It turned out the 'perfect dress' was the dress that Aly had gone behind my back and bought anyway at the store today. But I was glad for the heels, I had needed a new pair and these made my legs look even longer.

The dress was very complementing, emphasizing party in the front and buisness in the down low. Ben wolf whistled and clapped when he saw it. I blushed and took a bow, twirling around for mostly him.  Aly was jumping up and down while clapping her hands. We all laughed and at Ben's checking you out gaze Aly complained about the level of testerone in the atmosphere; I couldn't help but agree. My face had never been so radiant with happiness. 

There we were, laughing, being teenagers, having a great time, being carefree. Let's just say karma has a sense of humor, and life catches up with you really fast. Because right then and there in that perfect moment, the world crashed down on us.   

The End

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