Great Lizard

Rhazin awoke as the storage building - one of dozens spread throughout the fort, from what Exceed had said the night before - shook violently, sending boxes of supplies and rolls of leather to the floor. Exceed was already up and pulling on some sort of robe over his leather armor.

"What's going on!?" Rhazin exclaimed, standing unsteadily and wiping the sleep from his eyes. Around him, the building shook once more and the roar of something sounded. Rhazin froze. He had never heard that sound before. But, using his logic of what he had learned, he knew it's origin.

A Great Lizard.

"No time for breakfast, Rhazin!" Exceed shouted, for once not having a smile on his face nor a hint of a laugh in his voice. He was focused and not in the mood for jokes. It made Rhazin worry even more than he already had been, considering Exceed had taked a sword to the gut with a smile.

Rhazin pulled on the black overcoat to the suit. He had used it for a pillow, despite the rolls of fabric that could be used instead. For some reason, the suit was very sturdy and never lost it's luster. It was odd, but Rhazin hadn't the time to be curious.

The two men quickly scrambled outside. Once on the streets, they saw men scrambling everywhere. There were no signs of any Great Lizards, but the signs of their attack was apparent. Stones of great size were rammed into multiple buildings, fires were being maintained all throughout the streets, and powerful wind was blowing loudly. Rhazin was sure, despite the wind whistling in his ears, he could hear waves of water crashing unnaturally against the large walls of the fort. 

"... in the name of the Scarred Father are you two doing just standing there!" 

Rhazin and Exceed both turned to where Logius, with his own leather armor on and two men trailing him, ran up the street toward them. Rhazin tried to keep his hair slick back, but gave up as the captain reached them. 

"Logius," Exceed yelled over the wind, "where do you need us?"

The answer never came as Logius jerked his vision to a figure in the sky. Rhazin squinted so that he could see the distant figure, but realized it was unnecessary, as it was dropping toward them fast. 

The figure crashed to the ground, sending everyone in the street to their arses, with the exception of Exceed and Logius. The guards behind Logius managed to stand and face what stood before them now.

Rhazin was too frozen by fear, though. 

Before him, the Great Lizard roared, extending its body as high up as a large house. It's body was covered in red scales, with horns pushing through all over the body. It's face looked like that of a serpent, only more menacing somehow. With it's wings extended out, covering the street in shadow, and it's tail twitching slightly, this was truly the sight of a nightmare.

"Stand strong men!" Logius yelled, then bolted toward the Great Lizard. The men followed slower, somehow looking more planned than fearful. How could they take out that beast!? Sure, Rhazin had boasted that he could take one on with Void, but he had never imagined they were so... fearsome. It was like saying one could lift a boulder and actually doing it. 

Logius, though, looked unafraid. His face was laced with determination as he passed by Rhazin and Exceed and on toward the Great Lizard. Did the man have no care for his own life? No, he had looked like a soldier about to kill, not a man running to his death. Could he truly take the beast?

The Great Lizard sucked in air loudly, making itself audible over the wind's whistling, and shoved it's head forward, opening it's large mouth as it did. Between the row of large razor sharp teeth, fire came to life and shot toward Logius, surrounding the captain and crushing any hope of the man's success. 

Or had it?

"Now, Grenald!" Logius' voice screamed over the sound of the wind and the rippling of the flames that spewed from the Great Lizard's mouth. Grenald, one of the soldiers that had slowly followed Logius toward the Great Lizard, thrust his palm forward and created a gust of wind that propelled some of the flames back and shot a figure forward. It was Logius!

Rhazin watched as the blackened figure sprung through the air and into the Lizard's chest. The Great Lizard bellowed in pain and slowly fell to the side, taking Logius with it, as he was impaled by multiple horns on the beast's chest. Rhazin felt amazed, horrified, and scared all at the same time. The captain had beaten the Great Lizard, but at the cost of his own life.

Exceed laughed, causing Rhazin to stand and turn on his friend. How could he laugh as one of his friend's died!? It was unforgivable! It was-

"I need new clothes," Logius' voice called. 

Rhazin jerked around to see the man standing and walking to where Exceed and he stood. His body slowly turned from charred skin, to the smooth, hairless body of Logius. He had lost his hair, which would make him an oddity in society, but he seemed healthy. The holes in his body slowly closed as well.

Was this the power of a Specialist of Plasma?! Sure, the man had a lack of scars, but that was something miniscule compared to what he just survived. Rhazin was simply amazed. No man should be able to heal THAT fast? But, he had never seen a Specialist, or a Sovereign for that matter, in action. Maybe... Just maybe it was a power he would want...

The End

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