The 87th Battle of Phillney (end)

Logius ran through the chaos, feeling his skin knit back together from his latest encounter with the Great Lizards. Why were they so numerous now? He passed a street and saw one of the beasts falling to a spearman using Air Mystics. Good man, Jelnic, always was a smart one. Logius passed him by and saw several more scenes like that one. The Lizards now were what Logius called Scavers. They waited until the larger Great Lizards, such as the one that boy with Void took out, left and came in to get at the tired soldiers. 

Years of this had prepared them. 86 battles had gone by. Though they seemed to be not that many, it had been enough to prepare the men of this fort.

"Hamwell," Logius called once he found the man resting underneath a balcony. Despite wanting to fight and kill the creatures for some personal reason, Hamwell was not allowed to fight the beasts like he wanted. He was not the best fighter. He was, however, a great scout and a good man. "What's the status?"

"Well," the white haired youth said slowly, "We lost Hoth and Geruga to a large one, but we managed to kill it in the Shopping District. As for the current situation, we have about twenty or so running around. The men are doing well, too, but the buggers have gotten smart and started destroying the supply buildings. We have plenty, but at this rate, we will need more." The man did a lazy salute and leaned back against the wall.

"Well then," Logius said, remembering the laughing Hoth and a never-smiling Geruga, "What about the two that came here?"

Hamwell looked a little troubled. "Well... About that..." He took out a map and pointed to a place on the edge of the Fort. "Your Void using friend is over here, but we have no idea where Exceed is. Seems like that kid is calling for you, though."

Logius nodded. The situation was well enough. He had time to see what the kid wanted. Rhazin was his name? Well, in any case, names were not important. Logius ran off toward the place he had been shown. What could it be that the kid wanted? Was it about Exceed? Wait... was it possible he was hurt badly? Logius sped up until he could do so no more. IF Exceed was in danger of dying, then every second mattered. 

For the most part, no Great Lizards were anywhere near Logius' path. The only one he did see was an injured one flying away. There had been no Plasma or Telepathic Great Lizards in this run, thank the Unscarred Creator. Those were always the worst to deal with. Not even his forces could have dealt with either without losing a good number of men. 

It had been a good fight. The 87th battle had been one of the ones to not make history. Logius liked those kinds of battles. It meant not many had died. Not to mention Heralder or any other notable Great Lizards would show up at Phillney, so it wasn't like they would deal a major blow to the Lizards. No, they were just to buffer the assault.

The boy - whose name was surely Rhazin - looked to be half-mad when Logius found him. Constantly rubbing his hair back and shooting his odd black flames into the sky at fleeing Lizards, he made Logius approach him as a threat. 

"Rhazin? I was told you needed to see me?"

Rhazin looked to Logius in an instant, his mad expression and frustrated walk stopping at the same time. "FInally!" A smile covered his face and he motioned for Logius to follow. "I did what I could, but he won't stop bleeding. I needed you because no one else seemed skilled enough."

Exceed. He was talking about Exceed. Logius quickened his pace and followed the black haired Rhazin into a nearby building. It was dark and crammed, but Rhazin managed to guide them with neat precision. Where had he taken Exceed and HOW had he gotten him there?  Rhazin was small and Exceed was enormous even in Faerein standards. Was it done by the Voidgate?

Eventually they made it to Exceed. Logius nearly fell. The men, his friend, lay on a pile of blankets and fabric, his face an odd pale color and his left arm gone. All along his body were cuts, bruises, and open wounds. What had happened to him? Was this done by a Great Lizard? Logius would kill them all for this... But for now..

Logius quickly bent down and started pouring his own Plasma Mystic into Exceeds large frame. So many wounds... Where to start? The bleeding. "How did this happen?" Logius asked Rhazin, who looked to be more troubled than Logius felt. Rhazin did not answer. "Rhazin!"

The man jumped. He pushed back his hair, though it did not need it, and took a seat on the floor. "A Great Lizard... Got him by the arm. So... I chased after him and tried to save him. I couldn't help though...." Rhazin shoved his hair back and looked to be shaking. "I managed to get him a sword, though. Cut off his own arm, the idiot... I tried to catch him with a Voidgate... but I missed. I... missed."

It was obvious now why he looked so mad. He blamed himself. Logius ignored Rhazin for the moment, though. He would be fine in time. A wave of relief washed over Logius as he saw the bleeding wounds close and the missing arm form a small stump. There was no regrowing that arm now that it been so long, but at least Exceed would live. That was good enough.

"Well, Rhazin," Logius said, "He will live. Though he lost an arm, he is just fine now." Rhazin looked to be relieved. Good. Logius had no time to deal with those types who always blamed themselves even after the damage was fixed. He was no fool... But what WAS he? "Mind if I speak to you outside?"

Rhazin looked confused but nodded. They walked outside, where the sun was moving down toward the horizon. It had already moved halfway behind the walls of the fort. Such beauty in a place of death and war. But now was not the time to take in scenery.


Rhazin followed the hairless man outside. He was glad Exceed was safe. Even though it cost an arm, life was there. He had thought the man as good as dead when he missed with his Voidgate. Exceed had hit an inclined roof made of wood. Maybe that was the reason he survived. Logius had worked a miracle nonetheless.

"How can you use more than one Mystic at a time?" 

Rhazin nearly jumped when Logius asked him. They were outside in the streets. Rhazin wanted to go back inside and watch over his friend, though. Something might go wrong. "I don't know, really." 

Logius shook his head. "Look, there is only one case ever recorded of doing that. It was during the war, when-"

Rhazin's horror came flying back. Where Logius had stood, an arm and half of a pair of legs lay in a bloody mess. In the sky, a Great Lizard flew off, it's scales blacker than the darkest night. Rhazin shot off a few VoidFlames on instinct, but they were reflected by some sort of Void ability. That was it then. The specialist was gone.

The End

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