I leapt from tree to tree coming safely down to the ground every now and then. This was as close to flyig as we have ever gotten. The wonderful feeling of being airborne for five seconds coursing through your veins helping you go on.

A strange thing about the Guard was that this less gravity rule somehow was turned off for them. They could still jump as far and high as we could, they just didn't take their time coming back down.

If a non-Guardian tried running, our low gravity slowed us down, that's why we jump everywhere. Guardians can run though, and they're four times as fast as the fastest person by any means of travel.

Ben's told me about it a  couple of times. He says that when initiated into the Guard, a series of spells are binded to your physical structure, including the gravitational spell.

During their training period the spell is doubled making the gravity weigh upon them and therefore you'd have to work harder to move like a full Guardian. And after completing your training, the spell is reduced to half its power, or nuetrel. This makes Guardians twice as powerful as they were before, therefore faster and more effective strength wise.

So, long story short, Guardians are more tied to the ground, making them faster and allowing them to run.

Over this hill was the Sorrey Castle named after the very first queen of the people. In terms of jumping uphill was easier. You could use your arms to help propel yourself foward and up.

The Sorrey Castle was a more modernly built castle. Not so much the moat and dungeon and stone structure but of white brick that blended flawlessly into the next. It was more wide and spacious than tall and towering, and I liked it. I said goodbye to Iddy and Icly and went around back to my dressing room. 

I made my way around the side wall and to the back where the door to my room was. When I heard a thump behind me. I blanched and my heart skipped a beat. They said this might happen...I whipped out my dagger blade from my designer belt and swirled to face my attacker, putting the blade right against their neck.

Ben smiled but stayed where he was, my blade against his neck. I was shaking like a leaf in the wind, gasping and ready for battle. Pshh, and it was Ben, grrr.

"Hey girlie, thought you'd never get here!" He laughed and carefuly moved my dagger away from his open neck. I shook myself, grinning and returned it to its place inside my skirt.

"Oh did you now? What, miss the lock up again? Ben, I swear, you couldn't be on time to save your life," Ben laughed, shrugging. I shook my head and faced the blank wall. In my head I visualize the door that I only I could see was there and took a deep breath. Queens learned some magic for defense and unlocking things and such, but most all magic was found in the Guard, and if you had magic, you were usually recruited.

I wasn't really doing magic now, I was just opening one. Anyone could say the words that I was about to say, but noone would be able to remember them. Only the Queen could. And guess who I was.

"Aris adante turra cadis ludo drada seccano la de anna...." I opened my eyes and waited. A few seconds later the door in my mind appeared and opened soundlessly foward.

It had used to creak, but I got that fixed, too eerie. The door was made of scarlet redwood with iron handles and designs around it. My personal design, Aly wouldn't have gone near it so she didn't know. I'd only told Ben about it.

I trusted Ben with my life. And I should, he is my Guardian after all. If I don't trust him, how could I live with him being a constant part of my life?

I walked hestitantly in the doorway, my little speech still on my mind. The Guard assured me that Ben has no psychik abilities what so ever, but I still wasn't sure if I believed that. He always seemed to know what I was feeling.

Most of the time he either shrugs or blames it on my face. He says I'm an open book and that anyone could read me, he just seems to be the most into the story, and I'd laugh.

"What's on your mind?" He asked softly. I sighed, did I really want to go through the whole thing?



The End

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