Part 2: Adam and Rosalie

A dream. A never-ending dream, it was a dream of the only dream I would only have thought of.Taylor.

I was waking up in a warm, green, and welcoming environment and I was withTaylorin his arms and the sun setting was only lighting us as we stood in still wind and surrounded by dying time but had no affect. In this love I felt for him I had every wish done.

I know I ask him to feel things he isn’t supposed to feel but does denying it make him love me less…or more?

There is no where to run, I can’t go back and I have no where to go, and all I can think right now is where I can find him and fill in the empty spaces in my heart. I take this feeling and continue to walk, to live with it. In this crimson love it tenses me and eyes forever observe the suffering and pleasure in people. Eyes that will forever gaze upon I and my mistakes I will soon decide in this but I’ll take the consequence.

I had awakened from my dream once again and continued. The dream was like fuel to me. It gave and reminded me a reason why I am all this way away from home. I had one part of my story correct: it was the warmness I was consumed by. Eight days I wonder on my own and only stop to only rest. The food was gone because I hadn’t realized I had almost starved myself to death for about five days back home without notice. I’ve passed many towns but none have ever heard of the description I have explained to them. My legs hurt, but I ignore it because my heart was stronger and edged me to go on. I keep my mind off the numbing and cramping of my feet and legs.

A town I bordered was a medium of crowed in few places but not all places. I walk through my head still in its hood and seeking from ally to ally from each slither of space I searched for him. This was my sixth town. My stomach growled for food, but no money, my legs yearned for a rest, but no time and where to sleep, my soul demanding Taylor but he was no where in my sights.

I looked down but as I let it bow I caught a glimpse of a wagon wheel. I shot my head up and the wagon has a white tarp over the back and two brown chocolate horses in the front grazing hay from a man, young, around my age if not younger. White hair, green eyes, striking features, a strong jaw line, and those green eyes like melted emeralds that were friendly and welcoming. As I was walking wearily my feet picked up pace to a run and my eyes began to swell in escaping tears.

Suddenly I was being pulled into an ally with a dagger to my throat and threatening words in my ear were said, “Who are you? Tell me or I’ll cut your throat.” That voice, harsh, violent, that voice that growled at the assassins. I replied, “Lady Sara Cecile Patrick, daughter of Philippe and Elena Patrick.” The tight lock was released on me and the dagger was pulled back and I turned around to see him who ambushed me.

His white hair, those gray eyes stunned and shocked in surprise, his skin still sun-kissed, and his ridiculously heavy robe on his shoulders. It was all here. After nine long agonizing days I was here in his sight and he was in mine. My eyes swell again with tears on the edge and with a voice that was soft I say to him, “Hello Taylor.”

His eyes were concerned and angry but still gray and his brows furrowed. “You shouldn’t be here!” he yells. “You’ve put yourself in danger! Are you complete mad?”

“For your informationTaylor,” I say. “I came here knowing the risks and consequences and I made a promise to myself and a friend that I would find the two things I came out here to seek for.”Taylorlooked frustrated with my attitude and looked so worried like someone would pop up out of nowhere and just happens to be a member of Clan of Satan. “Sara!” he yelled harsh but I kept my face cool and calm. “There is a reason why I left you and that is the same reason I am taking you back.”

I let my mouth drop in surprise of his words. “No sir.” I say with a face that says: ‘Oh, really? Try me.’ “You are not taking my anywhere and even if you do somehow manage to get back to Willolonia I’ll come back only more prepared. I’ll find you, I don’t care if it’s the very last thing I do. So I would very much like to see you try.”

Taylorshrugged his shoulders and said, “Ok.” And he wrapped his arms around my waist and hoisted me on his shoulder and started carrying me somewhere he believed was forwards. “Hey, put me down!” I demanded. “Not happening princess.”Taylorteased. “I’m dead seriousTaylorput me down and I hate princesses!” I yell as he continues to carry me. “You know this is one of the things I hate about you.” I say. “And what exactly is that Sara?”Taylorasks. “You do the most non-sense things and I still love you.”

“Then you must be burning for me if I do things that don’t make sense.”Taylorplayed more. “Ha-ha you are so funnyTaylor.” I pouted sarcastically and propped my elbow on his back that held my chin in wonderment. “This is the nicest way I’m gonna say this but, can you please can it warrior goddess?” he asked teasingly. “Hey just what the hell’s wrong with you?” I ask flailing my arms and legs up and down butTaylormanaged to keep hold of me on his shoulder. “Like I’ve never heard that before.” I mutter. “Have you?”Taylorasked. I tilt my head and reply, “I actually haven’t heard that before.” Then I felt something; a strong feeling of something with the major affects of the entire universe. “Wipe that smirk off your face.” I demand and balance was stored.

“HeyTaylorthere you are!” I heard a male voice say from behind me. “What’ve…you been…up to?” the voice asked as I rolled my eyes. “I just picked up a little brave warrior goddess here.”Taylorreplied fixing me on his shoulder. “Shut your mouthTaylor!” I yelled squirming against his grip. Then the boy with green emerald eyes with white snow hair came to my face. My face was stunned silent and I felt my crystal blue eyes fuse with his emerald green eyes. “And just who are you miss?” he asked his voice strong and confident. “Just your first name Sara; all that other non-sense will have Seth to get brain damage.”Tayloradvised playfully. “Can itTaylor.” Said a lady voice, strong and demanding, in control. “Let her say who she is.”

I answered, “My name is Lady Sara Cecile Patrick.” I cut out my mother and father to make it shorter and what did it matter I was their daughter? These people didn’t know them.

“Seth.” Said the female voice. Seth backed away and went around front toTaylor’s face. Then I looked to the ground and realized, “Hey, I’m still on your shoulder!” I remind. “Yeah so?”Taylorasked. “So…could you put me on my feet?” I ask in the most polite way I could. “I just assumed your feet would be tired if you walked here straight for eight days and since you have no food it is obvious I am saving you from passing out and death of starvation.”Tayloranswered. I shot the ally a glance because I couldn’t get toTaylor’s face. “So are you going to put me down or not?” I ask feeling stupid. “I think I’ll keep you up there.” He answers. He does this to bother me. It works. I admit that.

Sigh. Pout. Annoyed; not the way I would have plan-ned to have been feeling right now. “I think I hate you.” I commented. “Good then you won’t have a problem with going back.”Taylorsaid back. “Taylor, we finally get a girl in the group and you want to return her like a mackerel?” asks the female voice. “Why do I get a feeling I hate being compared to a fish?” I say sarcastic tired. “No offense Anna but I have to have this warrior goddess here safe in her country where she should be ruling by now.”Taylorsaid to me and the voice assumable Anna. She is told of fromTaylor’s stories. Another plan I didn’t think of: Anna and Seth.

“Would you stop calling me ‘warrior goddess’?” I ask angrily in a shrill voice of an old person. No offense to old people. “No I think it suits you I more ways your brain could think of.”Tayloranswered and there was a chuckle from one of either Anna or Seth. “I see who the comedian is in the group.” I say with a hand, ready to go off, to my forehead. “He is not the joker here warrior goddess.”Taylorcorrects. “Seth here is. And if you think this is annoying or a pain in the neck then you haven’t seen anything yet.” “Stop playing aroundTaylor. Put me down!” I command but nothing. “I swearTaylorsometimes you can be so stubborn.” “Oh, you think I’m stubborn?”Taylorasked his voice still happy sarcastic. “Who is the one who walked straight here in eight days, no food, no water, and assumable snuck out of her palace?” “I. So what? I’m still determined to find one more thing before you even dare to take me hostage back to my country.” I declared.

“No one is taking you hostage, this is…take by force and…bring back.” said Anna even though I still couldn’t see her. “Ok,Tayloryou asked for it.” I said done playing games. In this village I couldn’t believe how people only notice I was on some guy’s shoulder but I needed to draw a scene.

“Help I’m being kidnapped!” I scream and suddenly people rush to my fake aid andTaylorbegan into a run. Flash-step. Everything a blur. Only for me to see is blurry moving brown for a bottom-half picture and green for a top-half picture. We were in the wood.Taylorrunning such an exhilarating speed felt like I was on a shooting star. My arms were outstretched from lack and my hair was itching my face as it thrashed around my eyes. Suddenly we stopped and I had bumped my head and arms onTaylor’s back from the sudden break.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”Taylorasked taking his arms around my waist and setting me on my feet. “Well I didn’t need you taking me back. I found you and that was part of why I came. No I what I am searching for is much bigger than whether you could be assumed of kidnapping.” I answer. “I came here not just for you. I came here for my father’s murderer. And until I find out who he is I am to stay out of my country. I don’t care if you leave again and strand me here, I’ll find you again, and I know I won’t find my father’s killer more than twice.”

“That I can understand but you cannot make a scene like that in this specific village. Here we try to entertain for money to buy food. We are known as gypsies here and we all ready wanted for the theory of stealing money than earning.”Taylorexplained. “Well excuse me but no one told me I could not make a scene.” I reminded.

“Damn it!” he yelled turning around and punching a tree trunk, saw dust drizzling in the air and a tree with a large crater in its trunk. The bark was microscopic dust on the ground andTaylorwas not even fazed. “Why?” he asks. “Why? Why did you come here? You think what you saw in my mind was made-up? This is what really happens with me, Seth and Anna. I care about how you feel about finding your father’s killer but if it means you are outside your palace and vulnerable and even near me, I can’t let you go on your own. I can’t let you die Sara. If you are dead, I could never forgive myself because it would be my fault.”

“What would you do if I was dead?” I asked. “I’ll tell you what I would not do because if I told you my plan you feel the pain I describe. Sara, I will not bow.” He said his eye determined and were suddenly inches close to mine. “I will not bow. I won’t let your death be without more dying. I’ll leave the world colder, I only want you Sara. I’m not giving in or letting up on your safety. And you picked a damn bad time to come after me.”

“Why because of the assassins?”

“Because the Clan of Satan and Satan himself are going to destroy and take over all of Europe; that is why they are searching for me because they know what kind of energy I hold to destroy anything in my path. They know what I am capable of. And with you as a high-spirited girl they see you as energy for themselves and they’ll fight for your life energy. I’ve seen what they’ve done.

“You may have seen what’s in my mind but I guarantee you, that aren’t even the half of what I’ve encountered. I have this cold-blooded fait that I’m not proud to have. The hardest part about being me is seeing what my prey is seeing as they finish. I’ve seen their end in dying eyes. And as much as I experienced this I wish it was me who was dying. I’ve can stand how I am and what I’ve done. I nearly committed suicide because I heard your cry as I left you in the woods. I hate the misery I’ve been putting you through and that is as close I could get to you. To show how I feel. And trust me even though I may not show I do want nothing but you.”

This silence that fell on us both was slowly killing asTaylor’s words echoed in my head. Then he broke the silence. “Open you eyes Sara. All that pain and suffering you and I’ve been put through is to only keep you alive. When I left it didn’t mean I love you any less, it made me love you more.” This sentence raised my heart alive. I smiled brightly and felt my cheeks warm from a blush. “What?”Taylorasked. “You said you love me.” I said my voice surprised as well as he told me he loved me.Taylorlost his anger and his face softened to a smile too. “You love me, you wanna kiss me,” I said in a voice I didn’t know I had that was happy. “You wanna be with me, you want to marry me—” and his lips were pressed to mine in that instant. I have never felt this kind of joy in my life and I admired every last bit of it as our lips melted into one another’s and I brought my hands to his neck pulling him closer to my face, his arms slithering around me like snakes pulling me in their grip. I had fallen deep into him. His tongue dancing with mine, his hands intertwined with mine, his security he surrounds me with, everything was perfect here.

We parted our lips and before I was lost in his eyes we turned our heads to Anna and Seth who are kissing softly too. When they brought their attention to us we all smiled. “Sorry we came and saw you and well, you know.” Anna replied. “I know you.” I say without thinking. Her blonde hair, her eyes, and her soft pale pink smile were a bam in my face. She looked as though I was mad though. “You know each other?” Seth asks confused as well. “I don’t know her, but I’ve seen her.” I say. “I’m sorry,” Anna says. “But, I don’t recall ever meeting, or at least coming remotely close to seeing an ambassador’s daughter. And I’ve never been to Willolonia. I’m from Manacana.”

(Manacana is a country just south east ofSwitzerland)                                                                                 

 I gave up. She would think I am mad to say I saw her in a dream. “Yeah, maybe you’re right. I must’ve mistaken you for someone else.” I lied. I knew who she was. She was a dream and from it I know she must like me enough to hug me.

“So I see we aren’t taking her back anymore.” Anna said. “Yes, I will let her stay but she isn’t going to go everywhere with you Anna, Seth let’s you do too much.”Taylorconditioned. She rolled her eyes and smiled. “Oh, lighten up; she won’t get into too much trouble.” Anna said. Who said I would even be trouble? “Sara, you’ve met Seth, and that little bother right there is Anna.”Taylorintroduced. “And you’ve metTaylor, the pain in the neck.” Anna shot back.

Taylor led me to the carriage back of the carriage, lifted me into the back and hoped in with me as Seth and Anna were in control of the horses; controlling our destination. I sat in yellow-brown hay and crossed my legs underneath my light green dress that had a gold-colored flower pedal pattern that was designed on my torso.

As we began moving I had questions that were stored in my mind that I didn’t know. I needed to askTaylor. “Taylor? You say you were made by Satan.”


“But how come you and Seth have white hair and the members of the clan have black hair? If Seth was made by that liquid and he is like you, how—” “Because Satan himself made me. Not some member. I never wanted to be one but for a time period I was and that was the time…” he lowered his voice to a faint whisper. “I turned Seth.” “Why are you whispering?” I asked in a whisper as well. “Seth doesn’t remember anything what happened and he would hate me to know that he couldn’t be with Anna because of what I did to him. He’d kill me himself if he could.”

“What do you mean, ‘if he could’?” I asked. “He could try to kill me but he knows himself he is no match for me. He may be good at other things but at killing someone, especially when that someone had been made by the devil himself had some of his powers like I, he would have a broken ribcage in one blow to the cage.” He answered.

I brought up my knees to my chest and crossed my arms around them. Coming up with another question I found really interesting to see howTaylorwould reply. “What do you think of the world?”

Taylor’s eyes widened in surprise and thought for a moment then answered, “The world is a living thing that will someday fall. Everything living dies. The world is living, so it’s just waiting to die.”

“How do you see the night?”

“An enhancing fuel for Satan. Darkness doesn’t fall, it rises. Night could mean many things. Good or bad; just depends how you look at it. Of coarse I don’t focus on the good. But night shows death, and other things I don’t wish to discuss.”

“How do you see how you act with me?”

“Like I have actually gone to Heaven. I fell in love with an angel, while she fell in love with a monster from Satan.”

I had almost cried but, I didn’t have anymore left. I didn’t expect to. “No,” I corrected. “An angel fell in love with an angel.” I got to my knees, crawled along the floor besideTaylor, where he opened his robe and I was in his grasp again. Wrapping my arms around his chest and torso felt like being in security under his arms. I felt his hand touch my back as my eyes felt like heavy lead and my legs tired, with my heart blowing up, I had felt tired. I felt everything in sanctuary. He was no monster. No matter how many times he says it, I know somewhere in him I see an angle. The angel I fell in love with, the angel I came to be with, the angel I would kill for.Tayloris my Guardian Angel. He is my guardian.


As night rose to the stars Anna and Seth had stopped for the night and came to set up camp for the night. As Anna maneuvered her way through Sara’s legs she grabbed her and Seth’s night clothes and as she hopped off the wagon she looked at me disappointed. “You can’t keep her safe forever.” She said in a soft voice. “I can at least try Anna.” I said. “Did you know this would happen?” she asked crossing her arms after she had handed Seth his night clothes. “No. I just thought she would stay out of misery and woe and regret she had met me. That was what I hoped and feared. I didn’t know she was this determined.”

“You were verbally in communication with her for at least six days, did she ever seem to come and find you?” she asked brushing a strand of blonde hair from her face. “She did have a knack of that. She would come to me in the freezing cold just to talk to me about how I was. And in her voice it was all she would speak of is me. I just though she was curious and wasn’t aware of the dangers I’ve put her in.” I answered. “But you never thought she could go this extreme to find you.” Anna concluded. I nodded my head in reply.

“I must say,” Anna said. “She does have that look about her that says that she is just like you. She’s determined, takes chances, strong, and you have to admit the hair length for you two is incredible.” She was right. Sara did have these things but I would never compare Sara to a monster like me. The hair is just a coincidence. I used the have short brown hair but when I was transformed it turned white and I couldn’t cut it. I could remember my face, my real skin, but now, it’s nothing but danger and anger that sets me.

My liquid-paper white face was sun-kissed, my brown short hair, turned white then grew long, and my eyes were blue. Blue eyes like Sara’s. It’s hard to find someone with the eyes like yours but her’s were the bluest, true blue that could ever be. I missed it, but if I told Sara this, she might not like how I used to look. I know she fell in love with what I looked like.

Sara was the kind of girl that was hard to find. She was one of a kind. She’s priceless. She was so different from other girls, she was different but she was also very much perfect. Anything she does is either on her own or she follows orders or directions.

But in doing so, she follows what she knows is right. For once in my horrid life while Sara was asleep I didn’t want to attack her. I felt normal right now. I only wish she knows what her mother and sisters and Jason have done. The mother’s tears she has cried over, her husband and soon over her daughter. Sara knows she needed time for her family to know she had been gone. She had Pepe`, the tea maker, cover her tracks and lynched. Sara had better keep her promise to him, and for her to do that, I know I am gong to make sure she keeps that promise.

This is where I worry with Anna. “Anna what do you plan for Sara and you tomorrow?” I asked. “Nothing I just want her to have a little fun next moon. She’ll be fineTaylor. And you never know we may run into an old friend.” Anna said winking. Trouble. That was what Anna was. She’s a good girl but when night comes, let’s say she is known a lot in bars and dances. “You know I have no idea what you just said.” I commented. “Yeah, neither didI.” she said. She annoyed me this way. She says things that I don’t know about and she ends up getting arrested. This is how we became known inBerlin.

I was trusting Anna with the most important person in my life, and I will not have her get Sara in trouble with law, Members of Satan, former and current, King and Queen, Lords, and me.

“Taylor,” says Anna. “I know how you feel about this girl, and when I’m with someone who I know I can protect, I don’t let them fall. She will not be in danger’s path. I’ll take care of her.” I still wanted Sara to be safe, and I know Anna will keep her out of danger, but I wanted more than one night with her alone. I now just wanted it to be me and her. Alone, somewhere safe, somewhere I can protect her, where she’ll be happy. At this point I don’t care if I die saving her, as long as she still stands then I feel better about dying. One thing that bothers me is that I can’t keep her safe forever. What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her. And if she doesn’t know this then she’ll be fine.

If she were to find out what happened she’ll hate me for as long as she lives. She wants me to be honest but this one truth can’t be shared with her. She may find out but, not now. I wanted to love her. I wanted her in safety but from what she says, I had made matters worse for leaving her, thinking she’ll be safe, but she had been destroyed. I needed to forget the lost words I needed to say, and forget of the truth of another thing.

As Seth and I were running away in Willolonia for a brief time, we came in the wood not far from a palace, and inside the gates of that palace were two children: a boy with black hair and a girl with black hair with mesmerizing blue eyes. I was struck hard when I saw that little girl. I didn’t now who she was at the moment but I was sure as hell glad that I went back. I fell in love with Sara since she was a child. Because demons don’t age, I was for once rejoicing in nine years. When I saw her grown face it was more beautiful than when she was eight. Everyday I had desired to go back and visit her every day to see how she had grown.

Nine years ago I was burning inside to see Sara grow. She was on a swing that the boy had pushed her forward. Then when I saw her again, at age seventeen, I couldn’t speak my vow until Madam Patrick started. I would’ve melted onto the floor if I could. Then I knew I had to have her by my side. I was only focused on her, but it looked as though she hated me there. I was scared of her not wanting anything to do with me but also glad because I knew that sometime while I was there she would get curious.

When I had kissed her, I loved the way our lips felt like the missing puzzle piece to ourselves. I knew right then and there I had no control in loving this girl.

There is this regret I have that I wish will never come true: Satan would want Sara too.


I was waking up in a place where I would only dream of. It was warm, green, and alive. I only wished Willolonia could be this way, everyday. It was spring here in Hallucan. The air was spicy fine, the blooming neon flowers were bright, and the buildings old and new were made for each other. Hallucan is the blooming piece ofEurope.

I sat up to find myself inTaylor’s arms draped around me. He had been protecting me all the night. I have discovered the slave to my dream.

“How was your dream?” he asks sweeping my hair back and his hand caressing my face. “No dream, but a perfect night.” I say fluttering my eyes more awake and let the morning light blind my blue eyes.Taylorlet his arms down while I stretched out my arms then as I began getting to my feet to step out the wagonTaylorwas immediately there with his arms held out to me. I smiled and reached out my hands to his shoulders while his palms were a hold of my waist he lifted me from my feet off the wagon and landed me on the green ground. With my palms still on his shoulders I pulled him closer to my face and I planted a kiss uponTaylor’s cheek. I felt his kiss on my cheeks as well then he moved the kiss to the corner of my lips where I glid my lips where they met and there was a pure static that fused us together. His warm lips made me wonder: he is everything perfect in my life and what he gives I could never return.

 To know he has everything I could possibly hope to dream of and I can’t say how much I feel. Those three words are never enough for the complete love I feel for myTaylor. The one thing I fell for whenTaylorkissed me was how he made me feel around him. I felt like I had been freed and I was in that place what people always dream and say about, the promised land.

After I had lost feeling in the balls of my feet I set myself down and it parted our lips.

“Today,”Taylorsaid. “Anna is going to take you for you two to have some girl time.” “Alright, that sounds fair.” I say wondering what Anna has planned. “She may keep you out all night, I don’t know, she just comes up with ideas and doesn’t really plan them well.”Tayloradded. “That’s fine, and please don’t worry, I’m sure Anna and I will have fun.” I assured. “Oh, platypus crap!” a voice yelled. I began to run to the other side of the wagon. Anna was talking to Seth then jerked her head to us. “Sorry, I just kind of exploded on Seth.” She apologized. “Just promise me,”Taylorsaid. “That you and Anna don’t get in trouble.” “I promise.” I quickly assured.

“C’mon Sara, let me get you ready.” Anna said taking my hand and leading me to the wagon. She opened a trunk and yanked out a red dress and tossed it to me. “Here, that way you don’t have to wear the same dress everyday. I hopped inside the back of the wagon were I stripped off my clothes and Anna pulled down the dress over my shoulder to my waist. The dress was solid red and for the length of the dress reached my feet but it was cut all around in slits and when I turned the strips of fabric spun. It felt easier to walk but it also felt weird because for a dress it showed more leg to my thighs. “There you look like a simple girl in streets of Hallucan.” Anna said. Then I observed what she was wearing. A purple and pink dress that fell in ruffles but as got right above her knees it was cut on her right side and left side.

“C’mon let’s go.” She said holding out her hand and taking my hand into her’s and jumped from the wagon and along with her I had hopped off too. As she led me though the wood among us I could feel the anxiousness between us. I may have a real true friend. Then when we came to the edge of the wood she slowed us down to a walk and we were beside one another preparing for Hallucan.

“So Sara,” Anna began. “Do you have any questions about something I might be able to answer?” “Yes,” I say. “Is your relationship withTayloralways the way it is like yesterday?” “No, that’s only every time we decided to be humorous.” She replied. “Now,” she said. “When we enter Hallucan there will be a lot of people preparing tonight in about fifteen minutes there is going to be a Ball. It is for the King and Queen’s fiftieth anniversary. And what we’re going to do is observe the rudest persons and trash them.”

“Is this really appropriate?” I ask as we dashed behind a small wooden house. “No, but when you’re with me or Seth and sometimes Taylor nothing really is appropriate.” She answered. This was a change. I was always taught to be appropriate but I also do not want to be noticed by anyone who may know who I am.

“Ok, now here is the plan for us to—” Anna broke off and stared behind me. Do I dare turn and discover what it is that made Anna break her sentence? I took the dare but as I began to turn around my wrists were beat by iron and cuffed together by heavy chains. “You two ladies are being put under arrest for trespassing, and illegal transportation into Hallucan.” Said a strong voice of a guard and with a thin mustache and slick brown hair. And behind him was a young man who took grab of my arm and began to lead me to the streets and I refused to resist a guard. I kept my right to remain silent but to Anna she had the right, but not the ability. “Let me go!” she screeched at the older guard. “Release me now stupid head!” her name-calling was almost funny if it wasn’t to a guard.

We were led to a stone castle and to the side entrance we were forced inside and led to the throne room with a red carpet and four thrones. The two high thrones were in the middle and sat an elderly king with gray hair and an elderly queen with a wrinkled face and sophisticated light green eyes. On the second steps were their children, Princess Ceil on the right side of the queen and to the left side to the king was Prince Daruis. “Queen Mary-Anne and King Louis, we had caught two trespassers and illegal transportation of these two women.” I raised my head and the King and Queen’s faces lit up in surprise. “Miss,” Said Queen Mary-Anne. “What tis thy name?” she asked her voice kind, soft and welcoming.

I looked to Anna worried if I should say who I am or come up with a name. She shrugged her shoulders and mouthed, “Go ahead.” I stood to my feet. “My name is Lady Sara Cecile Patrick, daughter of Elena and Philippe Patrick.” I answer. “Release her!” demands King Louis. “But sir,” the guard began to protest but was cut off by Queen Mary-Anne. “No, release this girl and her friend. She is the ambassador’s daughter of Willolonia. Sara Patrick, my deepest apologies for the inconvenience, but if you do not mind me asking, what are you doing here in Hallucan?”

“I and my dear companion have come to celebrate your beloved anniversary and my mother, Elena Patrick, has granted me the wish of coming here to congratulate you, Queen Mary-Anne and King Louis, on your fiftieth anniversary.” I lied. I heard about the anniversary a month beforeTaylorhad arrived but Mother refused to come because she thought it would be rude for Father not to come with us to celebrate. I didn’t have any control of where I would go so I thought there was no use convincing Mother to go because I barely knew these people.

“Well, thank you for your arrival, it certainly means a lot to us. Now, Adam,” Queen Mary-Anne called and a tall man dressed in a black suit and white shirt with a black tie and black hair that topped his head either messy-like or it was regularly like it was but I knew for a fact he was handsome. “Would you please escort these two ladies to their rooms while they are visiting here in Hallucan?” “Yes, me Lady.” He agrees and turns to face Anna and me. His face lit up but only ever so slightly that I could barely notice it. When I observed his face as he led Anna and I down a hall where he let Anna in a room that had a wooden door with a metal design as curved spikes intertwining with each other, his eyes were red like fire but only his irises were not full bull red likeTaylor’s. His pale skin matched the white radiant moon, and he led me to my room where the bed was dark blue and with black curtains draped over the glass windows and the carpeted floor brown and dark blue. “Here is your room Lady Sara Patrick, enjoy your stay here in Hallucan.” Said Adam as he walked away from the door then before closing it he let it open slightly to say, “I’ll be expecting you at the Ball.”

My heart jumped out of my chest and exploded in front of me. That last glimpse of his eyes, they were once a dull red but just then as the sun fell and night’s moon rose his eyes, purple with either the movement of flowing lava or electric slow motioned lightening. Those graceful purple eyes made my pulse in my neck beat violently against my skin, my heart still beating after that rough explosion, my hands trembling to the bones, shoulders and torso went shaking, the numbness in my core was the only decent dignity in my being.

Who was he? What was he? Does Anna know him?Taylor? Seth? And what does he mean, “I’ll be expecting you at the Ball”? Those eyes looked warm, alluring, and he charmed his way to make me heart go…Boom…boom…boom! It must be a trick, but because I don’t know who he is for certain, I consider him a threat to my safety. I had to be on the look out for Adam. I shook him out of my head and I had an allurement to exit my room and go straight to Anna. I was in a rush to find her of a danger I was afraid of.

As I raced down the hall I had hit something and was knocked down to the floor and so did Anna. “There you are.” She says getting to her feet and wiping the dirt and dust from her dress. “We need to hurry; Queen Mary-Anne and King Louis are expecting us.” Anna yanked me down the hall and ran me to the Throne and Ball room and placed me beside her while she stood beside Princess Ceil. I was completely oblivious to the king’s speech, Adam had me drowning in worry, I felt a chill up my spine when he turned his head slightly towards me but he kept his face plain but his eyes were that dull intriguing red, not those mesmerizing purple static eyes I was stunned earlier by.

My throat burned dry, my heart was thumping itself to exploding like a ticking time bomb, my head spinning like a tornado, and for a sudden desire I wanted something to happen right here right now so I could get out of my head. I shook Adam from my head and begged myself to not fall for his eyes. Anna elbowed me on the side of my torso and I snapped out of my trance. Then she and I curtsied away from the king and queen’s thrones and she led my legs to the wall away from the dancefloor. “Sara is everything alright, you act very strange tonight?” Anna asked whispering faintly into my ear. “It’s Adam.” I reply. “He makes my feel very awkward when I am around him.” Anna looked into the crowd of fancy dressed citizens. Anna smiled, “You don’t have to worry about Adam. He and I know one another since I was with Seth for a brief time. He is a former member of the clan of Satan. He is an outcast, and a fugitive just like us.”

“Excuse me, my fair lady,” Adam said as I began to turn my head and discover he was in front of me. “But if you would give me the extraordinary honor of having a dance with you?” Adam took my hand, turned it palm-up and kissed my palm. I felt light headed and one of my eyes almost went fuzzy black. I was speechless. I couldn’t. I hadTaylor; he made me happy, he was my only. And I plan to keep it that way. I won’t let Adam get in the path. If I were to get into a relationship with Adam it would only be friendship; nothing more.

“She would love to.” Anna answered incorrectly for me. I froze in place and Adam’s smile shot through me like a bullet. “That is lovely to hear.” He says as he takes my hand and led me to the floor. My feet let loose and followed Adam’s lead as he twirled me letting my dress flow around like an octopus’s arms. I was unaware that the more I convinced myself that I wasn’t in danger, the closer I was getting to the balcony where Adam led me to. I attempted to guide myself and Adam back near the crowd of people, but Adam was stronger, he gazed into my eyes luring me outside like I was under his command.

He spun me forward where we disappeared from the party through heavy red and black curtains and onto the balcony. Taking my hands back away from Adam and gently leaned against the balcony wanting to be away from him. “What is it Lady Sara?” he asked with a grin on his mouth. “By now I assume Anna has told you about myself. But considering the fact that you are with her she clearly forgot that as long as you are with her, you are a target.” My heart stopped along with time. “How the hell do you know this?” I ask.

“You’re with Anna.” He replies. How could he know I was a target for assassins? Does he know about my recent attacks withTaylor? Or does he just assume that when I am with Anna he knows she is a fugitive to Satan like him?

Adam shifts his eyes to weak non-finished buildings across the town and smiles. “Sara would you please step to your left… right… now!” Adam demanded. I obeyed and as I stepped a slight rush of small air brushed against the sleeve of my dress an arrow struck the stone railing of the balcony. Before I could realized I had almost been shot in the back Adam had me in his arms and leaped off the balcony and we landed into the streets of Hallucan. When he slightly had one foot touch the ground he was struck by someone where I had began to fall to the ground before Adam caught me as my head was centimeters away from pounding the stone-bricked shape ground and he held me up in his right arm. Three assassins faced us.

One held the bow and arrow on the right, the middle had a switch blade, and the third had a dagger that he spun on his finger, all in black, but the middle leaked a few strands of red fire hair. Adam’s face looked bored yet annoyed with his eyes that graceful moving purple lava. Veins rushed blood around in my body, and my black hair was coming undone from my long braid. The middle came first but didn’t use his switch blade yet. He hit Adam’s wrist with his curved wrist and leaped towards Adam but Adam pushed on his legs and use his free left arm to flip over on the assassin’s shoulder and he fell to the ground while Adam still held me around my waist. Landing on one knee he looked back behind his shoulder and the assassin with the spinning dagger lunged toward us. Adam donkey kicked the assassin in the face and flipped back over to face the third one but there was nothing there, he vanished. Everything was quiet, nothing made the slightest sound, not even my fist clutching tightly onto Adam’s black vest. His purple eyes kept shifting back and forth then he leaped forward onto the roof of the un-finished building and set me down in front of some stacked up wooden cut board. “Please stay here.” he commanded. I gripped his sleeve. “No, you listen to me, I won’t sit here and be helpless, please let me help.” “No, I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I don’t need you in danger.” He protested. He left my grip and went behind me.

What did he mean he had a few tricks up his sleeve? I got to my knees and observed as he lashed out forks and knives hitting every target. More assassins had come. Blood staining the silverware and bodies also spilled onto the wood and metal that kept us up here. A hand covered my mouth and dragged me out. I thrashed my legs around, only hoping Adam would notice me. I felt a pistol to my head and I prayed Adam hears my muffled screams. Adam turned around after finishing an assassin with his last knife. The assassin fell dead with a knife in his neck staining the boards crimson red. “Now don’t make such commotion my masters are to be having their fiftieth anniversary.” Adam commented acting like this was no problem. As Adam began to walk closer to me a loud sound filled the air.Bam!

My ears popped with the loud crack and Adam had fell down with five more assassins taking one shot of their own each. Blood splattered on the boards and part of my face. The cold pistol against me was only a matter of time. I watched Adam fall. “Seems like he was just a showoff.” One of the assassins commented. I was stricken by how easily Adam had gone down. It didn’t make sense. I paid closer attention. There was not as much blood as there would be if it came from six shots and his hand gently stiffened as if gripping something. If he was alive what was taking him so long to get to his feet? “Adam how long is you going to pretend to be dead?” I asked getting impatient. The seven assassins were murmuring in surprise. Adam normally got to his feet and smiled casually fixing his sleeve cuff and held out his hand. “I suppose I should return these then.” His hand filled with six bullets then flinging them from his palm and pierced the six assassins who fired at him and he came close to me and the assassin who held me. Adam’s purple eyes gleamed brighter in the light of the moon as he came toward the assassin and me. “I believe you have something I want.” Adam said as his purple eyes weren’t warm anymore, but cold, slow moving, cold, that sent a jolt up my spine. Adam slammed down his elbow down on the corner between the assassin’s neck and shoulder. Causing him to fall stunned and Adam took me in his arms.

“Now that wasn’t so bad.” Adam commented. I looked at him stern and with hatred some people might’ve found funny. “Adam,” I say my voice demanding and frustrated. “Take me to Anna this instant! No distractions, no going anywhere else I need to get to Anna right a—” and I felt Adam’s soft lips against mine. His lips warm and hooked me like a fish. I tried to push him off me. I did not want him; I didn’t wantTaylorto conclude the wrong idea of me cheating on him. Adam was strong without trying, he had my arms tight in his grip pulling me closer but only squeezing my palms against his chest more and when he released his lips from mine, out of rage I had punched his face, right underneath his eye and on his cheekbone but when a crack noise came into my ears a pain from my balled fist lingered in my wrist and traveled up to my arm. “Oh, damn it!” I complained as the lingering pain fell in cracks of my bones. My face was revealing my shocking hurt as I muffled my exclamations. “Are you alright?” Adam asks about to take my hand before I could comfort it uselessly in my non-broken hand. “Take me to Anna! Now Adam!” I commanded. He picked me up in his arms and leaped from roof top to roof top and when back to the balcony Anna had been waiting.

“Hey where have you two been? King Louis is upset that the knives and forks have disappeared.” she asks as Adam placed me on my feet and I strode to her side. “I don’t want to talk about it right now. But I just want to leave and get out of Hallucan before we could get in more trouble than we could ever be in.” Anna looks at me confused. “What happened Sara?” she asked again only her voice was serious. “Assassins, that’s what happened and if we leave now and never come back here to Hallucan and Willolonia then we’ll be safe since I have no doubt that King Louis and Queen Mary-Anne will report that their guest of honor from Willolonia is missing to my mother. So we get out of here this instant. And this jerk kissed me.” I threw in. Anna’s eyebrows lifted to the sky and her mouth dropped to the ground. She looked to Adam and said, “Oh, you’re gonna die.”

We escaped the guards who surrounded the castle and we cleverly made our way around the small houses and into the wood. Anna, Adam and I noticed fire’s light and we drew tiredly closer to it. Taylor and Seth were sitting in front of the warm orange flames illuminating Taylor’s gray eyes that made me grin brighter than I had ever before. When Seth and Taylor turned their heads and noticed how scratched up and how my face was stained with blood.Taylor’s face turned worried and came and gripped my shoulders tightly in his palms as he observed my face. “What in the hell happened Sara?” he asked his voice serious and had harshness in his voice but it wasn’t enough to faze me. I gently removed his strong hands from my shoulders and held them reassuringly. “Anna and I found a friend, Adam, he took me off somewhere and we were attacked by assassins, but I’m alright. I didn’t even get a scratch on myself.” I explained.Taylorlooked to Anna and Adam and noticed Adam had a small smirk on his mouth.

“Please explain to me why he is grinning when he had your life in his hands?”Taylorasked furious. Before I could reply Anna answered for me, “Adam kissed her.” Suddenly a rush of air shoved against me, nearly knocking me to the ground when I regained my balance I turned to find Seth holding backTaylorasTaylorhad come close to ripping out Adam’s throat. “If you ever kiss Sara again,”Taylorthreat-ened. “I swear on my life you won’t even dare think of her when I’m through with you.” He snarled through his teeth.

“I assure youTaylor, you misunderstand. She came with Anna, last time I saw her, she was only with Seth, I do not recall ever seeing you, so when she brought Sara I simply thought she was a friend of hers who she explained who I am.” Adam said smiling. I wasn’t sure if he had come up with some lie or if it was the truth, but if it was a lie wouldn’t he have a worried expression on his face? I had the will to move toTaylorand push gently on him back away from Adam. “Don’t.” I say in a whisper onlyTaylorcould hear. I take his stiff hand and lead him to the fire away from the thick tension. I call to Seth and he came to me. “Please takeTaylorand make sure he is…stable in his hunger.” I say.Taylorhad an expression that looked as though he was ashamed or still angry. Seth nodded his head and jerked his head to Hallucan andTaylorwent in flashes out of sight.

Behind me I heard the grass bristle underneath Adam’s feet. “Don’t say a word.” I say without even thinking about turning to face him. “Right now I don’t want any non-sense from your mouth. You may travel with us for you and everyone else’s safety but let me make one thing clear: if you make one screw up, one mistake, Satan will have no worry about you anymore.”


Around midnight, Anna had me in a short peach pink nightgown with black lace at the collar, sleeves, and the edge of the dress.Taylorwas wiped into slumber after being in the town and expressed his anger of ways he would not tell me. Anna was in sleep as well; only Adam, Seth and I were the only conscious ones.

I sit beside Seth where we faced Adam on the opposite side of the fire. I hug my legs in my arms as I rested my chin on my knees. “Sara, while you are still learning about our kind, I say it’s fair you know that if you have control over the reins of the horses, never lead them into any pathway with more than ten black trees.” “Ok, I understand.” I say. “So hasTaylorhad any previous tempers?” I ask. “Yes, once, after he shortly left Willolonia, he had gotten so raged up that he had left you in pain that he saw this girl and she had a frighteningly resemblance to you. But she had red hair, and she was married to a man and when he saw them kiss, he went out to the woods and he basically went berserk imagining what a life you could have without him. He kept telling me that he wanted to be in your life ever since he first saw you.” I blushed brightly but thankfully it was night and the fire already warmed my cheeks so it wasn’t noticeable.

  “So when did you and Anna meet Adam?” I asked to Seth but Adam replied for him. “He and I met because I had been running and Seth suggested working in Hallucan where I could be well hidden from the Clan of Satan.” “And thankfully we told him in time too. Ulquiorra would’ve found him for good. Ulquiorra is not entirely a member nor is he the leader, the leader is Felix, and above Felix is Ulquiorra who is right below Satan, and a little aboveTaylor’s old place. Now he is one guy you need to avoid.” Seth said. “Why?” I ask felling stupid asking but I was curious. “Ulquiorra is the creator of Satan’s demons who are sent to lead human souls into sin and they’ll wind up in Hell. Ulquiorra is like Satan’s right hand man. Only he doesn’t come up with ideas of torture, that is Satan’s job but Ulquiorra performs the tortures. And if he doesn’t feel like doing it he passes it to Felix. Now he is most famous in thevillageofSatanMountain for the villagers to believe Ulquiorra is the Demon of Abuse.”

“Can you describe him for me?” I asked. “Yeah, he has this pale, pale, white skin, pitch black hair, and green eyes; greener than mine. And he always wears these white pants and white long-sleeved shirt with these weird black lines outlining his clothes. He’s a weird one. He is also known for making the sin lust out of his own.” Seth replied.

I was afraid now. I had a mental picture in my head and it seemed as though he had me hypnotized, under his control through the simple thought of this, Ulquiorra. Just the sound of his name makes my head throb with the beat of my heart.

I looked over toTayloras he lies on his back leaving space in the wagon for me to come. Anna was sleeping loudly on the ground with some hay and thin blankets. “How do you sleep with Anna?” I hear Adam ask to Seth. Anna had been loudly exhaling deeply with the sound of a long snort of a pig but she was as beautiful as a sea. “I’m sorry I lost a little sound in my ear from Anna, what did you ask again?” I giggled briefly covering my mouth with my palm. I don’t know why but Anna is a mixture of things. Nice, daring, willing, strong, yet she had a soft side to her that was pure feminine, except the snoring. I got to my feet and crawled besideTaylorwhere he had woken briefly to see me and smile. His warm smile softened my fear of Ulquiorra. I lie down and feltTaylor’s arm over my arm and torso and he kissed my hair for the night. I felt secure and safe.

I hate howTaylortortures himself this way. I know he hurts when I lie with him in this position. Willing himself to not attack me because he was near the point where he could easily suck out my life energy. I regret for once in my life that even shocks me, I wish I had never gotten too close to Father. I love him. I love my father more than I did when he was alive but he gave me the spirit of an imagination-filled child and that was what madeTaylorwant my life. I don’t know what to think. My father is gone, and I am here wishing I was not close to him for an angel I love. I don’t know what to think. I wanted to pray but I didn’t know if it would be offending to Taylor, Adam and Seth. So I could only hope for the best.


The gray evening light filled my sights. Next to me I absentmindedly bumped Anna with my foot and notice that only Adam and Seth and Anna were here. Where isTaylor? I look to the front of the moving wagon where through a small pass way from the carriage to the reins. I smiled. Squeezing through the space feet first and came out sitting besideTaylorwas magic. I rested my head on his arm staring absently head of me and him. “You decided where we go for today.”Taylorsaid. “I don’t really care.” I admitted. I just wanted to beside myTaylor. “Tell me Sara, have you ever saw an ocean or seen a beach?”

“No.” I reply in a soft voice. “Would you like to go?” he asked. “Yes, I sure would.” I may have been clam and lax on the outside but deep inside me I earned to see a warm beach; to see sand, to feel the salty water splashing against my skin, and to let the aroma of ocean fill my nose.

“Thank you.” I say letting soft tears make their river on my cheeks. “Please if you do not mind, but could you sing? I just want to hear you voice.” he requested.

I tried to remember a song Jessica and her partner Daniel sang one concert. The lyrics, the tone, the melody, I remember it like it was yesterday.


“I will always be with you

Makes no difference where your road takes you to

Even if we’re apart

Now we’re joined at the heart

Though our moment may be gone

You and I will still live on”


I could not remember Daniel’s part butTaylorhad the next best thing: improvising.


“I will always be with you

I’ll be by your side

What ever you do

Other memories made fade

But the ones that we made

Are eternal as a star

Now I’m part of who you are”



“And I’ll be there with you

In the sound of your laughter

I’ll be in the tears you cry”



“Cause the way you and have touched one another”



“Doesn’t end with goodbye”



“I will always be with you”



“Like a guardian angel

Constant and true”



“When you’re lost in the night

And you can’t see the light”



“My love will see you through”



“I will always be there”


“You’ll have me there”



“I will always be with you”


His voice like an angel, his eyes alluring, I am drawn to him like a moth to a candle, I can’t stop thinking about how he has put me in life. I wished for this to last every moment, only wishing he can feel comfortable.  WithoutTaylorI can barely stay alive, without him I would never have known life, if I never knew him my life would be nothing to live again. But if I could, if I could live five life times, have five different families to raise me, have five different careers, have five different appearances, have five different lives, I know in my true heart I would fall in love with the same person. I only thankedTaylorfor many things he has done for me. Saving my life about a dozen times, greeting me (improperly) to Anna and Seth, and with meeting Anna I found a new close to dis-liking friend Adam, and for making me feel true pure love. I loveTayloreven if he didn’t love me back. I would give anything for this angel I have fallen in love with. Only one angel could make me feel what I’ve been dreaming to feel, my guardian angel,Taylor.

Thank youTaylor; for everything you have done. Gazing into his gray eyes I had a feeling that willed me toTaylor. I gently kissed his cheek with my soft lips and whispered in his ear, “Thank you.” I sat back down when I saw him smile. “What for?” he asks glancing briefly to the direction. “For everything.” I reply. “For the pain you suffer for me.” “It’s not without difficulty being around you but I enjoy the pain. And knowing I haven’t killed you yet shows my self-control. Usually I would have gone berserk.” He said. “You can say whatever. Just know I am great-full for you to put up with me.” I say shifting my eyes to the unread paths whereTaylor's eyes followed. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.” He says as we continue our conversation without glancing at one another. “Well I don’t want you to suffer in hurt when you’re around me. I rather you be comfortable around me.” I say.

“You don’t need to worry.” He reassures to calm me nervousness for the pain he feels. “In fact I like protecting you. I don’t think it’s time for you to die just yet. And even after that I’ll still watch over you. So don’t complain about how I am around you. You just need to focus on you and I’ll focus on you as well. I will be perfectly fine.”

“Just to let you know,” I say. “I am not those kinds of girls you think you can win over so easily. Though you may have me paralyzed at this period in time but I guarantee you’ll find out how difficult how I can be.” I warn playfully.

“I can say I can’t help but agree to your statement. I knew you were something different. You big-headed stubbornness is what keeps me into you.” He kid. I smile teasingly but joke-fully, “Oh, so now I’m the big-headed stubborn child here?” “Try and make me regret saying what I said but it’s the truth.” He said back. “Humph.” I say. “Weird I recall you almost killing my fiancé because he didn’t like you carrying me. You tend to over-react to things. Just a tad. But know one thing, Lover Boy, you’re in my circus, and I am the lion tamer, you are the lion. So when I tell you something, you do it.” I say. “Yes, o great fearless, warrior goddess.”Taylorteased. I elbowed him with medium force causing him to rub his arm. “Don’t push your luck. You still need to learn how to let the tamer do what the tamer does.” I continue. “And what would that be?”Taylorasked. “Really? How the hell would your lion brain comprehend the tamer’s complicated mind?” I tease. “Damn you got burnedTaylor!” Seth said popping his head between Taylor and I.

“How long have you been listening in?”Taylorasked. “About a few minutes, but I think Anna heard the whole conversation after she had her foot kicked. Then she woke me up for kicking her and then she kind of threw a tantrum silently yelling at me.” Seth replied.Taylorlooked away and shot the air a look then called to Anna. Seth removed his head and let Anna stick her head through the crawl way. “What?!” she asked sounding frustrated and angry about something. “How did you hear the conversation Sara and I were having?”Taylorasked through his teeth. “I don’t know some idiot kicked me and it hurt like heck and then I heard you saying something about a circus then I woke Seth up because I was too lazy at the moment to listen so I wanted to go back to sleep so I had Seth listen in because when you mentioned a circus I thought it was something you two did some night.” Anna replied with the tired and annoyed whiney sound in her voice. My mouth dropped. “How in the hell could you assume me and Taylor…” I was looking for the right words in a correct placement of the words. I was silent spinning my hand in the air along with my wrist. “…Had…um…physical…enjoyable…” I stammered. “Look you don’t have to say whether you two had satisfaction with each other during nights. But I was just interested in a little gossip in the group.” She admitted. “What gossip would there be?”Taylorasked his voice nearly on the edge of yelling. “There are only five of us!”

“Hey!” Adam yells complaining. “Can’t a former mem-ber sleep without there be yelling involved? I was having a pleasant dream with Sara.” Then he pops his head through the crawl way. There was a silence followed by his sentence and awkward stares and glances between Anna, Adam,TaylorandI.“I’m going back to sleep.” Adam says slinking his head back through the crawl space. I turn to Taylor who was staring through the space. “You will not kill him.” I said. “Oh, c’mon! Why do we even have him with us again?”Taylorcomplained. “Don’t complain to me, boy!” I shout. “Now we need him because he could’ve been in danger too.”

“Ok, I’ll allow this if only,”Taylorconditioned. “We never help another person again.” “Alright. I agree.” I gave in. “And if we come across a man dying on the ground?”Taylorasked. I thought he was mocking me but he had a serious-ness to his face that almost made it impossible to answer with a serious face. “Move along.” I say through my teeth. “And if we find an abandoned baby?”Taylorasked widening his eyes making it obvious that he was teasing me and my vow to help people. “Let the wolves take care of it.” I say again through my teeth. “And if Anna and I were glued to a tree who would you pick?”Taylorasked. I got irritated with his teasing. “Adam.” I reply my voice blank, short, fast and to the point. Then the conversation was given up. Thank the lord.


We were half-way to the beach when Seth and Taylor went off to find food and shortly after Anna went to gather more firewood for Adam who wanted to make a certain fast dry glue to fix the wagon. One of the horses had broken one of the woods to hold up the wagon so Adam was struck by brilliance to come up with fast dry glue. “So how fast can the glue dry?” I ask kneeling down to observe the perfect warmth of the mixing liquid. “It all depends on the material it is applied to but with the wood it would take about five minutes.” Adam replied. That is fast drying glue. “Could you please hand me those red berries over there?” Adam asked. I searched around and found two red smooth berries, and then as I stretched out my arm the inside of my elbow tipped over the small metal pot which spilled over Adam and me.

 As we exclaimed from the heat of sticky-ness then I had spilled in a puddle of watery glue and fell forward with Adam catching my arms with his hands. “You alright?” Adam asks. “Yes I’m fine. You can let go of my arms now.” I say. “Oh, yeah, right.” Adam said with his palms yanking on the skin on my bones. Trying to help Adam get off my arms by pulling and hoping to slip away from his stuck grip, I had pulled too hard and Adam and I fell on the ground with Adam on top of me. “Adam,” I say. “I think I hate you.” “Well maybe this isn’t such a bad loss. This could be a time to bond with each other.” He says trying to cheer up the conversation. I look at him stern. “We can’t be bonded anymore than we are already are.” “Oh, clam down Amazon woman.” Adam shushed me. Then when I was turning my head in frustration I came to look atTaylor. Uh, oh. Trouble ahead. “Taylorthis is not what it looks like.” I say.Taylor’s eyes turn to Adam. “I warned you to never touch her again!”Taylorsnapped then in a flash-stepTaylorhad Adam and I on our feet attempting to separate our arms. ThenTaylorcould release his hands from Adam’s hands and my wrists.

“What’s happening?”Taylorasked through his teeth. “I accidentally spilled some glue and Adam and I got stuck and it apparently hadn’t full dried yet.” I reply.Taylorwas glued in front of me in-between Adam and I, with his back turned to me and him facing Adam. Even though I could not seeTaylor’s face I could tell he is not pleased. Well he might be if it was only me and him but since Adam is connectedTaylorain’t even close to pleased. “Please Adam,”Taylorsnarled. “Tell me you have some kind of liquid to get us unbounded.” “I would need assistance but since I cannot see we need Anna or Seth here.” Adam answered. “But you can make something to get us out of here?” I asked wanting to make sure it was clear Adam could. “Yes I can.” Adam said. I couldn’t hear but I know he was trying to face me to answer. As I spoke I had to bring my head back fromTaylor’s back so his long white hair wouldn’t get caught in my mouth.

“So what do we do in the mean time?”Taylorasked more calm. “We wait for either Anna or Seth and hopefully no strangers will come. Which reminds me: How long does it take to get some fire wood?” Adam asked. “Who knows, she goes off everywhere. I’m surprised Seth isn’t really bothered by it.”Taylorsaid. “Well what do you suspect she’s smart, cunning, she probably went to go steal or hunt for food.” I say with my neck cramping. “She doesn’t have any tools what in the world would she hunt for if she was cunning? And she doesn’t have her cloak so how would she steal from a country town where she knows the king and queen will be worried about her royal friend?”Taylorasked his voice nothing but sarcasm. I roll my eyes, “You are such a man-child you know that!” I yell. “Hey!” Adam yells. “The least we can do in a situation like this we can keep calm.”

“What’s going on?” a voice asks from the edge of the wood. Anna. “Anna! You need to help Adam come up with a liquid to separate us.” I call to her. “Well all you need is some saliva and you’re free.” Anna replies with ease. “Adam?” I asked. “Yes Amazon woman?” he asks back. “Why weren’t you able to get this conclusion from your nonfunctioning brain?” I ask annoyed and just down right frustrated. “The glue was not my formula; I got it from Seth with instructions. He didn’t leave me with help about it coming in contact with skin.” He replies just as frustrated as me. Anna comes to the points of where Taylor, Adam and I are jointed together and spits onTaylor’s hand which the spit glides to Adam’s hands and onto my wrists. “Anna why did you do that? Adam or I could’ve done it by ourselves.” “Well if you wanted to be unbounded wouldn’t either of you just spit away?” she asked back making a clever point.

Finally when we were all released from each other and Seth came back from his hunt we rid in silence to the beach. I rode in the front withTaylorand the reins while Anna, Seth and Adam were in the back. The wood cleared to a wide open space. There was a small cliff where below it was sand. White yellow sand everywhere, million and billions of grains of sand, the blue water held the sun’s reflection as it rests on the ocean’s edge, and the silent waves beat the shore, and boulders stacked up on one another where tiny little crabs fiddled around sideways with their scrawny red legs, and the cool salty breeze blew the breath out of me. My eyes never met such a scene. No snow, not even a sliver of freezing cold air, just warm air that heated my body. So this is what a beach looks like.

“Wanna race?”Taylorasks me. I look out to the distance of sand. “You’ll win.” I say doubting myself and I’ve seen his flash-step. “I’ll wait for you.” He says. “Ok.” I agree. Before we could get the race started Anna pulls me back and we strip down into some under clothes. She stripped me into a white cloth that fits comfortably on my torso with no sleeves and bare shoulders, and a skirt similar to the red octopus dress only shorter. I tied back my hair in a tight messy ponytail and metTaylorat the starting point. We prepared ourselves and I shouted, “Go!” I let myself fall from the sand slope and when I landed in the soft sand an arm wrapped around my waist and I suddenly found myself on the edge of the entrance to the ocean. I heldTaylor’s warm hand and I looked up to face him. “It’s a tie.” He announced. He made me smile. The cool ocean splashed against my feet, my ankles, my legs, then my thighs, and finally my torso to my neck. The waves drifted us then Anna, Adam and Seth joined in.

“So whatcha think about being a fugitive?” Seth asked me. “Well I couldn’t really say because I haven’t experienced danger like you guys have but so far its fun.” I reply. “Well how would Taylor and you like if I take you hunting?” “Which kind of hunting?”Taylorasked. There are two kinds of hunting? Oh, right, their hunting and human hunting. “Their hunting.” Seth answers. “Then fine. And Sara can use her weapon advances in hunting.”Tayloragrees. “Ok, I’m up for a challenge.” I say. I floated on my back and went under waves andTaylordrags me back to shallow water when I get too far. Yep, he’s my over protective man-child, but I love him. It’s like every time I’m in five feet of water he drags me to two feet.

Swimming had an opportunity for what Seth andTaylorplanned it for me and Anna. Seth and Taylor agree to let me and Anna jump off their joined hands while they throw us in the direction of in-coming waves. Anna went first. She climbed on their hands while balancing herself by slamming her hands on their broad shoulders. She balanced smiling as a wave prepared to smash them against shore. As it came in Taylor and Seth tossed her into the air as she dived in and rose to the surface ten feet away. Seth went after her while Adam took his place. They hoisted me on their hands as I clutched my nervous hands together. “Ready Sara?” Adam asks shouting over the booming waves. “Kind of.” I say. “1, 2,”Taylorcounted. “3!” and I pushed up my legs taking my first dive in my life and my palms breaking my impact with the water and my face and I went further out until I was out of breath and Taylor was wrapping his arms around my torso. As the sun descended and night rose to a crimson, gold, purple, bleeding color with shining stars but very few were in the night. Anna and I wrapped ourselves in towels and squeezed the salt water from out hair when we got back dressed but she wanted to dress me differently.

“So Sara, instead of wearing nightgowns I think it will be warmer for us to borrow some of the guys’ clothes.” She said rummaging through their belongings. “But it would be improper.” I say confused of Anna words. “Who is to say what is proper?” she asks. “With us nothing is ever proper. In fact we laugh at the idea of doing things right. Heck ever since Seth and Taylor saved me from my village I never would’ve lived life. Have you ever tasted German beer?” she asks. “No, I’m from Willolonia and am not yet at the mature or required age limit.” I answer. “So, no is your answer. Well in a few days you will be at the required age until we get busted or we flee whatever comes first.” She says so casual. “Hey, we’re already fugitives so why not act like regular fugitives? It’s kind of our way of blending in with fugitive ways people think outlaws do.” She explains.

“Ah, here we go.” She says. “Here, they’reTaylor’s he won’t be mad if you use his clothes for warmth.” She says tossing a long-sleeved black shirt like his white one he usually wears but different by color and another pair of black heavy pants. Why does he have to wear such heavy clothes? Anna undressed and slipped into Seth’s white t-shirt and heavy grey pants. I shrugged my shoulders and had gotten dressed inTaylor’s clothes. I pulled back my hair—which it ninety percent dry—and tied it into a sloppy bun. It was dusk with the sun only sparing us with only a sliver of orange light on the ocean’s edge and he had a fire going. Nothing to eat tonight but I had grown use to not eating over the past two weeks when I had metTaylor. I recall not eating but two meals. Breakfast with Mother and I’s disagreement, and the bread and tea Pepe` gave to me. I wonder how Pepe` was doing covering up my disappearance. I sure hope he isn’t in trouble. I can’t stand loosing someone who sacrificed everything for my selfish reasons. I thank him greatly. Then looking back I miss, Jessica’s voice, how she licked the servants heads, Jessie’s natural wondering and their cuteness they both possessed. Then Mother how she will constantly be young, and how she was patient with me even when I am not patient with her. Jason. Poor Jason, I left him worried. I don’t know—but I highly doubt—if he loves me but he does worry for me. I could never forgive myself for what I have put my family through especially when so many things happen too quickly. Only knowing the pain of worry and wonder for a loved one. The questions the baby girls have. Is she alive? Is she dead? Will she ever come back? Why did she leave us? Does she love us?

And mom and Jason would reply with the same non-reassuring answer over and over, “I don’t know”. That is what I hate about myself. I make other people suffer for my reasons. Father said to never make people suffer for your mistakes or actions. I only came to seeTaylorbut when he was away he knew he couldn’t hurt me but he would never see me, he would be in pain. If he was near me he knows he can kill me, and he knows if he did he could never forgive himself, pain. I come and meet him, pain, I leave a grieving family over a wonder father and husband and a selfish daughter and sister and fiancé. I place my two fingers against my neck where my necklace would have had a dangling jewel in the shape of a heart that was held by a gold necklace.

I felt so guilty; inside me was a churning motion in my stomach and dryness in my throat and my vision sprinkled with small black fuzzy spots. I fell to the wagon and had felt myself beginning to roll off but then I felt his arms around me and lift me back into the wagon with I and him to rest for a minute or two before he had questions. He let my head rest on his chest and has his hand on my back believing I’ll stay closer to him. It worked. I loved the way I felt around this angel. I felt his heart, it still beats. As long as it does then I have a reason to live. His white hair drifting in the wind with mine and falling on my face then he moves it away with his hand so he can see my face. I wanted to lay here forever and never let go. Because I know that he would never let go. Then with it being a peaceful night but chilly like Anna predicted, it was fine by me.Taylorwrapped me in his robe with him and I had fallen into such a deep and sound slumber.


I felt her warmth against me. I swallowed hard resisting thinking about her as food. She had another memory. I know because every time she does her life energy shoots through the roof. Restraining myself was harder than I imagined it to be.

“Taylor,” Adam said getting to his feet from the burning fire where Anna rested on Seth. “You know you can’t keep this up right?” I stare off to Seth and Anna. He has more self-control than be because he only has one-forth Satan. I am fully consumed by Satan’s powers. My human was devoured within the process. It was so much easier for Seth to control himself around Anna but even he has to be careful. “I know. But what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” I say. “I think she’s hurt enough.” Seth puts in. “You forget there isn’t going to be much gossip in the group. The girls don’t know and now Adam knows.”

“You know she is obviously hurt by something she is determined to find out.” Seth finished. “We all know she is bound to find out sometime. In direction we don’t have a lot of options, either we head to the Chez and Willolonian border or we head east and come cross with theVillageofSatan. And we know which way you want to go that is the safest for your Sara.” Adam said. I sent a threatening look to him. I leaned my head back against the wood of the wagon.

I could never forgive myself for what I did to Sara. I hated how she loved me. I don’t want her to get hurt physically and emotionally. If leaving her was just her having a brief time of PDSD, then if she found out what happened, I could kill myself for her for the pain she’d be in. Is this how I didn’t want to loose her? The lies I use to cover over the facts have her to still be by my side. She may tell herself whatever she wants to say but no one can help me with this animal I have become over hundreds of years. These lies over hundreds of years, the murders, the running away, and all the senseless things will be brought up if she sees the real side of me. I cannot take anymore of what I’ve done to this human. I hate how I actually let my heart beat for this girl. I should have never kissed her that second day. If I hadn’t she would be even interested in me. I hate that I put her in danger every moment she is by my side. I hate that I was even part of this plot I’ve done behind my friends’ backs.

But the things I love about this girl can’t compare to any man’s treasure. Her perfect voice, those hypnotizing blue eyes, and how she moves is like she dances with the sky’s stars. The way she is so strong and determined inside her heart and soul. I think that she feels like she needs to experience life outside of her country and she want to just only be with our group. Adam and Seth may not be as a monster as I am but they should be aware of the dangers as well.

I do wonder how Sara will break Seth down into a pumble tomorrow when they go hunting. “I can at least try.” I say.



As I awoke the afternoon Seth and I were hunting on I noticed that Taylor had been silent ever since I had woken. Then he went off somewhere. He probably didn’t have any energy but I understand. I was put in gray, loose, fitting pants and the white top that had dried after last night at the beach. Seth had explained to me that I had to be quiet and if I see anything tap his shoulder four times. I kept shifting my head left and right while Seth led my forward by the brief ruffling of dead leaves under his feet. Then he stopped with me almost bumping into him. “What is it?” I ask in a whisper. Then looking over his shoulder I saw a little fuzzy furred brown and black creature with big black eyes with black fur over its eyes like a mask bandit or something. “Seth, what kind of animal is that?” I ask feeling stupid but I’ve never seen this animal in Willolonia. “It’s called a raccoon. They are very wild creatures. I think it’ll cook good tonight.” He said aiming his bow and arrow at the little critter. I hit my hand on the arrow throwing off his aim and ran to the little creature kneeling down to face it.

“What are you doing? It can kill you.” Seth said demanding to get me away from dinner. “Oh, so you’re going to tell me you are going to kill this little creature?  What did he ever do to you?” I ask using my index finger to scratch the raccoon’s ear which pleased him and practically hugged my arm and licked my nose in such a cute way. I wanted to aw but Seth wouldn’t understand. I pick up the little creature by its underarms and carry it gently to Seth. “Apologize.” I command. “What?” Seth asks his face shocked. “You heard me, apologize for nearly taking this little guy’s life.” I say holding the raccoon close to his face. He winced in disgust but I just put it closer to him. “Apologize!” I demanded. I handed him the raccoon and he looked at me like I was a lunatic. “I’m not apologizing for not hurting this critter.” Seth protested that’s when a snarl came from the raccoon’s mouth and it jumped onto Seth.

Suddenly it started snapping and nipping at Seth to where he tripped over his feet and he was being punched out by a little raccoon. I stood in shock with my mouth to the ground and with Seth on the ground with a raccoon beating him I couldn’t help but laugh. “You think this is funny?” Seth asks screaming while the raccoon stuck its paw in his mouth and beat the side of Seth’s head with his other paw. “Iknowthis is funny!” I yell back with laughter hurting my sides. “Get this thing off me!” he yells. I come to his aid and pull the raccoon off his chest where it ripped out fabric and there were minor scrapes on his chest with bite marks on his shoulders. “You better hope you don’t have rabies.” Seth threatened to the raccoon pointing a finger. “Hey, hey, hey Seth there is no need for threats now. Now what if you try a different approach with animals that could kill you.” A voice says behind me. Adam. I hand him the raccoon and he faced it and looked deeply into its black eyes. “Try this:” Adam says to Seth. “We are all God’s children.” And he smiles.

“But I ain’t God’s child! We are former members of Satan!” Seth yells frustrated. “Maybe the critter can sense it but since you tried to kill it say you are God’s child and maybe he’ll by the lie.” I suggest. “I am not doing this. I thought this would be perfectly normal hunting with a friend but all that’s happen is a friend trying to force me to apologize to food and get attacked by a maniacal raccoon.” Seth complained. I look at him like my face just screams, ‘Really?’ “Seth like you said you are a former member, how could you take a small beating from a small critter like this?” I say letting it lick my moving fingers.

I take the raccoon and hand it to Seth. “Just try what Adam did.” I demanded. Seth sighed and looked into its eyes. “We are all God’s children.” Then the raccoon stuck its paw in Seth’s mouth and beat the side of his head again and was punching at Seth’s eye. I was cramping from laughing so loud and for as long as the beating lasted. Then as I tried to keep my eyes on Seth he got the raccoon’s claws from his chest and threw it up in the air. “Sara, I don’t care how muchTaylorloves you but I am never hunting with you ever again.” He said letting himself fall on his butt and leaned against a fallen dead tree and then from behind the raccoon bit Seth’s ear. Seth let out a girlish yelp and started rolling on the ground.


“Ok, try to explain this to us again.”Taylorrepeated for the fifth time. Seth, Adam and I were back from hunting and Anna and Taylor got curious what happened. Seth’s ear was bleeding; his chest was bleeding but not beat up as his scratched nose. Three claws scraped along his nose. And he was covered by dirt mixing with his blood making him look messy not that I thought it would make a difference since he was messy to begin with.

“Seth tried to kill this raccoon,” Adam explained as I held up the raccoon in my hands. Demonstrating the evidence Seth demanded to have as proof. “Then Sara had tried to get Seth to apologize for almost killing the critter and then it attacked the first time. I stepped in after Sara pulled him off the first time and I told him to say, “We are all God’s children. But when he said it I think it could tell he was lying because of the Satan in him but  then that was when he got attacked a second time. Then finally when he throws it into the air we don’t see where it landed so when Seth decided to sit down it bit his ear and Sara pulled it off him again and we came back here to explain for the sixth time what happened.” Adam explained.Taylorlooked confused like he had gotten an answer from two cobs of corn.

“Ok, a few questions I feel the sudden possessed desire I feel to have answered.”Taylorsaid making me confused. “So, why did you tell Seth to apologize to the raccoon?” he asks me. “I have never seen this critter and I didn’t know how it felt having your life on the line if no one stepped up so I stepped up for the raccoon and I wanted it to know Seth was sorry for almost taking it’s life.” I reply with such casualness. “And what possessed you to have Seth say, ‘We are all God’s children’ when we are not his children while we are running from Satan because we worked for him some time?”Taylorasked to Adam. “I thought that the raccoon could sense that we were not God’s children so I told Seth to lie and say he was and I guess it could also sense that Seth was lying.” Adam answered. “Ok, I think I follow you two now.” He says but I sense doubt in his voice. “Are you sure?” I ask raising a brow. “No, I think this story is completely insane and I just can’t see Seth being punched around by a little fuzzy critter like this.”Tayloradmits holding out his hand to the furry soft raccoon in my arms.

“Please don’t tell me you plan on keeping that mangy thing.” Seth pleaded. I twist my torso with the raccoon and held its head and ears close to my chest to not make him hear. “That’s not very nice Seth.” I say feeling motherly. “And yes I do plan on keeping little Trouble.” I say. Closing my eyes and embraced Trouble. I re-opened my eyes and saw everyone have their foreheads wrinkled in wonderment. “You named it?” Anna asked treating Seth’s minor wounds. “No, I namedhim. His name is Trouble.” I reply stern. “You’re going to kill me.” Seth whined. “Don’t complain. I’ll make sure Trouble doesn’t get into too much mischief.” I say cuddling Trouble. “You named him Trouble! And he attacked me, what else could he do?” Seth asked. “Don’t judge, now apologize.” I say.


Was this day ever so weird? Adam was steering the reins of the horses while Seth and Anna were sleeping as so was Sara beside me. Sara certainly had her sense of humor; she is humorous without the time to be humorous. Trouble was beside her even passed out from today. In a few weeks Anna and Sara will be in charge of the rein which is good, because Anna knows where not to go and she can guide Sara and hopefully develop a sense of directions. The vary thought of Sara’s heart breaking in front of me could never escape my head. I expect this to happen but I didn’t know when and this led to constant thinking and dangerous wondering how and when it will happen. I certainly don’t plan to even come across the border near toVillageofSatan. Never in my life do I ever want to see Sara in pain. It was too much in Willolonia when we were just inside and outside and her blue eyes tearing like waterfalls, it was beautiful when it was something that she was joyful about but if it is pain it is something to call betrayal. I would do anything for Sara. Her wish will be granted every time for only she can make me feel things a monster should never feel. She makes me wish I could be human again but if I do then I can’t protect her from anything and it is easier to die. When I’m like this I can protect her more easily yet it is simply dangerous for her to be near me. It’s all the lose-lose situation. Seth has the same thing but more control.

I have a lot to regret for what I have done over the years, to Seth, Sara, and innocent people I’ve slaughtered in the Clan. There is something that ticks me off that wasn’t my doing. Seth explained Ulquiorra to Sara. Ulquiorra may be the same level as me or he may have gotten stronger but I do not want Sara to know the basic manager of the Satan Clan. She doesn’t need to know Ulquiorra, she doesn’t need to be aware of his existence, and she doesn’t need to know that there is more danger than Satan, Felix and me. Now Sara has to worry more about if the clan catches up with us.

“What are you thinking about?” Seth asks waking up for some Seth reason. “About how you introduced Sara and Ulquiorra.” I say refusing to look him in the eye. “Well she hasn’t been worrying about it since I told her so there nothing to concern about.” Seth says. “Don’t give her anymore information on the Clan. I don’t want her waking up, screaming at the top of her lungs, from a nightmare that she had of the Clan.” I backup. “You don’t need to worry,” Seth reassures. “We’ll be heading to this little village called, Luna Escape. It’s suppose to be this real peaceful village where everynight there are these lunar flies will scout the village and I think the girls will enjoy it very much.” Maybe he was right. Who knows as long as Sara is away from the Clan?


I felt like I was in nothing but darkness around me with only two spotlights on me and one lighting behind me; my heart beating rapidly a mile a minute, and when I turned to face my company. Slowly, cautionly hugging my arms close to me, and behind me, under the second white spotlight was a man, white face with melting emerald green eyes and black pitch hair. A name was on the tip of my tongue but in a blink he was by my side with his eyes, open as normal but the green in them says something else, but his fingers gently brushed down my lips and before I could realize that there was something flat against my back light the ground or a wall, those eyes seemed to be mocking me somehow. Scared of what would happen, I closed my eyes and pushed my arms against him and when I felt a burning fiery pain in my chest I began screaming. Then as my arms were growing stronger I was jolting up and into gray midday light.

Gasping for breaths and sweating beads of sweat that dotted my face a hand grasped my arm making me flinch and jump aside almost falling out of the moving carriage. Anna. I swallowed hard for my drying throat observed that only Anna and Adam where with me when I woke. “What in the world Sara?” Anna asks. “What happened?” “I just had a nightmare. I’m fine.” I answer not wantingTaylorto worry about my nightmare of…Ulquiorra. His name sounded unique, it was different but yet in a strange way like he was some fictional character in a mystical story. That is what his name is: mystical yet strange, different, for some reason in my mindSpaincame into mind. Well I have been losing some of it so I guess that’s whySpaincame up. “Where are we?” I ask. “Luna Escape, it rumored that at night it’s paradise.” Adam answered.

Isn’t Luna Escape home of the Lunar Moths that fly at night around here? Maybe, we’ll find out tonight. With waking up until sunset and sleeping during the day I feel nocturnal. Luna Escape is near Hallucan which is near Manacana nearSwitzerland. So at night it is mostly cold but not the coldest that I’ve experienced. That’s a thanks I get in the country of Willolonia.

“Anna could it be possible for Taylor and I to venture into the village tonight?” I ask hugging my arms close to me. “Yeah, sure nothing’s stopping you two.” She replied shrugging her shoulders. I smiled because I just wanted to be withTaylor. Not with Anna, not with Seth, not with Adam, not even little Trouble. Just Taylor and I alone in possibly the most gorgeous villages rumored.

I do not know what it is about me that make me obsessed withTaylorand how he acts around me. Its like he feels guilty or he shakes out of struggle of resisting to hurt me. Since that day I had misbehaved and apologized and the way he talks, the way he smiles, the way he just moves around me feels like we had an instant connection with each other that was magnetic. Even after he left I suppose it is true that after he left me for his reasoning for protecting me, that I still was head over heels in love withTaylor. I’d love him even if he didn’t love me back.

For the free time of Adam I wanted to know him better. “So Adam please do tell of your background of yourself.” I plead in a casual manner. Adam took a deep breath, shook his head as he rubbed his hand on the back of his neck and looked at his feet. “I was afraid you might ask that question.” He said shifting his eyes up to me. They were that dull red, I assume that he needed to be in direct moonlight for his eyes to turn into that purple lava color. But at this point I know Adam will say that he is dangerous and that it’s torture for him to be around Anna and me.

“Where should I start?” Adam asks to himself as he claps his hands together and rolls his eyes to the ceiling of the wagon. “Well I suppose I should begin when I became a Satan clan member. Well I assume you two have wondered how I and most Clan members have black hair while Seth and Taylor have white hair. That is because Seth and Taylor had human lives before they were turned into members and me and current members have black because we were made from scratch by Satan. I can do things like Taylor and Seth but I have limits. Our existence is backwards. The weakest have limits instead of the stronger ones like Taylor and Ulquiorra.”

“What about Seth?” Anna asked. “Seth is weaker thanTaylorhe is probably on the same level as me.” Adam answered. “So you are admitting you and Seth can kill each other?” Anna asked. Adam nodded his head in reply. “Well,” he replied in words. “It would depend if he killed me first or I killed him. Then we wouldn’t be killing each other off. One would die and it would just so happen one is stronger.”

I know I am the daughter of the famous man of warfare inEuropebut talking about death jolted shiver shock waves through my body and I felt like I was in Willolonia. I may enjoy the adrenaline of fighting and being in moral danger but death was a frightening thing should always be feared and appreciated. I suppose my father is lucky to be up with the stars and even now he is protecting me. He always was—is. I miss you Father. And you’re right: when a person you love leaves, it doesn’t make you love them any less, it makes you love them more and that was my motivation to finding Taylor and to be happy.


*  *  *


“I love you Father, happy birthday.” I say as I hand Father his thirty-sixth present. I had a bracelet maker weave leather thread into a fitting wrist bracelet with a silver sideways 8, and it meant that I love him for infinity. His face lit up as he slipped on the bracelet—a perfect fit—his blue eyes swelled with salty tears and hugged my in his strong grip that could’ve cut my air off since it knocked the oxygen right out of me. “Thank you darling Sara.” Father said his mustache tickling my cheek as he spoke. I giggled for I made my father cry for happiness. My bubbly smile shined sunlight into my father’s world and Mother was smiling too squeezing Father’s shoulder, I guess because she saw how my face was as blue as a blueberry. “You’re welcome Father.” I say in my child voice. “I will treasure this like the King’s largest pile of Euro for infinity.” Mother walked out the room with her little bulging stomach then father whispered in my ear, “Sara, I have a question, do you believe in magic?” I looked at Father like he was mad. “Oh, Father do not be ridiculous, of course I do not believe in magic.” I answer matter-of-factly. “Well Sara,” Father says as he repositions his sitting looking me in my child blue eyes. “I’m going to let you on a little secret.” I leaned in closer with anxious wonders. “There is magic in the world of the unknown—”

“But if it’s unknown then how you do know it exists?” I asked interrupting him. His blue eyes are confused by my correcting. “Alright, don’t listen to your mother anymore. And that is another secret I need to secretly tell you about Mother—” “But if you tell me then it wouldn’t be a secret.” I interrupted again. Father shook his head in frustration. “Yes but this secret is between me and you. Mother is a little too proper. But if you believe in magic it will always be with you. You know how?” I shook my head in respond. “God is magic that will forever be with you. Now you believe in God?” he asks his face serious. “Yes, I believe.” I reply without missing a beat. “Then you believe in magic.” Father said patting his wrist with his leather and silver bracelet and smiling as began to sit back, leaning back against the light green large chair that could fit three of me but it was even large for Father. “Are you teaching my little Sara some of your wisdom words?” Mother asked bringing a small box wrapped in a red ribbon. “What I teach our little Sara is more than just wisdom words; they are life lessons that she can teach her much-much-much-later-in-time children and help her and her husband run Willolonia. And besides if you would explain things like this to her she wouldn’t be so bored with your lessons.” Father teased playfully making me giggle to where I laughed with Father and Mother laughing with my child laughter.


*  *  *


“Sara? Are you alright?” a voice said snapping me out of my flashback. “Yes, I’m fine.” I reply smiling softly. “Aright because you seemed like you slipped into a trance there.” Anna said holding my shoulder securely in her palm. “I guess you could call it that.” I say shrugging my shoulder like I was embarrassed but why did I have that feeling like I was? I just had a flashback, so why would I worry about something that no one knew about. “Ok, because we’re in Luna Escape andTaylorwent off for food and he’ll come back right about now.” Anna said widening my smile. I looked to right to whereTaylorwas standing patiently with eager and calm gray eyes. As the sun’s last spec of light went down the night came out and I felt lost when I sawTaylor’s smile.

I took his hand which had been held out for me but I was too distracted and caught in a web of thought to notice. Then as I was about to hop off the wagonTaylorhad lifted my waist in his strong secure hands and let me on the ground with no thud to my feet. Then with his hands still on me he took off into the lit village and with Taylor and I passing by everything so quickly I only saw velvet color and large light buds that spotted the air. With my hair wishing behind me and the wind blowing my eyes to draw tears then he halted. And my hair blown little back returned flowing behind my back and strands in my face.

The scenery of small wooden houses colored black from the sky was dotted with large moths that fluttered their winds to get just and inch closer to their destination. One had landed on my arm, collar bone, tussled my hair under its itty-bitty legs, and tickled my skin and underneath the sleeves they still glowed a bright light green with some yellow, possibly their “eyes” as I call them. I was stricken by how such a poor little village as this could have such a beautiful night every evening. I turned over toTaylorand noticed moths were crawling all along him even on his face where he winced like a child. I giggled brushing my fingers along his face letting the moths tickle their way to my hand as I tucked two strands behind his ears and I saw his sun-kissed face with a white smile that would brighten even the darkest day of the universe.

I felt his palms on my cheeks and he yanked me closer to his face where we touched noses before we kissed he whispered to me, “I will not bow.” Then he kissed me. Such a kiss as this one was soft, welcoming, and the right amount of heat made from our breaths and the space between us turned into a motive for our bodies to move closer and my arms slid into Taylor’s back collar of his robe and my hands found their way to his shirt and beyond that. I felt the warmth of his back in my palms as he was pulling me closer to him and our tongues dancing with sparks blowing into our every movement. Uncontrolled hands slid into Taylor’s shirt above his shoulders to his warm chest and slithered like a snake to Taylor’s back and wrapped around him pulling him closer if he’d let me; he was pushing himself on me to the point I thought we’d fall over but I know Taylor would never let that happen. Taylor had flash-stepped around me without parting his lips from mine and he was on the soft grass that lied beneath the village of Luna Escape and I was on top, pushing my lips closer to his while his hands tightly gripped my arms pulling me forwards but bruising my arms. I suddenly couldn’t focus onTaylorany-more it was the sharp pain that he pierced in my arms; as I tried to ignore the piercing a warm liquid streamed down my skin. My lips part from each other from pain wanting to screech but I didn’t want to scare him. My face cringed from the crimson blood that bled from my wounds.Taylorsensed that I was in pain and he pushed me off of him and landed twenty feet away from him where he was now standing.

Arms were numbing to the tissues in me that paralyzed them, my elbows lifted allow me to lift my wrists and my shaking palms trembling as they slammed pressure against the wounds. I glanced my eyes toTaylor’s hands, talons from his fingers: red stained them bright even in the night. He started forward but he couldn’t bare to see me bleeding and by his own claws. Five holes in each of my arms bled red as I hopedTaylorcould trust himself to come near me. “I’m sorry.” He unnecessarily apologized. “Can you get to your feet?” he asks keeping the great distance between us great. I twisted my body to my knees and letting down my palms to the messy grass pushing on them to flatten out my feet on the ground. “Can you make it to Anna and Seth?” he asked not looking me in the eye afraid I hated him. It would take a lot more than give me ten piercing in my arms to have me mad at him. “You have the strength to come along withme.” I say not saying I couldn’t but I wanted him to be by my side. “No I don’t. But can you make it to Seth or Anna?” he repeated. “Yes, I can.” I answer him. He was gone away from me. That hurt—I felt it in the air he put off. It cringed my insides and ached my heart of what he goes through. My arms withered away from pain and I felt no pain whatsoever. For this time I did not followTaylor’s command.

I walked through the small village with every little lunar month kissing my skin and dress. I maze through the grass and little wooden houses and turning around a corner there were yells and screams of little children. I turned and three boys were kicking a little young girl on the ground. They called rude names to her while she was helpless on the ground. I hated what I saw. “Hey you boys!” I called out approaching them. “What are you boys doing out so late?” I ask putting my fists on my hips. They fell silent and nervous. “Now I would appreciate it if you never hurt this little girl again. Or I’ll have a talk with your parents.” I threatened. “But they’re the ones who told us to make of this girl we don’t even know her name.” one of them said with messy black hair and seemed to be telling the truth. “Why is that?” I ask squatting to my knees to see their faces. “They say this girl can communicate with monsters and demons from Satan over to the east, where theVillageofSatanlies.” Says a boy with red-orange hair. “Boys answer one more question for me will you? Does this young girl have a home?”


“What the hell do you mean she’s not here?” I hearTayloryell as I came from the edge of the wood to the opening of no-mans-land where our carriage was parked. “I’m here now.” I say and everyone’s head jerked to me. I’d forgotten how long I had been away and sinceTaylortold me to come here to be healed for my wounded arms.Taylorwas immediately by my side and I felt his arms around me with his fingered intertwined this time around my back. “Where the hell were you?” he whispered angrily in my ear. “I was saving this girl.” I replied.Taylorglanced behind my shoulder and then looked at me weirdly. He whispered again, “You promised that you’d keep walking by if a child was found being beat. You made that promise after your last friend finding with trouble who attacked Seth while we were gone.”Taylorinformed and reminded. “Well that’s nice, but Taylor this girl is an outcast, no family, and she can communicate and understand demons because she is one-sixty-eighth Satan herself but she is wonderfully behaved with good manners like my sisters. Please.” I begged. “This is for a defenseless girl who is alone in the world and she needs something that would be close to a family and just please, she won’t be a bother like Trouble.” I say trying to convinceTaylorto let this girl in and I’ll take full responsibility for her. I want this girl to have some of a good life for her to live. “You’ll only be endangering us even more,”Taylorput down. “This girl will slow us down if we need to make a quick escape—” “But Taylor, you would accept a raccoon, that attacks Seth but you won’t accept a little girl that wouldn’t bother any one of you and only me. You don’t have to help me with this little girl, I can help her myself. But there is one thing I ask of you.” I say.Taylorrolled his gray eyes then leaned his ear closer to my mouth. “Could we stay in Lunar Escape for about three weeks?” I know it was a lot to ask especially sense when fugitives stay in a place a long time it is easier for the enemy.

I could feelTaylor’s throat straining in frustration and his breathing change behind my ear. He was weighing the options in his head. “Fine.” He whispered through his teeth. “But you have two weeks and you hold responsibility for the child.”Taylorhad bite on the word ‘child’. What was his problem now? It’s not like the child had done anything to him.

“C’mon Rosalie,” I say to the little girl and took a light grip of her tiny hand. “And where are you going?”Taylorasked but it wasn’t enough to stop me from keeping my feet forward. “To find some kind of body of water for Rosalie to bathe in.” I explained not looking back at the group. As Rosalie and I turned the corner of three dead trees we found a pond, maybe one-hundred and thirteen feet to be a reasonable estimate. Rosalie hugged my waist with her short arms afraid of everything surrounding her from all her young past I have just learned not too long ago.

“It’s alright Rosalie,” I assure her. “When you are by my side nothing bad will ever happen to you. I promise.”

“No, I’m brave enough to go in but, that guy who talked to you, he has immense power that he puts off and it’s so strong it’s scary.” Rosalie quivered. I squatted down to my knees and squeezed her shoulders with my palms. “It’s all going to be okay, no one will hurt you. Trust me Rosalie, he is not going to hurt you.” I say to her sincerely. “Which ‘he’?” she asked her eyes big and gleaming. “Both.” I reply with sure confidence nothing bad was to happen to this precious girl. “I trust you ma’am.” She said. I hugged her then stripped off her small sized dressed and I helped her into shallow water. To make her more comfortable and to help her stay in shallow waters I had stripped down of my dress as well and cautioned my steps to not fall under.

Cupping my hands and pouring the fresh water over her head and her eyes squeezed tight together. “So Rosalie, tell me why you let those boys beat you and they have no good reason why.” I say. “I was taught to never hurt anybody by the church. I would hide away in the church hoping I could be blessed and be God’s child. I hate having Satan inMe.” she cried. It was just a little blood line, and it could be passed on for so long that she probably didn’t think she could destroy anything likeTaylorhad with a crater in a tree with one easy punch.

I brushed her wet hair from her face and behind her ears and saw her cute child smile. Then as I remember how she smiles is sent an image to the front of my mind ofTaylorsmiling and how he was explaining to me how he thought of some things; like night. Then I asked this little girl questions.

“If it is alright with you, Rosalie, how do you see night?” I asked her. Letting my knees sink into the wet sand of the shallow water. “Night is mornings to those who believe have nothing inside them that will forevermore make them wish they were God’s child.” She responded. She was scaring me. She is six years old and is more detailed about her definition about night thanTaylor. “Alright then, how do you see me?” I asked. Flooding my hands with water and pouring it over my head and letting it drip down to my bare shoulders. “I don’t know.” She replied. “I’ve never been treated with such kindness by any living God’s child.”

I wrapped my bare arms around this little girl whose life has been nothing but being hated by strangers who don’t know this sweet child. “You know what Rosalie? If you wish you can call me Sara.” I said looking into her beautiful dull orange eyes. “Since my mother died in birth and my father died from a demon battle, could it be possible if I could call you…mother?” her eyes hid sadness of the fear of rejection. I smiled a warm grin that assured Rosalie that she shouldn’t be afraid of rejection with me. “You sure may, my daughter.”



I do wonder what goes through her mind. I love her but I think there’s something wrong with her brain and that affects how she thinks.

It’s been about four months and we’re living inGermanyand all she does is spend time with that little girl. Sara has had a bid impact on me. She haunts me with the thought of losing her makes me wish I was dead to save the pain. I am haunted because every bit of Sara has been seen in my mind of her pyre. I can just see her pyre, of her burning to a crisp, black ash dust-pile. Every night we have a fire and all I see is Sara’s heavenly beauty burning by Satan’s fire. I know she hates being cold but I don’t want her near any dancing flame.


*  *  *


“Don’t stare or you’ll be seen.” Seth hushed through his teeth as I stood and he crouched behind a white bush and I watched this little girl swing on a wooden swing that was rope-tied to the strong branch of that tree. I didn’t care, I wanted to stay here forever and watch this perfect girl just breathe. Everything was perfect about this little child with the raven-black hair. “I know you don’t want to go but trust me in a few days you’ll forget this girl.” Seth tried to conv-ince me to leave and turn my back on such a lovely creature and child of whom—I was told—to be my enemy. Well my enemy just gave me a gift of sight for my eyes to lie on this girl.

“I won’t. I refuse to. But moving forward is what we should do. So go in a circle. In ten years I want to come back, Seth.” I said putting my foot down for this final demand. “Fine but…you might want to pray because, I agree with you, she is beautiful but with a face like this, she’ll go fast before ten years.” Seth warned getting to his feet.

I wanted this girl all for myself. I wanted her. I actually did something I hadn’t done since the seventh century…pray. As Seth went to get the carriage I had dropped to my knees in the cold know and prayed, “Don’t let this girl be unhappy. I know you would never listen to a demon but please, when I leave this girl and return in ten years, I wish the best for her. Let her live her life while I am gone and have her in good health. I want her to have a life that she will remember and please, because I am a demon, don’t take her out of this world. At least give me a chance to see her again.” I re-opened my eyes and saw her swing by herself and the little boy had left.

Her head was bowed and her feet hit each other by the heels and tucking a bundle of her black hair behind her ear. She pursed her lips and stared beyond the black gate and seemed like she was caught in wonderment.

A lady came out and held out a dress and said to her, “You have to change and prepare to have your hair up like Madam Elena likes it and fit into this gown for your King’s birthday.”

They had to change her. I didn’t get it. She had on a black dress and her perfect hair looked perfect down. She had agreed willingly. Seth came up behind me and said to me, “She is thinking she needs to change because she looks hideous the way she is now.” I was shocked in a jolt of wonderment. How could a perfect girl doubt this? She is perfectly mesmerizing just the way she is now. I didn’t want her to change. Not one bit of her should ever be changed.

I watched her walk away into the palace and her hair sway side to side as she walked and saw that while she turned she had a tear on the side of her right eyes and it glittered in the snow and she wiped it with her hand. That was the best experience of my life to ever see her.


*  *  *


To think that little girl could change my life by just a simple look of her. And thinking of that horrid nightmare of her burning kills my heart.

“Taylor?” Seth said to me. I replied with silence but he knew I was listening. “Thinking of that day?” he asked. “Yes.” I replied. “Then tell me something: why do you dream of her at her pyre? I mean it’s not an official pyre but she is burning to her death. And she still is after her heart is cut.” “I don’t know but I hope I get that image out and keep the old image.” I say.


I wished my little daughter luck again for the fifty time. I know she is getting tired of my wishing of her luck but I know she prays and she feels better with her teachings at the public school at the church where no harm can reach her there. I smiled as she ran with her friends.

Anna patted me on the back and stood by my side. “You are really changing this girl’s life.” She said. “No,” I corrected. “She’s changing mine.” I closed my eyes and smiled happy for my child. She has greatly improved for her social, communication, and study skills over the past three months. I loved to think she is happy everyday of her life. She knows we are moving again soon and this is the last of her study days for now. She understands and I promise my best to her that I will make everything right for her. She changed my life because she is perfect for me. I love her and she has taught me to love a daughter and I know how mother feels about me. She would do anything for me, take an arrow to the chest, and take her very life for me and Rosalie knows I would do the same for her. I felt my heart at peace with the thought over of her being abused. I wouldn’t take it if someone were to hurt my daughter.

Tonight it was I and Rosalie’s turn to drive the carriage only this time we go toFrance.


As it was dawning black of the night I had let Rosalie take part hold of the reins and I was half awake and could barely see ten feet in front of me. It was a new moon tonight so only its white rays could shine through as light to guide. The trees were silhouette and the velvet sky wasn’t a help either to help stop my nerves shaking. I steered the reins to the left where there were six dead trees. A battle must have taken place not too long. This is a path where some infamous battles have taken its location.

Everyone was in slumber and we had driven into a place where openness was only there with a large circle of land was cleared by trees and tents set up with a mountain side and a cliff leading up to the top. I was thinking of turning around then I was grabbed by hands and taken away from the others. It wasn’t but a blink when everyone joined me with fighting taking place.

Adam on top of an attacker and punching him repeatedly, another came from his side and now two more toppled on Adam. Seth was jumping high in the air and squeezed his ankles on the assailant’s throat and slid forward and crossed his legs and twisting the neck and flipping both of them over on the ground and Seth was taken my his arms and was being dragged and trying to escape the heavy lock around his back neck and arms. Taylor was tossed like nothing to the guy he was fighting and he was underneath a stone bench around the fire that was at the center of the land and the same guy was by Taylor’s side and penetrated the stone and punched Taylor on his cheekbone. And taking his collar of his shirt and tossing him to his back against the hard ground and then moved his meaty palms to Taylor’s chinbone and slung him onto the ground and Taylor was onto of the guy and brought him to his feet only to punch him out cold and head punched on the back of his head. I was trying to comprehend what was taking place here in no-man’s land. Then with Adam, Seth, and Taylor chained to the solid ground three men came from the shadows of the high cliff and landed from two hundred yards of atmosphere.

Anna, Rosalie and I were the weakest at the scene. We were brought up and faced the three men. One I recognized from so many descriptions. I was so afraid of what would happen to me, my friends, my daughter. What would happen to us at the mercy or the torment these three will bring to us? I was already tearing and they landed on my assailant’s hand and thankful his hand was not covering my nostrils or I would’ve been dead by now from no oxygen in my lungs.

Everything that would be the end of I and friends would be decided by these three. The heat of fire was burning or should I really say heating my skin to my bones. I was petrified of these specific three men. My muscles trembling as I stood here, captive, and left for nothing to these men and they thought for me to be dead. For everyone to be dead.

“Now Taylor, Seth, Adam, you three have been away too long. Welcome back.” said the one with the black hair and black ice frosted eyes that were cold and shivered my spine to the marrow.

The white skinned, white haired, white clothed and black lips and nails and flowing dead yellow eyes man was the only one who I didn’t need described for me. He could be the only one who everyone knew. “And it seems you three had been breaking the laws for some time while on the run. You should know that around here isn’t the safest place for such pretty young ladies.” He smiled at me and caressed my face with his cold clammy hand that wiped tears from my blue eyes. His presence felt like snakes preparing to choke my neck. While he talked I noticed his tongue was white as well. He was nothing but white and black all over him.

I couldn’t take the tension of the air any longer. I bit the top of my assailant’s hand and he released my mouth but not my torso. “Please don’t take their lives!” I screamed. I let my head droop on my neck and shoulders and cried there hoping he would listen. “Please take mine, but don’t hurt anyone.” I tried to convince. Silence fell deep and heavy on my back and shoulders as it crawled through passing time. Even my sobbing was silent but tears still chose to fall on the ground. A pale hand brought my face to face him. His green eyes unmistakable to take for and sent fear through me. “But you don’t even know the truth yet. I think you won’t want everyone in the group to live after you learn the truth what happened to your father.” He said.

Ulquiorra scared me. I cringed my face in great fear and sadness. They know what happened and I didn’t.


The End

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