scream if you can

I gasped, the ceiling to my right was collapsing kinf of. Ben grabbed me and pulled me to the other side. What was this, an earthquake?! I heard shouts and running coming from the door behind me. Suddenly Kenan appeared out of the bathroom and Jessica was here also.

"You knew this would happen Matherson," That was Ben's last name. " You know what will happen next...." Jessica looked at me then pointed to Aly. "She's only your friend to influence you, otherwise we wouldn't have paired her with you!"

I gasped, eyes wide....Aly? She cringed, her lip trembling with tears in her eyes. When I looked at her, she disappeared out the door that was now broken. I saw her trembling look back once more to glimpse me, then she was gone. I looked around, Jessica was gone to, but Lyss had appeared. Eddy looked furious, his face dark and menacing, I stepped back.

Suddenly the back voices were silenced, even though the rumbling continued, then there was a voice. "Guardians, we've always done this quietly...." They sounded cautious, but feeble. Kenan looked at me sharply, then at Ben.

Ben caught the glance and nodded. His gaze turned to me. "Ariana, you have to get out of here!" Ben pointed at the door, then fiddled with his belt. My heart was pounding rapidly inside my chest.

Then a hoverbike unlike any I'd seen before folded out of the wall and floated beside me. Apparently Guardians have their secrets too.

"Go!" Ben urged and threw something to me.

"Wha-" I started to say, but he cut me off, someone was pounding the door.

"Go! Now! That will tell you everything you need to know!"

I shook my head in fear," Don't back on me now Ben," I called sadly. He gave me a half smile as I stepped on the bike, and in an instant, I was in the trees, then up in the sky flying faster than I could've ever imagined.


The End

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