The group club of inquisite minds

One letter and a very strange request from a belated friend...

The group was literally small.Their venue was one that would not require the most brilliant minds in the country.But still this group of four women met every first friday  of  the month at precisely 4 o`clock in the afternoon to trade impressions in their latest book choice,they call themselfs"The group  club  of  inquisite minds",a big name for such a smal group but their ambition was noble as it was pointless.For they always chose the same category  of books lukewarm romances that even my grandmother would role her eyes at !

But one day by accident or fate(one would be wise to let the reader decide which),they came across a letter in one of their choosen romance book of the month and all their lives changed for ever,so here it beguins the tale of this four women we will call by their Christian names.

Gloria,Rosana,Matilda and last of them all one would even portrait to say she was the culprint of their troubles since it was her choice of author who was responsable for their predictment,Margaret.


It was a chilly morning the kind that makes you want to snug beneath the covers for a few more minutes in search of that confort zone already lost since we are fully awake.But still we ache for a few more precious momments of solitude before the yet another start of the day.

Matilda was facing another lack of inspiration where her choice of toiletries were concern,she had a few suites that were suitable for the ocassion at hand but today for whatever reason she wanted to present herself in her best.

And it hadn`t anything to do with seing   the sites of Robert after almost thirty years,no matter wht the other ones had told her.

But she couldn`t  decide between the black suite ot the long beige dress with the matching coat.

"Dam,the man anyway." 

She was sure he would not notice even if he remenber who she was.After all so what if they had been sweethearts in high school,that was so long ago,a lifetime ago in fact.Her sigh was long as her face revealed some deep emotions that had no use showing after almost 30 years. "He won`t remenber."

 She remove from the hanger a deep blue sweather and black trousers,she decided to be pratical.Looking for the pair of shoes that go with this outfit she heard in the background her phone line ringing.Her eyes went automatically to the clock on  her dresser.

Just to confirm her worst suspicions,she was already late,which meant that must be one of the other three on the phone wanting to know what was keeping her  !

"Dam,that man.One day back in town and I am already acting as if I have no brain.Should have never come back in the first place."

Half dressing half mumbling to herself she finally made it out of the house.Late as she was she no longer had the option to walk the two miles to the center of the town where the offices were.Taking her car keys from the bag she unlocked the door and put the bag on the seat next to her.

She didn`t notice at first but somehow between the time she had arrived home last night and this morning a brown packet the size of a small book at been delivered to her,underneath her bag as we speak in fact,but Matilda would only notice that later on,much later.

The key was turn and the packet was never noticed,she was really runing late.Margaret would have a few words for her !

The End

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