sara.” He said. I opened my eyes again and saw that Ulquiorra was just finishing fixing my head and look me face to face. “Sleep. I will stay on the opposite for now. Satan wants me to rape but I will not. Because I would need your permission to touch. I will not violate that deal I keep with you now. Go ahead…sleep. You should have nothing to worry about yet so enjoy a few hours of peace as much as you can.” He suggested.

I took his word for it. I for once didn’t worry about anything and that I was surrounded by black peaceful slumber. Then a question arose in my wondering mind: Why is Ulquiorra not following Satan’s orders and how come he helped me? I didn’t know but the last thing I wanted to do is to get attached. I don’t need another devastating lost. I didn’t want to be hurt anymore. I didn’t want to feel pain.

Is Ulquiorra trying to have me attached to him then break my last sliver of hope?


The shadows were mocking me. Trapped here unable to help the girl I betrayed. How I could’ve let this happen? The guilt of loosing her so easily churned in my chest. The midday sun was beating down on my face and drying it from soaked cheeks over an endless night. I heard her and Satan’s conversation of her lying.

‘Do you want him dead?’


She lied and Rosalie’s life was taken. Trouble’s life was eaten by dawn. And she didn’t know it. She lied of not wanting me dead. She hates me, wants me dead. I just wish one more kindness that my enemy could allow me to have: please let her know I didn’t lie because I wanted to cover my tracks, I did it so she wouldn’t get hurt. I warned her but I wasn’t enforcing enough. I should’ve told her I hated her to her core, but I didn’t want her to hate me because I wanted to love her. I wanted for her to love me and be far away from me as possible all at the same getting more complicated and letting it be possible for cross feeling to collide with one another that causes nothing but a huge chaos.

“You’re lucky to be alive. It could’ve been you who could’ve been dead instead of my great-great-great-so-on-great grand daughter.” He said with that smirk on his black lips. “Why so sad? Come onTaylor, she is just a simple human. God’s child. To her now you mean nothing to her but a ruthless monster that killed her father. She blames you yet for some reason she won’t let me kill you. She begs.”

My muscles tensed and were chained tightly to the earth and soiled with holy water. All I could do is see what happens.

“I plan to have a bon fire. You’re all invited. Tomorrow night. For now I just have to let you watch what you’ve caused for everyone.”

“Answer me one question. What do you mean Sara is the key on the third night?”

Satan smirked and squatted to my level, white bundled up strands of hair on my forehead and part on my eyes and glued there by sweat but I was still able to see his cold dead merciless eyes. “I will have Sara kill one of you.” Then he got to his feet and walked away from me with the night time wanting me to wonder what the hell he means by that. I bowed my head and closed my eyes as nearly fell to the ground from a defeat I couldn’t protect Sara from.


I felt alone. No one to save me. The chains hurting my arms by keeping them in an upward position and my feet being roped down and nailed in the ground unable to fix my arms, my heart felt dead like a doornail. I turned my head to naturally and casually observe my surroundings. At the far end of the tent I saw Ulquiorra sitting in pelts of unknown fuzz. He didn’t do anything; he just sat there watching me observe him staring at me for staring at me. I’m confused. My throat was dry as a desert, my head pumped like a heart in terror. It was silent for such a long period of time that it was actually bothering me that Ulquiorra didn’t mock me. He didn’t even say a word to me. Wouldn’t other members be cutting my skin with something sharp or beating me with something blunt or taunting me for just being alive?

I finally had the courage to ask, “Why don’t you do anything?” he just sat there in silence. “Please answerme.” I plead. “I do not wish to hurt you.” He replies. “What would you do? Rip out my heart?” I ask.

“The heart?” It was a question. He came to me and got to his knees and locked a gaze with me and put his index and middle finger on my chest three inches down from my collar bone. “If I rip open your chest I will find it? What will I find if I crush open your skull?” and his fingers moved to the boney part of my nose so close to my eyes and I was petrified that he would but it was an insult. His face blank from expression and that was what sent fear up my spinal cord. Intense and immense scare froze in my veins from Ulquiorra.

He removed his fingers from my face and I felt my shoulders tremble.

I tried to sneak a glimpse outside to see the light but none was found; the sky was grey with purple clouds in an aura, streaking fashion that looked like death but it was invisible in ground air. I let my neck rest on hay and my head lay back. No hope, no light, no way out.

“I’m sorry.” Ulquiorra apologized. “Why?” I ask turning my head towards him to look at him. “I laid a hand on you when I had no permission.” He reply and I was surprised, but in a very good way. For some reason I felt so glad he told me he did what we had agreed on. He had forgotten like me. And for another unknown reason the corners of my lips form a smile then it vanished when Satan had came in.

“Untie her.” Satan ordered. Ulquiorra hesitated for a brief second and began untying me. I was free of the ropes and chains but not even a fraction closer to freedom. “You may go outside and prepare the others Ulquiorra.” Satan said. Ulquiorra obeyed. It was Satan and me in the non-lit tent. No one would see what he would do to me from outside. Terrified of what he would say I had to step back two steps.

He smiled, “We’re having a bonfire, and if you escape I will guarantee you, Anna will be next. You may only dance with Ulquiorra or any other current members. Understand?” I nodded my head swallowing hard. He turned and tossed me a gown that was sleeve-less, and was dotted with red splatter. I looked up and I was alone in the tent. I stripped of my dirt soiled dress and into the crimson dress that only draped to my mid-thighs but was flowing. Around my torso it was slashed and blood blossomed from it large cut. I was barefoot and the grass felt dry. Emerging from the tent I was searching desperately for still alive friends. Anna was still alive but her gate was awkward. His thigh had been cut open and bruises dotted her poor face. Seth and Adam were still breathing but had dried blood on their faces and hands. I wanted so immensely to seeTaylor. He was still chained down with the chains still dripping holy water and his head bowed and his dirty white hair shadowing his face and his sun-kissed skin was patched with dirt, scars, and sweat. His lip busted and bruised from a bleeding. My heart felt like it was cut by a razor in multiple wounds and it bled slowly out uncontrollably.

Time crawled like a lion in predator mode. It was slow, intense, and unpredictable. I turned my around and as I did I felt everything around moving faster than time. I closed my eyes and felt many days go by, easy to find what was wrong with the world I was taught was so great. Feeling so many cold dead eyes on my trembling skin and desired for me to be left for nothing but dead. I had to forget everything for me to live even a few seconds longer than the position I am on right now on death row.

Everything falling out of place and nothing was making sense.

I was in the arms of Ulquiorra. I was facing the two chopped up trees on fire at least fifty feet tall. Ulquiorra had his arms wrapped around me like ribbons so gracefully on a Christmas present. His warm breath on my neck soothed me surprisingly. It was an impossible feeling that I suddenly had. Ulquiorra spun me with such vast grace and I felt like I was on air. As I spun and the dress swirled around my thighs he caught my hand, we faced one another; nose to nose; I played along and stretched my leg above our heads, Ulquiorra dropped me to where he supported me with his leg and his shoulder my hand rested on, with a sudden jolt I was to the side of him with both my legs on the ground and his arm around my waist. He took his other hand around my waist and let me lean back where my half my hair was on the ground, when he pulled me back on my feet we followed the simple beat and when we finished I felt my heart beat a million miles a minute.

Ulquiorra let go of my waist and I was in a regular standing position. I observed the environment around me. Colorful lights dancing, mimicking Ulquiorra and I’s dance. One light which was the color red was illuminating with its fading tail and it lit my face when it rested on my shoulder.

I whispered to Ulquiorra, “You don’t have to ask anymore.” I felt so comfortable with him. Then I asked, “May I say something toTaylor?” I brought back my head and waited for his reply. He nodded his head.

I turned toTaylorand as I approached him and lifted his chin for him to see my eyes. From the shame in his eyes I had tears in an instant. I hugged his holding up his shoulders and cried in his chest. “Just hang in there. If I do die, then I still want you to still run for it. Don’t kill yourself. You promise me this. I promise that even if I do die I’ll meet you again. But just don’t die.” I feltTaylor’s head nuzzle my neck and I said again, “That kiss you put on me while we sang is the one I’ll cherish forever. But you keep moving on. Don’t hang on eternity but I still love and will be with you forever.” Hot tear soaked my cheeks and my neck fromTaylor.

A jerk on my hair made me scream and was pulling me away in agony. Satan jerked me and threw me to Ulquiorra. He caught me by my arms but I still faced Satan. Satan looked up to Ulquiorra. “Don’t even think about throwing yourself in front of her.” He said in a hostile note. Suddenly everything in motion was nothing but a dizzy blur. Ulquiorra would put himself in front of me from an attack Satan was about to make? It couldn’t be. I closed my eyes in disbelief. Then a searing pain traveled into my being. I looked down to the source of the hurt and a single slash in my wrist was flooding out blood and thousands of tiny veins burned with the outside pain. I looked forward; Satan has his index finger painted red. I held tight on my wrist. Ulquiorra let me go and I curled into a ball on the ground. Satan whispered in my ear.

“You wantTaylordead? You want him to suffer for making you suffer?” It wasn’t true. It’s not true.

I sucked up the pain from the slash and pushed up to get to my feet and I faced Satan then turned around for everyone to hear within ear shot.

“It’s not true. Nothing is true! YOU’RE ALL WRONG!!!” I shouted. “I don’t want anyone dead! Do what you want to me! Just don’t hurt anyone else. YOU ARE ALL WRONG!!!” my lungs cracked and splintered. “You know why? Because I promised forever!”

I stopped and caught me breath. So much pain, hurt, need.

“Felix!” Satan called. Felix was by his side instantly. “Break her.” I felt like I was hit all around and I was back in the tent. Felix broke my leg right above my knee and below it. I screeched in terror and deep agony. Ulquiorra pushed Felix off of me and slammed him into the bed, breaking it in half, and tossing Felix with ease and knocked over the water bowl. Felix was pushing Ulquiorra outside and took out a knife. My heart picked up pace with the knife in Ulquiorra’s collarbone area and Ulquiorra bit down on Felix on the side of his neck with an incredible force and Felix yanked out the knife and Ulquiorra punched out Felix and he fell but not dead on the ground. Blood escaped his neck in a circle with puncture wounds. I was crawling with digging my elbows in the ground and dragging my broken legs attempting to get to the stack of hay Ulquiorra was on earlier in the evening.

So much pain, so much violence, so much want.

Ulquiorra came back and had plopped down beside me catching his breath. “Thank you. So much.” I say. “I just for some sudden reason I feel I don’t want anything to happen to you.” He admitted. He glanced to my wrist, still bleeding. He took it and rubbed his thumb upwards and kissed it with his soft lips and it had faded to bleeding to a thin scab. I felt relieved. I let my head fall on his shoulder. I touched his chest and the weirdest thing is, is that I couldn’t find a heart-beat. I kept searching then he took hold gently of my wrist and asked, “What are you doing?” “No beat.” I say. “No heart.” He says back.

I laid my head back down. How could he have no heart? I suppose that would explain why he isn’t dead yet from the knife in his chest. “I still would like to thank you; for just being…merciful with me. It means a lot.” I say. “Don’t worry. If you think I love you, you’re mad. I just don’t want you to get hurt.” He said. He took his hand and gripped his wound. Despite my broken leg and numb wrist I had crawled with my elbows digging in the ground and made it to the water bowl. Sure it had been knocked over but with the little water left in it and the rag still clean I soaked with water and crawled back without getting the rag dirty. Fixing myself to Ulquiorra I patted it on his wound tenderly cleaning its blossomed gore.

“If you could have complete control over me, what would you do?” I asked him just to have a conversation and break the strong silence. “I would set you free. Even if someone protect you, you lose some kind of freedom rights.” He answered, short, simple, and truthful. “What about you? If you controlled me?” he asked.

I thought. Then I answered, “Well if you were in good health, I’d set you free, but if you were injured, I would not let you walk the earth with a weak gate that would disrupt the sky, I would let you come over to the bitterest shade and wrap you in my arms to let you know, that you’ve been saved.”

I shifted my eyes to Ulquiorra to discover he had been eyeing me for the short time of silence after my reply. “You would really do that for a demon?” he asked with a doubtful curiosity that said I had lied. I put down the soaked rag and slid my arms under Ulquiorra's back and across his chest hugging him. “I don’t lie.” I say and closed my eyes. Feeling Ulquiorra's chest heave up and then deflate down, he hesitantly placed his hand on my shoulder and other arm around my side and back. I felt so at peace I had drifted into sleep.


The third night was dawning to us and nocturnal creatures. My eyes closed while I woke in a sea of fuzz. I lifted my wrist before I opened my eyes and as I was prying my tired seers and I had them half opened I was dragged out of sleepiness. A strong inhuman hand yanked me and tossed me like nothing across the corner of the tent and as I was turning to see Satan come closer Ulquiorra had gotten to his feet and punched out Satan. Or at least…attempted to. Ulquiorra was delivering a second blow to Satan’s face then suddenly Satan caught his fist and bent back his wrist with a bone-crushing snap so easily destroyed like a twig. Ulquiorra’s face cringed with pain that was immediate. Satan’s cold eyes were fixed on Ulquiorra’s face and he said with a mocking tone of music, “Don’t waste your pathetic life for this human.” And with a single, powerful, ear piercing blow of air, Satan punched Ulquiorra’s wound in his chest and sent him flying backwards beyond where Seth had been chained to the ground and everyone’s head popped up in curiosity.

Turning my head to avoid Ulquiorra in pain but Satan nailed my shoulder with his hand to the ground—all he needed to pin me to the ground—and brought up a red-transparent liquid in a brown drink-holder.

Resisting, struggling, spitting, and regurgitating everything in that vile liquid. But when it almost flooded my mouth Satan pressured his hand on my mouth crushing my lips that felt like it was kissing a boulder. “You have to swallow sometime.” He said and he was right. I swallowed just one drop down my throat. He let my mouth go. I could breathe again and I threw up the red fowl liquid. I was barfing out my insides. It tingled my throat and felt like my stomach was empting over and over constantly.

When I was done with my barfing I had a warm and disgusting mouth. I had gotten to my feet and by the time I did there was a table with different weapons in no specific order. I was puzzled. I glanced at Satan and he stood there anxious of what I thought. Shifting my eyes back and forth from Satan to the weapons, I noticed these are weapons Father had I specialized in. “Choose your weapon.” He said freely waving his hand over my choices. “For what?” I asked. He didn’t reply. I took a deep breath and I grabbed the Roman Dagger. With a special gripping handle and a tri-blade, all I had to do was stick it in any form of meat and twist it so the wound would take much longer to close or may not close at all.

“That liquid I gave you lets me control your blood.” He explained. “Kill Anna.” I tossed down the dagger refusing. Satan watch it fall to the grass, he lifted his hand clawing his fingers, and as he made them tighter my veins inside me was bleeding out inside and it flooded my body, then it squeezed my backbone until I would accept. “I will kill you. You may think it’s heroic if you die and everyone will be spared. You are dead wrong. If you die, no one will escape alive. If you remain alive and do what I say only a selected few die. You have no choice. If you resist this task I just won’t hesitate to kill you but I will kill Ulquiorra.” He threatened.

I didn’t want all to die, but I kill some will live at least. But I don’t want to kill my very first and only, friend that’s a girl in my life. My best friend who has already been in enough pain of her family loss; my friend, Anna.

Anna or Ulquiorra? I don’t know. “I accept.” I say to stop the pain.

I took the Roman Dagger in my grip. I walked outside and I turned to my left and forward. Anna was chained and she was crying. She was knelt to the ground…defeated. I gasped and knelt in front of her and hugged her around her weak, timid arms. “Anna,” I say bringing her to face me. I brought my arms to my side where she could plainly see the dagger. She stared at it with wide-eyes. Her arms were loosely chained, enough for her to reach out and walk out three feet in front of her. I pointed the dagger to her and she gripped my hands, this surprise I look to her face and she dragged my hands toward her stomach. I gasped in fear and shock. She took her own life. Before her last breath escaped her she whimpered, “Tell Seth…I—I—I love him.” and she fell into my lap, pushing the dagger further into her, then she collapsed on the ground with her eyes wide open and blood escaping her circular wound in her torso, seeping from her organs she killed.

“YOU KILLED HER?!?!” Seth yelled across the field. It was so harsh and it cracked, disturbing even Ulquiorra who had just been shocked into consciousness. “Seth she took her own life!” I tried to explain. “She loves you Seth but she couldn’t take the torture!”

“You bastard! You lie! You killed her! I saw you with my own eyes!” he yelled chained still. His words hurt. He was hurt. I was hurt. Everyone was hurt.

“Seth she took her own life!” I tried to explain again. “Shut up the both of you!” Satan ordered and my mouth snapped shut from his control; hurting my teeth and jaw with a jolt of pain.

Beside me Satan held out a bow and arrow. I took them in my hands and got to my feet. Another person was going to die. Satan took my arm and brought me to face a tree. I furrowed my brow in confusion. I looked up to Satan and he pointed back to the tree.Taylorwas chained and being nailed right in front of the tree.


I nearly collapsed in faint and my heart heaved up to my throat, choking me from air. I couldn’t kill him. Satan said aloud for everyone in earshot to listen. “You lied saying you wantedTaylordead. Fulfill yourtrue, wish.”

Rosalie died for that lie. My daughter. She died for my stupid, foolish mistake. What did I want?Taylorto live? ForTaylorto be dead and rot? What he did to me I surely wanted him dead. But I still look back and I still love him. I was truthful when I said I would cherish our kiss when we sang. That heavenly tone still ringed in my ears.

Suddenly a pull of the back of my neck went down and I had completely bended my back, I wasn’t flexible but I was doing it but it hurt and it kept pulling me down, harder and harder. And after a few seconds of torture I had regained balance almost falling backwards. It felt like I was a twig, waiting to be bent in half by a weak child.

Muscles were tensing as every second went by. And I was pulling back my arm along with the arrow. He was controlling my actions! I couldn’t resist but when I had almost let go and it shot towardsTaylorI jerked the direction more east than south. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t…I don’t want him to die. He kept saying nothing could hurt him, but what will one arrow to his heart do? I was so tangled in thought I had forgotten what was surrounding me. My arm was raised and aimed again. I closed my eyes and said a prayer. “Please don’t let him die.” I whispered to myself. Then I released the arrow.

Time crawled to a spine-chilling slow steady beat of time.Taylorbroke free of the holy chains and was coming forward. But the arrow was already shot. Within the fastest blink I could make the aura stalked in an intense freeze and move motion. I witnessedTaylor’s heart being impaled with the arrow and retrieving him back to the tree trunk and pinned him there. If I had seen he had escaped, I wouldn’t have shot. Time still crawled up around me, taunting every motion I damned.

No. It couldn’t be happening. Excruciating pain was slowly numbing him to death. I felt his death. Those gray eyes of his, they gave in, they closed and his head fell.

I screamed. “No!” I was getting the strength to hold myTaylor. I wanted to apologize; I wanted to tell him I love him. I wanted to be there every moment we had in our lives, I wanted to be by his side when he would fall. Then I was tackled to the ground.

Felix pinned me and I gave up too. There was no point. Then as I plopped my head to the ground everything was being consumed by enormous orange dancing flames. Tents, ground, everything and Satan and Felix took me away; deep away in the woods. I was there in two seconds, maybe less but it didn’t matter.

“You’ve fulfilled your duty, Sara.” Satan said squatting down to me. I said nothing. I was lit on fire. I didn’t care. But it seeped into my skin crisping my bones and singeing my flesh to black. “Before you kill me,” I say. “Just keep you hands offTaylor.” Satan and Felix looked at each other. “Fine.” He agreed but I still didn’t trust him.

Satan had a long sword, he wheeled it back and thrashed it against my burning chest, slashing my heart into nothing but a bloody gush of mush. I felt nothing anymore.

I closed my eyes and heard, “Bury her under the nearest cottage.”


I drifted into a black, deep, long, death.




















To Be Continued...

The End

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