The Grim Tales Of Jasper WoodMature

"I cant do this anymore Jasper, im sorry but this wild fantasy of yours is just too much. every time its the same, i just can't ...." a disgruntled Mindy took a cig to calm her nerves. she was right, jaspers career as a magician was an utter failure . time again his shows were a bust, the Great Jasper Wood, a failed magician with a ruined reputation.

"Come on mindy, you can't leave me hanging after all we been through, don't be a bitch " jasper leaned against the cold grimy wall of the club where they had just preformed, he was throw out just the like rest of the trash, pretty shameful for a young guy just trying to make it big.

"All this bullshit is just a lie, you think there dumb enough to believe your stupid magic tricks, im done with this crap, call me when you have a REAL job.." mindy flicked her half smoked cig at jaspers face and walked away.

"What the fuck ! after everything i done for you mindy, you ungrateful bitch! fine leave then, i don't care ! go i don't need your sorry ass anymore!" mindy gave him the finger and disappeared into the darkness.

"Shit im ruined...." jasper slid to the floor in total defeat. maybe she was right all this magic bussines was stupid, compared to his father's magic he was completely pathetic. jasper held the old black top hat that his own father wore during his years of fame and glory. those where the days when people from all over would came to see the his father perform his amazing magic. as a child jasper would sit in the packed audience and watch his father but the good times didn't last. one day after his many performances jaspers's father was murdered in cold blood. no one knows why it happened and that was the end for the great and famous magician.

The unforgiving rain drenced jasper expensive tailored suit but he didn't care he drowned in his own sorrows. "forgive me father i tried to live up to your reputation but i have shamed your name ..". walking down the wet side walk jasper lowered his head to avoid the looks of the people who laughed and whispered at his face. he ignored the painful hunger that was clawing at his stomach, food was least of his worry, no one wanted to book his shows and his income if any was gone. 

"Go away jasper i told you i want nothing to do with you now go away before i call the police !". jasper knocked at mindy's door but she didn't open. " come on i have no where to go can i just stay for the night ..".  his pathetic begging was getting him no where, the last person he can count on now abandoned him, with a heavy sigh of disappointment jasper slouched  back into the pouring rain.  the only choice he had now was to stay at the abandoned theater where his father used to perform.

The entrance doors of the theater screeched open, the inside was cold and damp, for the horrible sate the theater was in it brought a certian comfort to jasper. this place housed many childhood memories good ones to be exact. jasper walked down one of the many isles of the theater which held over one thousand seats. during its prime this place was bustling with life and laughter. now it was left to decay in time, long forgotten just like his father. jasper climbed the stage and looked around the darken room he imagined himself performing the best show of his career with his beautiful assistant mindy by his side. 

"i guess its over now fuck !". jasper collapsed on the old dusty bed that was placed in dressing room of the backstage. " what was your secret father what was your trick...?" as he pondered on the question he threw his jacket at the dresser. "what was that ?" something caught his attention, a book fell from the dresser with a loud thud.

The End

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