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Saffron is an angel, sent to watch over Jay Young since he was young. She wasn't meant to fall in love with him...
(There are two separate storylines for now though I may change it to just one after a while)

Jay Young was ten years old when she came. It was winter, and Jay wanted to play in the snow with his friends. A group of them ran to Stuart Greene's house one day because he had the new sledge. They took it to the lake: Stuart dared Jay to ran across the lake. Jay started to say no but everybody was making chicken noises. His gut instinct that the thin sheet of ice wouldn't be enough to hold his weight, if only for a minute, was outweighed by his need to remain cool in front of everyone. He ran, and for a few steps it seemed safe.

It cracked. The ice opened and Jay fell.

Jay was falling but just then he felt arms around his middle, and was lifted by...well, that was the thing. Nobody was there. It was as if he had been lifted by an invisible entity. He gasped as he hit the snowy ground, and fortunately Jay's elder brother had come to collect him for dinner at the exact same time. It was the luckiest day of Jay Young's life. And all because of her.

She had been the pair of arms lifting Jay out. She had put a stopper in a ten year old's death. She was Saffron.

The End

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