The Great Lizard struck then. So fast! It's form shivered ever so slightly before it shot it's long scaled neck forward. Rhazin had not anticipated the speed. His mind was working as fast as possible and he was nearly there. He could do this!  The last thing Rhazin saw before his vision went black was a long row of teeth snapping around his location.

Darkness surrounded him, leaving Rhazin with a familiar sinking feeling. Was this death? Maybe he had been full of himself, thinking he could defeat a Great Lizard. There weren't many people who, unless trained to do so, could face a Great Lizard in a group, let alone by one's self. Wait.... This didn't seem like something unfamiliar!

Rhazin opened the other end of his Voidgate. He had made the entrance just before the Lizard struck. He must have suffered from mild shock. Well, he had no idea why he was as calm as he had been in the first place. Rhazin appeared in the air, high above the Great Lizard. The creature below seemed confused. It ignored the others and tried to look around. The stupid creature did not even realize his enemy was above!

'I shall be the one to kill!' Rhazin thought as he formed a ball of Flame and Void. He did not know how he did it, but he knew what it would do. This Lizard's Electric Mystic shield surrounded it's entire body. One would need to attack when it wasn't exppecting AND where it wouldn't expect. For extra measures, Rhazin would do something.... unique.

The wind rushed by and the Lizard drew nearer with each pace Rhazin fell. It's sinister scaled body was nearly close enough! Kill! Destroy! Obliterate! Rhazin created a Voidgate just above the creature and released the Flame and Void mixture in his hand at the Lizard. It looked up at Rhazin. 

Too late.

Rhazin vanished from the visible plane. It only took an instant to reappear directly in front of the doomed Great Lizard. He watched as his VoidFire sunk into the Lizard. At first, nothing seemed odd. The creature just froze, as if expecting something. It only took it a moment to dismiss the attack and head toward Rhazin. 

"Rhazin!" Exceed's voice called. Rhazin heard the man running toward him. Maybe he thought Rhazin was stuck with fear? Well, he was wrong. Only a fool could not see Rhazin's victory!

The Great Lizard was nearly upon him. It's gleaming teeth clearly visible as it growled, the wings protruding maliciously, the muscles running under the mass of scales. Three. The creature pulled it's head back, ready to strike. Two. Electricic Mystics gathered in the jaws of the lizard. One.

The Great Lizard shot it's head forward, attempting to shoot electricity towards its enemies. It never happened. The Great Lizard, instead, bulged outward and exploded. There was no other way to describe the beautiful scene. Flesh, blood, and random bones and skin pieces flew everywhere. Rhazin laughed maniacally as the blood coated his suit. A bone, looking to be a rib, landed near his feet. He was too excited to stop and think of how he had accomplished this.

Looking toward the fools, Exceed and Logius, Rhazin expected fear, disgust, or even joy at the Lizard's death. What he found was not what he expected. 


"Rhazin...." Exceed stood and wiped some blood from his face. The Great Lizard sure had a lot of the stuff. "H-how did you do that...?" He looked to the mass of flesh that was the remainder of the Great Lizard. What did he mean how? Couldn't he see? Maybe Rhazin should just get rid of the fool and-

Rhazin fell to the ground shaking. What HAD happened? How in the name of the Scarred Father had he done that!? Nobody in history - not even the Scarred Father - had been able to use two mystics by themselves! It shouldn't be possible! He looked to Exceed and Logius, who now stood next to the larger man. Exceed just nodded at Rhazin's confused expression.

"Alright, we need to be more careful, though," Rhazin's friend said. Logius seemed confused, but the sound of another Great Lizard drew him away. He grabbed up his remaining guard as he went. 

"Exceed...." The man looked at Rhazin as he helped him up. "I... I couldn't even tell.... The Darkness... It's getting control easier and easier.... What if next time..." He couldn't say it. But Exceed knew what it is he meant. What if next time, he couldn't come back?

Exceed grinned widely, though. "Well, I'll kick your arse until you come to, alright?"

Rhazin laughed nervously and stood on his own. He guessed Exceed was right. So long as someone was around, he could manage. So long as he had a friend like Exceed. Yes, he was getting more comfortable with the thought. Someone to draw him back. A sort of life-line. 

"Exceed, thank you-"

Exceed was gone. 

Above, a Great Lizard nearly twice the size of the one the Darkness took out flew off. What Rhazin noticed most, however, was not the creatures Immense size. It was what it had in it's mouth. A small figure with white hair. 


The End

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