The 87th Battle of Phillny (Part 1)

Rhazin ran through the streets of Fort Phillny after a newly clothed Logius, his two guards, and Exceed. The men had taken down two other Lizards in the last hour, one of which cost Logius an arm, not that that was anything but a minor setback. The Specialist had a new arm already and was wearing chain breeches to prevent losing any more clothing. He really was a force to be reckoned with. 


Rhazin was shoved to the ground by Exceed just as a large form dropped to the streets. The Great Lizard immediately shot out a jet of light that identified the beast as a Electric Mystic user. They had only seen Flame users up until now. Rhazin watched in fear as the blast of light sunk into Logius' flesh and seared the man until he was blackened. By the Scarred Father, Logius fell!

Rhazin, feeling helpless as the Lizard plucked a guard off the street and consumed him, tried to stand. Exceed was still on top of him. The man stared back and shook his head. His cold eyes and determined face gave Rhazin a bit of courage.

Rhazin, Exceed had said when they started to follow Logius, Whatever you do, do not fight one of them. Right now you must observe them. Watch for weaknesses and strengths in them. You will need to know this, OK?

Rhazin had agreed, of course. He was not about to run out and challenge a Great Lizard! To talk big was easy, but to see that talk through was something else. Rhazin still believed he could beat a Great Lizard, though. He just doubted he would survive.]

Watch for a weakness. Rhazin nodded to Exceed and the man let him up and scooted away from where the Lizard had finally finished off the guard. The other guard, a man named Grenald, was blasting away at the creature with Air and Flame. Neither seemed to have any effect on it. Rhazin shivered as he crouched behind a nearby barrel. The howling wind had gone silent a while ago, but the chill had started coming in just after. 

Exceed headed toward where Logius body lay, but Rhazin ignored him. He knew from the past two fights that the Specialist was probably alive. He needed to focus though. This beast had a weakness, he was sure of it. But what could it-


Rhazin watched as the Flame Mystic from Grenald slammed into the Lizard's body. Just as it hit, the fire was dispersed by a small flash of light. Rhazin knew of this ability. Monstroth, his old friend, was a user of Electricity. A faint memory replayed in Rhazin's head...


Rhazin turned to see Monstroth running toward him. What was he doing out here in the training fields? Didn't nobility have their own training quarters in the castle? Or maybe he was here to try and duel Rhazin again. Well, he would lose. "What is it, Monstroth?"

The man, who could hardly be anything less than a walking mass of muscle and armor, stopped a little ways away. "Is your master away? I want to duel and last time he shot me across the city for 'disrupting' your training." Monstroth sighed at that, as if he just remembered the time. 

"Alright," Rhazin said, pushing his hair back against his head. He might as well give the man a beating and watch him cry before sending him away. The man might be large and menacing in his blue heavy armor, but he was a soft-hearted baby sometimes.

Monstroth cheered in glee and took a step forward. Before he could take another, Rhazin shot an incredibly large ball of heat at the man. It wasn't fire, as he didn't want his friend dead, but just enough heat to-

The heat dispersed around Monstroth the instant it hit. "What the.,..?"

Monstroth laughed. "My uncle showed me a neat trick," he said,"By placing a light amount of Electric Mystic around my body and pushing it outward as your flame hits, I can stop your fires!"

Rhazin thought for a moment. Ingenious! "How do you stop it?"

Monstroth just laughed. "Figure it out, Rhazin."

Rhazin had figured it out the very next day. It was a simple thing really. All it required was a certain something. 

With his curiosity and knowledgeable self taking control, Rhazin moved onto the battlefield. The Lizard had moved to attack Grenald, who was dodging with bursts of Air and puffs of Flame. Perfect. Now all Rhazin had to do was-

A hand grabbed Rhazin's leg. He turned to see Logius, nearly healed. 

"Stop, fool! I am nearly healed, just stay back!" The man seemed serious, but Rhazin just looked to Exceed, who was leaning over the Specialist. Exceed saw the look Rhazin had, he knew the man did. With a sigh and a nod, Rhazin ripped his leg from Logius' grasp - the man was weakened from his ability - and walked toward the Lizard with a strategy forming. For some reason, he felt... confident.

"Hey!" Rhazin yelled at the Lizard, gaining it's attention. Well, it was now or never.

'How do you stop a shield?'

'Why,' a voice answered, 'You simply go around it.'

The End

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