The Guard

This was actually a dream I had that seemed like a good start off as a story haha. Enjoy!

I am the queen. I'm also not allowed to love any single but person, only my people. It's hard because I'm nineteen, but it's my duty. But no one said anything about I'm not allowed to slip up....

His name was Andrew, six foot four, dreamy brown hair and green eyes, four years older than I. He has a simple, minimum wage job as a handyman. Your average respect wearing torn jeans and a shmexy tanktop and leather coat.

I was ice skating when I saw him in the doorway to the hall watching me. I blinked coming out of my thoughts and paused on the ice. He seemed to shake himself at my gaze. I slowly turned and skated his way. I thought I might've seen him shaking, probably with fear.

My lips curved upward into a small smile. "Hi," I said.

Then it happened. So fast I didn't realize it at first.

He kissed me. Just like that, a kiss. Not my first, but still had addicting power. I had been drowned of love my whole life for responsibility. It was an honor, but I think being the queen, I was entitled to some degree of romance. Or fun.

I wanted more when he leaned away. But he mistook my silence. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself up till ours eyes and tongues met. It was like the sweetest poison, seductive and wrong.

I heard something in the distance but was too distracted to care at the moment. Andrew eagerly input to the kiss and trapped me between him and the wall, what can I say, I didn't mind.

"MY QUEEN!" I gasped and tried to push Andrew away. It was Lyss.

Andrew tried to raise my face to his again but by now Lyss was on top of us and there was no hope.

"Get away!" She cried. Andrew froze and his eyes instantly glazed over from hot to obeying. Then he nodded and ran down the hallway and out of the building.

Lyss glared, he had left the door open behind him. She blinked and it immediately slammed shut. Turning her attention back to me she shook her head and grabbed my arm, pulling me down the hall with her. 

When we got to the hatch Lyss shoved me in and all i saw as the thing moved upward was her fluid body retreating out the door. I turned around where a door opposite the one I entered would open. After another minute of patiently waiting the lifter came to a halt and the door opened. I strutted proudly out into the dim lighted store. It was Aly's idea....again. I was early to our, 'appointment' thanks to Lyss and Andrew, but forget about him. Aly would be thrilled. Now it was time to shop.

The End

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