Chapter OneMature

Chapter One




   I awoke with a start, nearly falling out of the bed that smelt like sweat, and bleach. I squinted around the dingy little hotel room, and tried to decipher what had disturbed the sleep, that I so desperately needed, if I was to keep moving. The answer came a few seconds ago, when a loudtap, tapsounded at my door.

   I sat in bed, for a moment longer, staring at the weak brown wood of the door, contemplating whether it was safe, or not. It might have just been the cleaning lady, who wasreallyeager to make the room reek of cleaning chemicals. But, knowing my luck, it was probably one ofthem. So, instead of arguing with myself for a further fifteen minutes, like I normally would. I decided to act fast and smart. So I pulled a coin out of my jean shorts pocket. I placed the coin on my thumb, stared at the rusting coin, and said:

   “Okay, tails, and I answer the door; heads, I take my chances, and get the hell out of here.” And then I flicked the coin, and watched it as it summersaulted through the air. I caught it, just before it landed on the ugly brown bed covers. Tails. With a sigh, I stood up, and tried to flatten my hair, in a futile attempt, to hide my major bedhead. Slowly I opened the door, and looked into a pale face, half concealed by big, movie star glasses. What I did see, was amazing, though. Pale, perfect skin – not a blemish in sight – bright scarlet lips, and soft, silky, curly hair that hung easily around her white trench coat. If I was self-conscious about my hair before, it was nothing compared to now.

   “Maggie Gardner?” she took off her glasses, and I looked into shocking violet eyes. She smiled, her scarlet lips stretching over perfect, white teeth.

   It wasn’t until she said my name that I saw her eyes, and noticed the soft glow that glittered around her, and the barely visible light of ring around her head. Without answering, I threw the door shut, and locked and bolted it.

   “Shit!” I hissed, and had my normal little freak out session. Then, I hurried to my army green duffel bag, and I threw all my things in there, including the snacks from the mini fridge. I threw on my jacket, and ran into the bathroom. Placing my bag in front of me, I stood on the toilet, and smashed the window, glass pieces scattering everywhere. One sliced my arm, from my elbow to my wrist. But, the adrenaline was pumping so hard through my body, that, even as my blood dripped to the floor, contrasting meanly against the white marble, I didn’t care, nor did I really notice.

   I threw my bag out the hole, and waited for the lightthunkit made, as it hit the gravel. Without taking a breath, I hoisted myself up and out of the window. The one good thing about always being on the move; you became lithe, and swift, and learnt how to climb, kick, crawl, or fall through small, difficult places, quick smart. I landed on the ground, and rolled to my feet, then I grabbed my bag and legged it to my car. I looked behind me as I threw my bag in the back seat. The woman had smashed her way into the room.

   I smiled, got in the car, and then left the Sleep Easy motel, in a cloud of dust, vowing to not go to another hotel again. I was too easy to find there, I needed to go somewhere remote. When I dared to look in the rear view mirror, the blonde was standing in the parking lot, her long arms crossed over her stomach. She was leaning against a black sedan. I kept my eyes on the road, as I floored it, to my next hideout. Now, I had time to think.

   About four years ago, the human race had learnt of the existence of Demons – in spades. It started slow, with more Demon children, like Damien fromThe Omen. But, they just kept on coming, in waves and waves. And then, a year later, the Angel’s decided to finally get up, off their asses, and help us. And that’s how Guardian’s came to be. Every human has at least one (more if they’re important). But, there are a few groups against them, people determined to prove the human race was fine without them. I was one of those people. I liked to think that I was the start of this rebellion, and nobody had told me otherwise (and that had nothing to do with the fact that I haven’ttalkedto anyone in three years). But my intense rebellions became full-fledged when I found out how humans were paired up with their Guardian’s. Some were outrightmadefor humans, if no existing ones were compatible for them. It made me sick! They didn’t help with WWI or WWII or famine or floods. But, apparently, now the human race is incompetent of protecting itself.

   So, with that hatred, I fled any Guardian they sent me (I lost count of how many). Lucky for me, though, there were ways to tell them from humans. Their striking beauty was just a minor point. There were a few things that gave them away. First, was their eyes; purple for Guardian’s; dark grey for Warriors; bright gold for Arch Angels; and white, for Leaders. Then, there were there auras. The glowed golden white. The brightness of the aura depended on how high up in the ranks they were. And if you were lucky, were smart and knew what you were looking for, or had magic pumping through your veins (check, check andcheck), you could see their Halo, a white ring of light that hung over their heads. Unfortunately, they never really showed up in the form that really gave them away. Sometimes they appeared to humans as a white glowing smoke of sorts. I’d heard they did it as to not scare humans (because apparently showing up as a massive pile of glowing smoke is supposed topreventour fear.

   And running away was worse, because I was all alone. My parents died when I was young. My older and younger sisters (Jeanine and Karen), were taken by the Demons. And my older brothers (Dean and Daniel), joined forces with the Angel’s to find them, leaving me to fend for myself. I have a very loving family.

   After about an hour of driving, I was starting to notice the pain of the slice in my arm. I pulled over, and tended to the cut, washing it, and wrapping a bandage around it. That would have to do, until I could get to my hideout. I hopped back into the car, and started driving, off the main road, and drove along bumpy dirt roads.

   Ten hours, and three sleeps later, I made it to my location:

   Mt. Montgomery Mountain Lodge.

  I couldn’t believe it was still standing.


The End

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