True account

My name is David, and I am writing this to talk about an experience, something that happened to me approximately 8 months ago. I hadn’t exactly been a skeptic but I always preferred to experience things firsthand before I believed them and let me just say that, after this experience, I was no longer skeptical.

I work for a company called New Home, taking care of people with disabilities, some are paralyzed, some have neurodegenerative diseases and others like this one particular lady, are terminal. Her name was Doris, she was an older lady on the downslope of her life, terminal with ALS and by most employee’s guesses, unlikely to live out the month.

She lived in the Mayall facility, one of the many facilities under the umbrella company, so named for the street it was on. That facility had always given me a bad vibe and from what I’d heard from other employees of the company, I was not alone in that. Being in that facility makes people feel depressed, almost like it casts a dark cloud over their minds and to me at least, it always felt more like a funeral home than a care facility.

She was in the room next to the faculty room, where all the staff would hang out and where all the paperwork was done. She died, as expected in the month of February, finally succumbing to her disease. The reason I tell you that is 'cause this happened this to me 8 months to the day she died and eight months ago to this day.

I was working the morning shift on the day it happened, it was an unusually calm day and as such, I found myself not having much to do, so I decided to lay down for a few minutes on one of the unoccupied beds. As I laid there, I felt myself dozing off but seeing as it was such a calm day, I thought no one would mind if I took a short nap, and so I did.

I don’t know how long I was asleep for when suddenly, I became aware of another presence in the room. It was dark, too dark for it to be the middle of the day. As a result I had to squint my eyes to try to see through the darkness and as I looked around the room, a pale white figure came into focus.

It was a woman in a white gown that seemed to be waving, as if she were standing in the open on a breezy day, and not inside where there was no such wind. She had a long braided ponytail hanging down her left shoulder and she was pale, far too pale and seemed almost to be glowing when I suddenly came to the realization that, I could see right through her.

In shock and still somewhat confused, it was several minutes before I realized it, but eventually I did, it was her, the woman who’d died of ALS standing at the edge of the bed, grinning at me. She was completely white from head to toe, looked younger than had I ever seen her and for reasons I might never know,, was grinning somewhat menacingly at me.

Upon realizing who and what she now was, I was startled, terrified and filled with this incredible impulse to flee but as I tried to do so, I discovered that I was completely paralyzed. Then suddenly, I felt myself being pulled towards her, both physically and spiritually, and that was when I saw her hands. She was pulling me towards her, almost as if she was pulling on a rope and not only did I feel my body moving towards her, but I also felt the life draining out of me.

I had never before In my life, felt such terror as I did at that very moment and still, no matter how hard I tried, I still couldn’t make my body do anything and so I just laid there, more terrified than I’d ever been before in my life and positive that this was how I would die.

Then I decided that no, that this was not happening to me and somehow, I willed myself out of that situation. I woke up, I don’t remember how much time had passed but I was awake and still at the facility. My heart was racing and I was soaked with sweat and somewhat more shockingly, I was at the edge of the bed, the covers of the bed ruffled up as if something or someone had pulled me down and indeed, I think something had.

I left that room as quickly as I could and tried to go about my normal day, tried but failed as I could not shake that feeling nor erase the image of the woman at the edge of the bed, grinning as she pulled me towards her.

What would have happened to me had I not woken up?

What would have happened if I reached her?

Was she trying to get me close enough to tell me something and if so, why was she grinning?

I woke up early the next day, went to church and pondered these questions. I asked some of the people there but all they could tell me was that sometimes places have bad spirits and that sometimes they try to hurt others.

So I saw her, eight months to the day she died, just as I’m writing this, eight months to the day it happened as it’s been all I can think about today. I’m working that facility tonight and rest assured that no matter how tired I get, I will not be falling asleep there ever again.

There’s now a new person occupying that room, someone who they say, can be heard talking to herself, but strangely, only in the dark of night, when all the lights have been turned off.

My job tonight is to listen to her on a baby monitor to make sure she’s okay, I’ll let you know if I see or hear anything strange, till next time.

The End

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