The GuardianMature

Demons have taken over the Earth. And it's the Angels job to help. But, Maggie is against the Angels. And she rejects every Angel that's sent her way. Until, they send Julian an Arch Angel. She starts off annoying him, but the two inevitably fall in love. Then they find out that Maggie has Arch Angel and Demon blood, and is an ultimate weapon. And then everything goes wrong. Julian's mind and body gets taken over. Will Maggie give herself up to the Demons him? Or will she unite with the Angel's?





   Lucifer sat in his cast iron chair. Two Succubi stood on either side of him, tending to his oh-so-sharp talons. He stared out the window of his palace, to the fiery ruins of his Kingdom. Screams of the Souls that Succubi and Incubi captured, echoed from the far left region. He right, and saw his commander and chief, Sammael, who stood ten feet tall, and was all muscle and hair. He barked orders at the Demon Warriors in training, and threw his mighty whip at any who weren’t living up to his expectations. His wife, Lilith, he knew was in the Nursery, protecting her Spawns.

   But, Lucifer wasn’t satisfied. He was bored, even though he had a thriving Kingdom, and millions of Demon’s who crumbled, and lived off of his very word. Waved the two beautiful creatures away, and they went off to entertain each other. Lucifer was tired of being exiled, down in hell, and even after millions of years, he still loathed the ones humans worship.

   But, as Lucifer thought about God cherishing the humans, and taking after them, as best he could, as if they were his own children, he thought of a way to sedate his boredom.

   He knew exactly what he wanted.

   And now that he did, even God, and his Angel’s, in all the Heavens couldn’t get in his way.

The End

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