It felt like hours, and maybe it was. The hoverbike never seemed to stop, and when it slowed down, it would just pick up speed again.

My cheek felt cold. I wiped my hand under my eyes to find tears. No, I thought, I'm not crying, it's just the wind.

An eternity passed by and the bike finally slowed down more than it had ever slowed before and never went above the trees. I sighed.

Just then I looked down and saw Ben's paper he'd thrown to me. I unfolded it to find it blank except these words- KISS THIS PAPER ARIANA. I was perplexed. Uh...what the heck much?

But I was also mezmerized and figured...why not? So I kissed the paper. Almost imediately it started to change and the hover bike finally came to a complete stop. The paper was now a grid showing three dots, one was blinking one was moving and the other was just....there, I guess.

I turned the paper this way and that trying to find the relevance of this and gave up. Why in the world would Ben give me a grid? Why not a place of safety or something. I looked at it again and noticed that the one that was moving was coming close to the one that was just there.

I shook my head and put the paper in my pocket. Then I switched the hoverbike to manual and flew slowly through the forest looking for a place to rest for the night.

Eventually I reached a waterfall falling from a sheer cliff looming above me. I peered at it closer, there was a pretty big dark spot behind the water. I flew closer to find that it was a cave behind the waterfall.

I hestitantly proceeded to the enterance and flew inside. It was relatively small compared to other caves but it was dry and hidden, for which I was greatful. I counted my lucky stars and smiled.

Hoverbikes have built in life support inside them. I opened a compartment and took out a wool blanket and a food bar. Chewing the granola slowly, I contemplated what would happen next.

I guess I was going to find out. 

The End

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