When they had finished, Exceed left to find him some clothing. He still had his ripped clothing on. Rhazin looked at his own clothing, the black suit that Rosa had stolen the week before. It seemed like yesterday, but that was the Darkness's fault. He needed to keep himself in control, else someone else may die. 

Rhazin had been lucky. He had not killed any friends so far, only injured them. "Maybe I should be locked up," Rhazin said quietly. 

'No, never again,' his mind replied. 

'Why not?' Why Rhazin spoke to himself, he did not know.

'If you're locked away, who will do your deeds?' It was a good point. He needed to win this race and gain standing. The name Dower, a name only granted to the winners of the race, would give him grounds to defend himself against crime. That was how the law worked in Faerein, Rhazin's home. 

'I guess I will have to continue then.'

'Yes, you will, Rhazin.' 

Rhazin jumped up and looked around. That had been his voice, so it wasn't possible that a Telepath user had contacted him, but he was positive he had not thought it. The Darkness? No, it would have the threatening aura identifying itself. No, no, he had to just be tired. Rest would be good. Proper rest, at that.

Exceed returned wearing a set of leather armor with blue clothing beneath it. It made him look more like a warrior and less like the lord he was. Rhazin was surprised he had actually found a set of armor to fit him, considering Exceed was a head taller than any man he had seen on the isles of Murdos and twice as big as well. He was even bigger than Monstroth, if only by a little.

"Might want to find yourself some armor, Rhazin," he said cheerfully, then took his seat beside Rhazin. Why would Rhazin need armor?

"I'm fine," Rhazin replied. He had his Void mystic and Flame as well, not to mention Alteration and his newfound Plasma. He had not mastered Plasma yet, nor would he in the years to come, but he was confident in his other abilities. "I'm more used to pain than people realize."

It was true, his master's training had been brutal.


"Are we going to have to face Lizards?" Rhazin asked, a hint of excitement coming into his mind. Why would that excite him? Great Lizards were large man-killing beasts!

"Yes, but-"

"Can they use Mystics?" Rhazin said, once again interrupting Exceed. 

Silence. "Yes," Exceed said slowly, his smile going away, "Which is why we will run should one appear." He seemed serious. Rhazin wanted to laugh. How was it that the Mounseiken peoples were able to drive the Great Lizards back in the Great War and now feared them? The Mounseiken were invincible when working together. Surely Rhazin and Exceed could kill a Great Lizard?

Rhazin realized what he had been thinking. "Alright, Exceed, we will avoid them in battle..." he said in agreement. Fight a Great Lizard? It was suicide without an army!

The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting around the fire and eating soup on occasion. Neither Rhazin nor Exceed wanted to talk. Possible due to what they had to face next. 

The Second Isle of Murdos, a places that housed Great Lizards.

And, according to the Race's rules, they had to go straight through it.

The End

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