Rhazin watched in absolute horror as the Great Lizard flew off with his query - and Rhazin's best friend - into the dark sky. This couldn't be happening. It just couldn't be. Exceed had been the only one who survived it all. He had never once fallen to any of the Darkness that engulfed Rhazin's life. He couldn't fathom it. He wouldn't. 

'He is done for.'

No, not Exceed. Rhazin had to do something, though. He looked to the ground. Blood and gore covered most of the dirt road, but a gleam shone through. A sword? Rhazin bent down and took the blood-covered weapon in his grasp. It was something he had never done voluntarily. The last time he held a sword was when he stabbed...

'You don't need him.'

But... that wasn't true. Rhazin smiled. The situation was desparate, sure, but he wasn't about to let his friend go. Not to mention Monstroth would never forgive Rhazin. Was this bravery, or just Rhazin trying to cover his own fear? He didn't need to look at his hands to tell he was shaking violently. 

Before he could change his mind, however, Rhazin created a swirling mass of Darkness and swiped his bloody blade through it, instantaneously shooting himself into the dark abyss of the Void. If Rhazin remembered correctly... There! 

A bright light appeared from nothingness and Rhazin grasped to it. In a flash of light, he was in the air, directly above the forests of the Second Isle of Murdos. The air was thick and the wind strong, but Rhazin heard and saw the black mass that was the Great Lizard. It was rapidly approaching from the direction of Fort Phillny. Perfect. He hadn't overshot it.

Despite the trembling fear and size of the Lizard approaching - which was nearly twice the size of the one Rhazin had killed - he felt ready. Was it really bravery? Why couldn't he have felt it during his childhood when those men took his nameless friend? No, best not think of that... Calm. He was the Null in the Void. No emotion, no regret, no fear, nothing. 

The exercise worked, despite Rhazin falling toward a massive Great Lizard that now flew under him. It helped to see Exceed still struggling. Rhazin feared for the man's left arm, but was grateful for his well-being. The landing was not going to go as planned, however, as the Great Lizard looked toward Rhazin at the last possible moment.

'Scarred Father....'


Exceed cried out as the marked Great Lizard sharply turned, pulling him by his left arm upward into the air and sending waves of pain into his body. The beast had gotten a tooth through his arm right at the armpit. If it wasn't for the rush of the moment, Exceed would have been numb with pain. Then again, maybe it would have been better that way. With every flap of it's wings, this Sin of a creature sent anguish through Exceed's body. He was actually starting to WANT to feel all the pain. Maybe it would knock him out?

" Exceed!"

Exceed, fighting the pain, managed to turn himself with the remains of his left arm's muscles. Is this what it was like to be Logius? Constantly getting stabbed, broken, and burnt before he can regenerate? Exceed was glad he wasn't the Specialist. Despite the power he had, it came with it's own downfall. 

As Exceed finished moving himself in the jaws of the Lizard, he saw the unexpected sight. It was Rhazin, his dark suit on and his hair being pushed back by a spare hand. In his other hand he held a bloody sword. Where had he gotten that? Mark that, how in the name of the Unscarred Creator had he gotten on top of the Great Lizards back!

"Rhazin, get out of here!" Exceed yelled. That had been a mistake.

The Great Lizard sharply turned it's massive spiked head to where Rhazin stood on it's shoulder. Exceed screamed in pain as his arm made a sickening crunching sound. Scarred Father, he hated screaming. It seemed unmanly... But... A bone being crushed was not a pleasant feeling. It was then Exceed had an idea.

Rhazin had moved toward the back of the Great Lizard as it tried to shoot a jet of heated Flame Mystic at Exceed's partner. Damn beast wasn't about to stop moving around either. The pain was bad enough to start making Exceed wish he were dead. But, he couldn't die yet. That's why he needed Rhazin.

"Rhazin! Can you hear me?"

The small man appeared above  on the Great Lizard's skull. How had he..? Wait. Exceed watched the Great Lizard's large eye move about. Did it not feel the weight of Rhazin on it's own head? Truly these were stupid beasts. Pain shot through Exceed once more as the beast turned to look to his other side. Scarred Father!

"Rhazin, give me the sword," Exceed managed between deep breaths. He was starting to lose consciousness. Not good.

Rhazin, thank the Unscarred Creator, immediately dropped the blade down. The Great Lizard, being the marked creature it was, saw. It jerked it's head to the side, then back, as if to hit the blade away. How stupid could a beast get? Exceed smiled as his right hand gripped the handle of the blade and, in one fell swoop, sliced his left arm off. He immediately fell and the Lizard shrieked. Was it sad to lose it's food. No, it seemed that Exceed had managed to cut the beast on it's lip. Good. That'll teach it to eat a man as handsome as Exceed. 

With his Plasma unable to work, Exceed was losing blood now. At least with the Great Lizard's teeth in him the blood was stopped from flowing too fast. But now... Well, at least he wouldn't be eaten by the Sin of a beast. The Great Lizard grew smaller as Exceed fell, and his sight grew darker. 

Was this death?

The End

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